2nd House Lord in 6th House


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What does the 2nd House Lord in 6th House mean?

When the planet that rules over your natal second house is located in the 6th house from your ascendant sign, it means to have 2nd lord in 6th.

The general meaning of this planetary combination is that the significances of the 2nd house are directly connected to the 6th house.

Significance of 2nd house

Significance of 6th house

Results of 2nd House Lord in 6th House

According to ancient texts, when the 2nd house ruler is in the 6th house, it indicates gains through enemies, if well-placed. In the case of ill-placed 2nd lord in 6th house, it gives loss and destruction by enemies.

Destroyer Of Enemies

Classics also state that people with this combination are the destroyers of enemies. This can be explained by the nature of 2nd house, which has the Maraka effect, or damage inflicting effect on the 6th house of enemies. Hence, you are a natural destroyer of enemies and for this reason perfectly suitable for service where your trait is highly required.

Gains Through Enemies

As the 6th house represents your enemies, it is reasonable to start off with this significance. With your 2nd lord that rules your assets and wealth accumulations in the 6th house, you are gaining through enemies. That is, dealing with enemies is your main activity relating to your service (6). It can be anything from being a lawyer to a firefighter, where you have to overcome adverse situations in order to win, and like this every single time.

However, for successful overcoming of obstacles, your 2nd lord must be well placed and associated with friendly planets in the 6th house.

As the 6th house is Upachaya Bhava or house of increase, it is better if the 2nd lord was natural malefic in the considered house. Because natural malefic planets have more strength and aggression to fight adversity and overcome obstacles and win battles.

A natural benefic planet, if well-placed, does not necessarily lose in battles, but is less effective in the battlefield (metaphor). Instead of force and aggression, a natural benefic planet uses soft and passive ways to win over enemies, such as negotiation and compromises. Accordingly, results are compromised as well That is, natural malefic in this house is capable of giving more results than benefic.

In the case of ill-placed 2nd lord in 6th, there might be losses of wealth in the account of adversities caused by enemies. There is frequent loss of peace and harmony in the family due to enemies and their actions.


With this planetary combination of 2nd ruler in 6th house, the considered lord/planet is exactly five steps away from its own sign. This gives the indirect effect of the first lord in the fifth house. that is, you are inherently intelligent and use it to gain wealth and build up strategies to defeat your enemies and overcome adversities.

In the case of the ill-placed example, indeed, there is a lack of mental strength to withstand stress from adversities and enemies. Also, lack of intelligence does not help to overcome them in the case of ill.placed second house ruler in the sixth house.

Concentrated On Gains

With your wealth lord (2) in the house of growth (Upachaya Bhava), which also belongs to the triangle of wealth or Artha Trikona you are indeed concentrated on increasing your wealth gradually through the themes of the sixth astrological house, such as service and defeating enemies.

With that being said, you do whatever it takes and hustle hard in order to earn a considerable amount of gains throughout your life. In fact, you want to constantly grow your assets.

You are blessed to see gradual growth and increase in prosperity when your 2nd lord is well placed in the considered astrological house.

However, the 6th house also belongs to the Dushtana Bhava group or malefic houses, which means that there are constant obstacles. In addition to that, any slight affliction to the 6th house can result in immoral acts in order to attain gains. Hence, people with this combination are more likely to be involved in frauds and cheating to attain wealth faster.

In the case of affliction on the 6th house, there are frequent losses of wealth though bad decisions, legal disputes, and immoral acts. It can be for example losses through being defeated by the enemy or legal forces if there are any illegal activities involved.

Gains Through Loans

As the 6th house denotes debts, the positioning of 2nd lord of wealth storage in the considered house indicates that you are inclined towards growing your wealth using the help of loans. You may also take great advantage of crowdfunding enabling you to scale your activity, profits, or business manyfold.

Argumentative Speech

The sixth house carries energies of sixth zodiac sign Virgo, which is all about debates, arguments, and disputes. Hence, with this combination, you are very quarrelsome and express it through your speech. However, you are also very skilled in debates and winning with your arguments backed by intelligence. You are an expert in solving disputes with your strategic speech.

Trouble In Family

With this combination of 2nd lord of family matters in the 6th house of hardships, it clearly indicates some troubles related to family and progeny. To begin with, there might be frequent disputes between close family members and you. This greatly reduces family harmony and increases troubles within the family.

Losses Through Diseases

As the 6th house is all about diseases, with the 2nd lord in it, it can indicate expenditure and losses due to diseases and temporary hospitalization. However, all the health ailments will be successfully cured if your 2nd lord is well placed in the 6th house. Furthermore, if the 6th lord is well placed and 6th house is having strong influence from auspicious planets then there might be complete protection against diseases and health ailments. Hence, the immunity is exceptionally strong.

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