2nd House Lord in 10th House


What does the 2nd House Lord in 10th House mean?

When the planet which rules over your natal 2nd house is located in the 10th house from your ascendant sign, it means to have 2nd lord in 10th.

The general effect of this placement is that the topics of the 10th astrological house, such as karma, profession, status, high achievements are influenced by the matters of the second house of astrology, such as wealth, family values, self-respect, and speech.

Significance of 2nd House

Significance of 10th House

As the 10th house is the most auspicious quadrant house or Kendra Bhava in Vedic astrology, the considered combination is generally auspicious regarding the topics of the second astrological house.

Results of 2nd House Lord in 10th House

Classical Interpretations

Classical source BPHS states that if Dhana Bhava lord is in the Karma Bhava (2nd house ruler in 10th) then such native is fond of various sensual enjoyments and materialistic happiness. Such a native will be honorable and receive much recognition and achieve great social status. Equally, natives with this combination will amass a great amount of wealth. It is also mentioned that this combination indicates having more that one marriage or a life partner. However, it is also mentioned that such a native will have a lack of happiness from offspring.

Source Of Wealth Accumulation

The 10th house in Vedic astrology denotes everything that shines bright, including ones me, position, authority, and actions, which determines our public image. With your 2nd house lord in the 10th house, you will accumulate wealth through your karma or actions, that determine your overall success and honor as well.

You are a very competent person and definitely a person of action, who knows well how to expand wealth trough entrepreneurship or hobbies. You are blessed to earn from your hobbies. Work and fun go hand in hand for you and this is one of the main sources of happiness to you which also influences your family positively.

As the tenth house denotes anything regarding leadership, management, or administration, you earn your main income through leading or as an authoritative person on your own or any other company.

Wealth Expansion

Moreover, the 10th house is Upachay Bhava or house of constant growth, which indicates that wealth will be constantly expanding. It is also mentioned in Vedic astrology sources that natural malefic planets give more efficient results in this house as having the aggression to overcome obstacles and evolve to stronger being. While natural benefic tend to hold back from obstacles and afraid to take risks which makes natural malefic as 2nd lord less effective in giving results in the tenth astrological house.

Hence, if natural malefic, such as Sun, Mars, or Saturn rules your natal second house and placed in the tenth house it means that you are a great risk taker and self-motivated with a high amount of self-respect. This trait helps you to take risks and overcome all obstacles on the way to the top.

High Achiever & Wealthy

As the 2nd house denotes self-respect, it reflects how much value you give to own self. The second house is second from 1st house of self which simply means the wealth or worth of self. With your 2nd lord in 10th your self-worth is always becoming bigger and so is your motivation and ambition. Hence, you are a natural high achiever and this helps you to increase your wealth.

Authoritative Speech

The 2nd house gives a clue about your speech and intonation. The tenth house in Vedic astrology is about high authority. Hence, with this combination, you possess a confident, strong, and authoritative voice, just like the roar of a lion in the jungle.

Influential Speech

You express a lot of gratitude through your speech which influences masses positively. Your power to influence is backed by the Bhavat Bhavam technique, which means from house to house in Vedic astrology. That is, the tenth place from the 10th natal house is the 7th house, which means that your authority influences the public. And as your second lord of speech is in the tenth house, you give a lot of influence through your speaking abilities. Equally, this combination means you are an exceptionally great public speaker.

The nature of the planet determines the intonation of your speech. That is, a natural benefic planet makes your speech soft and smooth while natural malefic gives harsh and straightforward intonation to your speech. In both cases, your speech will have great influences on your immediate society.

Honorable & Respectful

For your authoritative and strong character that influences masses, you are able to earn a lot of fame, recognition, respect, and honor from your immediate society. You are perceived as a powerful person for your values and sound financial condition.

Outcomes of your influence and level and type of honor are also dependent on the condition of the planet in the tenth house. Accordingly, if your 2nd lord is well-placed sig-wise in the 10th house it means that you give positive influence to your society and receive great honor and respect from them in return.

Alternatively, if the 2nd house ruler is ill-placed in the tenth house it indicates that you give a bad influence on society which also means that at some periods you will receive disgrace from public and immediate society.

Family & Karma

With your second house ruler, which rules over your family is located in the tenth house of karma and limelight, it means that your family is involved in your activities and they also contribute to shaping your values and image. Your family is somehow always involved in public life and discussion.

This combination also means that one of your main duties or karma in this incarnation is to take care of your family and take responsibility of all family members. This is why BPSH states that there are some upheavals regarding progeny because you will have to take responsibility for all the false acts of your family members, especially those of your own offspring. As hard as it can be, if your 2nd lord is well placed in 10th house, the outcomes are good and all will be well. That is, your family life will thrive, get over adversities and remain well respected in society.

Miscellaneous Details

Mars is considered best in this house as gaining digbala or directional strength in the considered house. In addition to that, according to Lal Kitab Mars behaves as exalted in this house. Hence, Mars gives optimal results as 2nd ruler in the tenth house.

Moon loses directional strength in the tenth house which makes it the least effective in this house as 2nd lord. As a result of such an example, the native is too passive to manifest the optimal results. But if Moon is well-placed sign-wise, it still is able to give good results, but not up to maximum potential.

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