7th House Lord in 1st House


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What does 7th House Lord in 1st House mean?

When the planet that governs the 7th house of the natal birth chart is located in the 1st house or ascendant, it means to have this planetary combination.

As a general result of this combination, the matters of the 1st house, such as self, soul, dignity, life path, the purpose of life, general prosperity, fame, physical appearance, vitality, courage, etc are influenced by the significances of the 7th house, such as partnerships, spouse, marriage, relations, marketplace, entrepreneurship, trading, society, law & regulations, balance, harmony, etc.

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This is generally considered an auspicious combination as the 7th house is a very auspicious quadrant house or Kendra Bhava while the 1st house is a quadrant and trine house (Kendra and Trikona) at the same time. Hence, the connection between these auspicious houses is very favorable.

To add auspiciousness to this combination, the 7th lord in 1st house is in seventh from own sign, which means that the 7th lord casts direct aspect upon its own sign. This is considered very auspicious as per sidereal Vedic astrology as the given lord protects and strengthens own house and brings the strengthened characteristics into the ascendant.

On the other hand, the 7th house is also a Maraka Bhava, the ruler of which gives some malefic effects in the 1st house.

Results of 7th House Lord in 1st House

Excessive Sensual Addictions

Regarding Maraka effects, the classical source of Vedic astrology BPHS states that people with this combination are addicted to spouses of others and develop wicked characteristics out of this addiction.

The effect is provided by various facts the first of which is the fact that the 7th house belongs to the triangle of desires or Kama Trikona.

In addition to that, the 7th disposition of this given lord in ascendant adds doubles the desirous energies of the 7th house. To add to it, the 7th house naturally signifies sensual pleasures with a partner.

Accordingly, as the 7th ruler is in the 1st house, it brings all the excessive desires to the self, producing a person with a lot of sensual addictions.

When considering the fact that the 7th house carries Maraka effects, it is able to cause issues out of the excessive sensuous desires. As a result, the native may get delusional and chase after many women even when they are taken, without hesitation or feelings of guilt.

If the given combination is favorably positioned and sported by other factors in the birth chart, ti indicates that the negative effects are mitigated and the native shares immense sensual pleasure with their own life partner and gets full satisfaction from it.

Moreover, when considering the fact that the 1st house belongs to the triangle of righteousness or Dharma Trikona, it indicates seeking the satisfaction of physical pleasure morally and ethically.

On the contrary, if the 7th ruler is in bad dignity or ill-placed in the ascendant, it indicates a lack of righteousness, morality, and ethics which damages the dignity of the soul and person to a great extent because of dirty sensual activities with taken women. They become immoral marriage breakers as a result.

Skilled Entrepreneur

The same classical source also states that these natives are very skilled, especially regarding 7th house matters such as trading, marketplaces, and entrepreneurship in general.

As the 1st house is a natural domain of Aries, which represents courage, will-power, active mindset, the power to initiate tasks, the positioning of the 7th lord of marketplaces in the ascendant produces a person who is very active and skilled in trading.

Moreover, as the 1st house is a home of an enterprising zodiac sign, it indicates becoming a very competent entrepreneur with the skillset and knowledge of trading and marketplaces.

Righteous & Honest Trader

If this combination if well-formed, that is, the 7th ruler is in good dignity, it indicates following a righteous path of entrepreneurship and being honest which ensures more gains and financial prosperity in the long run.

The reason for this is that righteousness is always backed by fortune and support from almighty God.

Alternatively, if the combination is negatively formed, it indicates being wicked, immoral, and unethical while making wealth through market places.

As the 7th signifies law, balance, harmony, and equity, it indicates violating all of these rules. As a result , the native lacks dignity (1st house) and tries to attain prosperity and affluence by sinful or unrighteous ways through cheating or trading of unethical or illegal goods.

This, of course, is a very risky business and sooner or later causes being caught which will suddenly destroy all the unrighteously obtained benefits, including fame, and monetary gains.

Wise & Affluent Life Partner

Speaking of marriage and relationships, this combination indicates a life partner from society or the entrepreneurship arena. In any option, the life partner is very competent, skilled, affluent, and wise.

The competence, wisdom, and active nature of the spouse of the native is provided by the positioning of the 7th ruler in 1st house, which is the natural home of Aries and carries such energies.

It also indicates that the native meet their life partner in social circles or marketplaces, where they are active in. As the 7th ruler of the spouse comes to the 1st house of self, it indicates that the native will have cooperation with the spouse in trading or business venture.

This combination protects the 7th house which makes the life partnership very fruitful and gainful with lots of affection and support to each other. The spouse of the native play a major role in the life path by helping to shape it.

The native is very protective of their life partner and is willing to help them with every way possible.

If the combination is ill-formed, it indicates that the spouse of the native is deceptive, with lots of addictions, and uncontrollable sensual desires.

It also causes a lot of dominance issues between the native and life partner.

Frequent Traveling

The 7th house is the opposite of the 1st house of birth (ascendant) which indicates far away foreign lands. Hence, this combination brings in a lot of traveling which is related to trading and social activities.

It also indicates frequent traveling for pleasures and a good time with the life partner.

Soul Purpose

The 1st house or ascendant signifies the reason for this current birth which in other words stands for the purpose of the soul.

With the 7th lord in 1st house, the purpose of the soul is to find peace, balance, and harmony in society.

These natives are very concerned about how society perceives them and with that being said, natives always follow morals and are law-abiding, which makes their character bright and brilliant.

There is one side effect from this as per BPHS. Namely, it indicates that these natives are way too much dependent on the opinions of the society which lessens the amount of courage and valor they have.

As the 7th ruler protects own house, it compromises some strength of the 1st house. Nothing comes free in this world, not even in the birth chart. Energy gained is another energy spent.

For the same character traits, these natives are respected and admired by their society or marketplace.

As the 1st house is a triangle of righteousness and the 7th triangle of desires, the connection between them indicates a desire of the soul to be righteous.

Alternatively, if this combination is negatively formed, it causes very bad and egotistical behavior which repels the admiration and respect of society.

Affluent & Famous

As from their righteous disposition, they become even more supported and loved by their society, life partner, and business partners.

With righteousness, they are inclined towards promoting balance, peace, and harmony in society. They are also very liberal and support equity or equal rights to everyone, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, etc.

As the 1st house rules over the head and thus signifies mindset, it provides these natives with a very balanced, stable, and harmonious mentality.

With that being said, they become extremely affluent in society as they gather a lot of admirers and followers. Such natives are capable of guiding and directing masses of people towards morality and ethics. Their pure dignity of their soul makes them warm, bright, and brilliant which gathers attention from society which makes it easy to influence people.

The mentioned effects manifest in specific periods and the intensity of them depends on planetary strength level and many other factors.

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Classical Sources Used: BPHS, Saravali, Brihat Jataka, Lal Kitab, Yavan Jataka. References to The Last Word of God are included not to mix Sunnah Kitab with worldly science, but to offer the best cure for worldly issues. Please comment & share the article with your friends using social media buttons below.

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