2nd House Lord in 3rd House


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What does the 2nd House Lord in the 3rd House mean?

When the planet, which rules over your natal second house is placed in your third house from the ascendant, it means to have 2nd lord in 3rd house.

The general meaning of this planetary combination is that your assets, wealth, learning capabilities, and family values are directed towards the matters of the third house which we will learn in this article.

Astrologically speaking, the considered combination is generally auspicious, as the 3rd house is the second house from the 2nd house itself, which simply means, that the third house is the wealth of the second house.

Results of 2nd House Lord in 3rd House

To begin with, the 3rd house belongs to the triangle of desires or Kama Trikona in Vedic astrology which means that you have a strong desire for growing your assets, wisdom, wealth, family, all of which are the matters of the second astrological house. The 3rd house also governs significnaces such as siblings and communication. Hence, communication with siblings, and working together with them becomes a vital part of your life.

Per Aspera Ad Astra

However, the 3rd house is also Dushtana Bhava or house of hardships which means that you encounter a lot of obstacles in your path to success. However, when your 2nd lord is auspiciously placed (sign-wise) in the 3rd house, it indicates that you overcome obstacles well and evolve each step enabling you to cope with even more harder periods in life which enables more success. It is especially true if your 2nd lord is natural malefic. The more you overcome obstacles and hardships, the more you gain.


The lines from the classical book BPHS state that people with this combination are extremely valorous. This can be well explained and proven with the significances of the involved houses. The third house is the house of effort, risk-taking, courage, and ability to apply the initially learned wisdom of the second house into skills and action.

Powerful & Wealthy

Here comes a special connection of houses named Bhavat Bhavam into action. The second house from the second house is the third house which makes the considered planetary combination (2nd lord in 3rd house) naturally strong and auspicious. It is to say, the combination naturally enables you to apply your natural wisdom into talents enabling you to gain enormous profits with your skills and effort. In short words, you have a great capacity to become a powerful and wealthy entrepreneur, if the 2nd lord is well-placed in 3rd house.

Skillful & Knowledgeable

You have inherent wisdom, especially regarding historical knowledge, which gives you motivation and purpose of action. To be specific, you are well aware of how to present economic systems function as you understand where these systems originate and root from. Hence, with your inherent wisdom, you are able to apply your skills into the system enabling you to earn a lot of wealth.

Proficient Communicator

With that being said, the third house is all about courage and will-power to use your speech and express yourself. In addition to that, the 3rd house itself is about communication. Hence, with this fortunate combination, you are naturally valorous and able to express yourself through your speech in full confidence which makes others literally feel inferior near to you. You are a proficient communicator. If your second lord is natural benefic, your expression is rather soft and polite, while a natural malefic makes your expression harsh, rude, straightforward, and sound more valorous as a result. It is so because the 3rd house is Upachaya Bhava or house of growth in Vedic astrology where natural malefic performs well as being able to keep up with the ever-changing and rather challenging environment.


Your courage also expresses not only through your voice but also by your actions. Hence, you are a real risk-taker which opens up doors of many opportunities for wealth expansion to you. It is said that who won’t take risks, that will not celebrate. And this is absolutely true, and the more you grab on opportunities, the more chances you have to prosper.

As the 3rd house denotes short distance traveling your opportunities definitely involve many journeys. so you have to be ready for frequent traveling.

Questioning Existence

Classical texts also mention that whenever your 2nd lord is a natural malefic planet, such as Sun, Mars, or Saturn, you are likely to question historical knowledge. It also includes that you question our existence and the creator, or God. That is to say, it does not necessarily indicate atheism, but you need solid proof of every religious theory.

Marak Effects

The 2nd house is a Maraka Bhava or damage inflicting house, hence, if your 2nd lord is ill-placed in the third natal house, the damaging effects of this combination will be definitely present in some or many matters of the houses involved. For instance, your rude speech may damage your fortune, communication with siblings, your success, and hinder wealth gains as a result. The bad placement also indicates a lack of inherent natural talents and knowledge, which makes one bereft of huge success, and prone to immoral actions and thefts to obtain some desires.

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Classical Sources Used: BPHS, Saravali, Brihat Jataka, Lal Kitab, Yavan Jataka. Regarding General Observations: Please include what was and wasn't accurate in the comments. Share the article with your friends using social media buttons below.

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