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What does 2nd House Lord in 2nd House mean?

When the planet that rules over your natal second sign is positioned in the second sign, that is, in its own sign, it means to have 2nd lord in 2nd astrological house.

The general meaning of this planetary combination is that your family life, traditions, values, as well as assets, accumulated wealth are concentrated on strengthening the same topics as 2nd house lord being in its own sign and strengthening/protecting the considered house.

Hence, as a thumb rule in Vedic astrology, any planet in its own sign is considered very auspicious as the planet feels comfortable and thus able to provide the best results out of the governed house, in this case, the second astrological natal house. Hence, this combination automatically classifies as a well and auspiciously positioned 2nd lord.

Results of 2nd House Lord in 2nd House


To start with, according to classical scriptures, if the Dhan Bhava lord or the lord of the 2nd house is in its own sign, that is, in the second house, the native will be wealthy, and mostly by own efforts. After all, the second house in astrology belongs to the triangle of wealth or Artha Trikona in Vedic astrology.

Accordingly, with this fortunate planetary combination, you are blessed to be wealthy and become even wealthier by accumulating assets using your learning abilities and applying them to strengthen your financial foundation. Hence, you will promote your assets with your own efforts mostly, but this wealth is the most rewarding, sweetest, and long-lasting.

In classical texts, it is also mentioned that if a benefic is in 2nd house, as the second lord, it will promote wealth even more, while malefic tends to promote and destroy at the same time, even when in his own sign.

Head Of Family

With your especially strong 2nd house, which also governs family matters, you are well able to grow and sustain your family. This is also mentioned in classical scriptures, that with Dhan Bhava lord in its own sign, or exalted, the native will take care of others, and help them whatever it takes. That is to say, you are very responsible and financially competent in order to feed your family members, protect your family traditions and values, and teach them to new generations of offspring. Here is not meant only own children, but an overall family tree.

Family Pride

In fact, you put a lot of emphasis on family values and traditions. For you, it is very important to have certain standards in the family that must be protected at any cost. As a rule in astrology, any planet in own sign will promote pride. Hence, you carry a lot of pride regarding your family image. This pride makes you protect family assets, both material and non-material, at any cost. You put a lot of effort to maintain a great and noble image of your family – not only yourself but all of your family members.

Potentially Famous

Classics also mention that with Dhan bhava lord in its own sign, or 2nd lord in 2nd house, the native will become famous on account of their humble and helpful character. Hence, you have that natural charisma and good aura, which makes other people naturally rely on you in every situation. You are the mature one who is responsible regarding finances and carries abundant wealth which makes you capable of supporting others financially too. Most likely, you will not give money away easily, as you know that it is more efficient to give them a fishing rod instead of a fish. As rod makes them learn how to become skillful and prosperous while giving fish, or money in this context, it makes them just lazy and trapped in comfort zones without learning any skill how to continue. Accordingly, you either lend money or give it to a certain purpose for people or organizations in extreme cases.

Facial Beauty

Another important matter, which cannot be ignored, is the facial beauty. The second house is all about face, facial parts, including the health and beauty of these parts. Hence, you are blessed to possess amazingly gorgeous and attractive eyes. Not to mention, your whole face is endowed with abundant beauty, including all parts, such as nose, lips, and figure of cheeks.

Magnetic Speech

As the second house governs speech, you are blessed with a beautiful and magnetic speech. your speech attracts masses easily, and your words make it to each ear effectively. Hence, you are very influential, especially regarding public speaking. You are capable of influencing a large amount of people with your historic wisdom and truthfulness.

Man Of His Word

Classics state that a well placed Dhan Bhava lord in its own sign will create a man of his words. In other words, this planetary combination creates a truthful person who is honest and tells truth all the time.

However, results are different when 2nd house lord is conjunct with its enemy in the natal second house. This makes a person have untruthful statements and harsh wors from time to time, despite having the second house ruler in the second house.

Promoted Health

As the second house belongs to nutritional values, with your 2nd lord in 2nd house you carry high eating standards and good habits. Hence, with your healthy diet, you promote and strengthen your health to a great extent. This is how this planetary combination works in action, strengthening its own house.

Marak Effects

Frankly, the 2nd house is also considered as a MAraka Bhava or damage inflicting house in Vedic astrology. That means that some significations of the considered house may get damaged if bereft of influence/aspect from a natural benefic planet. Classical book BPHS states that people with Dhan Bhava lord in Dhan Bhav (2nd lord in 2nd) will have two or even more marriage or life partners, and a decreased the number of children. However, with many children or not, native is still potent to take care of other young members of the family tree and society in general.

Additionally, the native may be very proud and with that, slightly damage the reputation, especially if the 2nd house lord makes relation with the natural malefic planet.

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