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What does the 2nd House Lord in 7th House mean?

When the planet that rules over your natal 2nd house is located in the 7th house, it means to have 2nd lord in 7th house.

The general effect of this combination is that the themes of the second astrological house, such as family values, traditions, accumulated wealth are influenced by the seventh house significances, such as partnership, business, marriage, etc.

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Results of 2nd House Lord in 7th House

The 7th house is a quadrant or Kendra Bhava in Vedic astrology and thus it is considered generally auspicious planetary combination supporting a good amount of wealth gains and stable financial foundation.

Joint Ventures Success

As the 7th house is all about partnerships, including business partnerships, you are blessed to have luck in huge profits when involving in joint ventures. The 7th house is the tenth house from the 10th astrological house which means that the considered combination is capable of raising you to great heights when you partner up with fellow businessmen.

Of course, the 2nd lord must be well-placed and associated with friendly planets with your second lord for optimal results.

Foreign Journey For Business

As the 7th house is the opposite of ascendant which denotes a birth place, you are involved in ventures where you are connected to foreign lands. Hence, you will be traveling a lot to expand your assets. Your joint ventures require you to roam around frequently.

Famous For Wealth

The considered combination can make you well-known for your strong family values and the solid wealth of the family. You are perceived as a good family protector in society.

Classical Interpretation

Lines from ancient scriptures of BPHS state that the native with this combination is inclined towards physical relations with various partners, and wives of other people. It also creates addiction regarding sensual pleasures. In addition to that, if the 2nd lord is associated with malefic, the wife of the native will not be loyal and be involved in immoral sensual activities.

Classics also state that in the case of a well-placed 2nd house ruler in the 7th house, the wife of the native will be very fortunate and also help bring gains and wealth to the family of the native with the considered combination.

Addicted To Pleasures

To begin with, the 7th house in Vedic astrology belongs to Kama Trikona or triangle of desires which indicate chasing after various sensual pleasures in the case of 7th house, which is naturally ruled by Venus, as being a domain of Libra. All of which are related to sensual pleasures.

Accordingly, as also stated in classical texts, you are naturally inclined towards various sensual pleasures because you are pretty much addicted to it. If the 2nd lord is well placed in the 7th house, you will get good enjoyment of such desired pleasures. As the 2nd house in Vedic astrology denotes wealth, you will be spending your wealth for various pleasures and enjoyments.

In the case of ill-placed 2nd lord in 7th house, one will experience enjoyment immoral sensual activities and side effects from it. Such a native can be having various infections regarding because of these activities. The ill-placement can also cause problems in marriage, causing multiple marriages. Another cause for this is never-ending sensual desires.

Sensual Life Partner

The sensuality also applies to your life partner which is also proven by classical texts. Hence, your life partner is inclined towards the enjoyment of various sensual pleasures and the condition of 2nd lord determines final outcomes.

Accordingly, a well-placed combination ensures that your wife has good moral conduct regarding pleasures and you two have a great match and harmony between you and your intimate life.

Alternatively, an ill-placed second ruler in the seventh house indicates that the wife is immoral and chases after various illusion to satisfy never-ending sensual pleasures.

Wealth & Spouse

The second astrological house is all about wealth accumulations while the seventh house is about life partnership, marriage, and spouse. Accordingly, the combination clearly indicates that the accumulation of wealth is strongly supported by your life partner through various activities, be it family business, investment project, etc. Your spouse plays a major role in supporting and building up the financial foundation of the family.

Influential Speech

The 2nd house governs your speech and 7th house is public life, a reflection of yourself to the world. Hence, with this combination, you possess a very powerful speech using which you are capable of attracting large audiences and masses and influence them. You have the capacity to become famous and well-known for your speaking ability, especially regarding how to earn wealth (2) in moral/harmonious ways (7).

Moreover, when considering the Bhavat Bhavam effect (form house to house), your speech will be helpful to reach even higher positions in life. It is because the positive public image you create gives massive support and boost in increasing overall social status and rank.

Longevity Matters

Frankly, both the 2nd and the 7th houses are considered Marak Houses in Vedic astrology, which means that these houses actually produce some damage, especially when the 2nd lord is ill-placed. The general meaning of this is that the native with this combination is so much concentrated on spending own energy and assets to satisfy desires, which cause huge mental stress in the long run. At the same time the native desires to grow assets which creates a major inner conflict and dilemma. this, as we know, can damage the inner harmony and weaken immunity.

Another indication is that, as the second house is eighth from the 7th house of spouse, it indicates some damage to the health of spouse which may reduce longevity. Please do not take this interpretation as a rule because many other factors in the overall chart determine the outcome, and whether the health is saved from ailments or not. For instance, an aspect from strong and functionally benefic Jupiter to the 7th house can save natives and their spouses from health ailments.

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