7th House Lord in 3rd House


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What does 7th House Lord in 3rd House mean?

When the planet that governs the 7th house of the natal birth chart is located in the 3rd house from the ascendant sign, it means to have this combination.

As a general result of this combination, the topics of the 3rd house, such as valor, courage, mental strengths, younger siblings, the power to take action, motivation, skills, efforts, hard work, etc are influenced by the significations of the 7th house, such as life partner or spouse, marriage, business partnerships, joint ventures, marketplace, entrepreneurship, public image of self, etc.

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This combination is generally considered auspicious as the ruler of the beneficial quadrant house or Kendra Bhava is supporting the courage, valor, and skills of the 3rd house.

On the other hand, the 3rd house is considered slightly malefic which is categorized under Dusthana Bhava as per sidereal Vedic astrology. It is malefic because it brings challenges and requires a whole lot of effort and tons of hard work before being able to reap the benefits of this combination in question. That is, the 3rd never gives results easily.

However, to add auspiciousness to this combination, the 7th lord in the 3rd house is in 9th from its own sign. It adds benefic intonation to this combination as the 9th is the house of luck, fortune, and beautiful destiny if the combination is well-formed.

In addition to that, both, the 7th and 3rd houses belong to the triangle of desires or Kama Trikona. Accordingly, the connection of these houses indicates a lot of desires regarding entrepreneurship, trading, public fame, and also physical intimacy. These desires motivate the natives to take action on achieving these demands.

Results of 7th House Lord in 3rd House

Challenging Marriage

It is mentioned in the ancient scripture of Vedic astrology, BPHS, that people with this combination have a difficult life partnership or marriage.

To explain this considered effect, we have to dive deep into the astrological indications.

To begin with, the 7th house denotes spouse and marriage while the 3rd house is a mild malefic.

Hence, the connection between the above-mentioned houses provides a lot of challenges and difficulties to this combination as far as life partnership is concerned.

The difficulty is likely caused by the ambitious nature of the native which takes away the precious time that can be given to spend with close ones.

This statement is supported by the fact that the 7th hours belong to far away foreign lands as being the opposite house to ascendant or birthplace house.

At the same time, the 3rd indicates short distant travel for hobbies and skill developments. Hence, this combination causes being away and distant form life partner due to traveling for work or business purposes.

As a result, the spouse is suffering on account of that and native experiences a lot of arguments and disharmony with the life partner.

Chatty Spouse

The 7th house gives a clue about the nature of the spouse of the native.

As the 7th ruler is in the 3rd house, it indicates a very communicative and talkative life partner. They are also faithful, devoted, spiritual, religious, and righteous if the combination is well-formed.

Less Interest In Family

The same classical source also mentions that such natives are having a small number of children.

The family matters are involved in this combination though the Bhavat Bhavam connection of the 3rd house with the 2nd house of family. Namely, the 3rd house is the 2nd from the 2nd house.

Hence, this combination indirectly affects family life adversely as the malefic 3rd house is involved.

This effect is a direct result of having not enough interest in raising children and growing family as the desires are strongly focused on self-development, self-motivated goals, and marketplaces. Hence, it takes all the energy away from the family matters and spouse.

Furthermore, less energy and lack of focus on the spouse and family matters indicate fewer children.

Alternatively, in the situation when the 7th ruler is in good dignity and well placed in the 3rd house, it is able to produce great effects out of this combination.

Namely, the native still has less time, motivation, and focus on family matters but the spouse accepts that. This compromise ensures that the life partnership will stay healthy and strong.

However, it also indicates that the native is frequently detached, distant, and away from the spouse, both mentally and physically. This causes suffering to life partner but not to the native, as the spouse is prompted to spend life away from the native or handle the family matters alone.

Another reason why these natives have less amount of children is that they tend to have low fertility.

It is because the 7th is naturally ruled by Venus which signifies fertility. As the 7th ruler is in a house of challenges, it indicates difficulties regarding fertility.

Mentally Strong & Motivated

Speaking of the benefits of the native, this combination promises to be very fortunate in various ways.

To begin with, the native with this combination is an extremely self-driven person with lots of mental strength and motivation.

This effect comes from the general significances of the 3rd house, as mentioned earlier.

Moreover, as the 7th lord in the 3rd house is in 9th from own sign, it provides a lot of luck and fortune. To add more to it, the 7th ruler is casting direct aspect upon the 9th house from the 3rd house.

Hence, there is a double effect of luck and fortune in this combination.

As a result, the native is very fortunate to have a powerful mental ability to motivate oneself which enables them to do well in life.

These natives are very dynamic and driven people who are able to use their skills that ensure that their desires are achieved regarding the topics of the 7th house, such as trading, entrepreneurship, and marketplaces.

Entrepreneurial Pursuits & Success

As the 7th denotes trading, marketplaces, and business, the desires of the native with this combination are focused on entrepreneurial pursuits.

They are constantly learning new skills and evolving their skillset which helps them to become successful in the world of entrepreneurship.

Moreover, as from the 9th disposition, partnership businesses prove to be fortunate for these natives. In fact, their amount of prosperity will increase drastically after becoming joint with business partners in ventures.

Philosophical Intonation & Higher Purpose

With that being said, the 9th disposition suggests that their way of making business is philosophically or righteously intonated. In other words, they have a higher meaning and purpose for their goals.

That is, they are not working hard just for monetary gains, but they struggle really hard because they want to make a positive impact on the society and marketplace. They want to influence a positive way of living life and achieving goals.

In fact, their higher purpose and meaningful goals are what blesses them with fortune and immense motivation to keep going even when the level of struggle is at the highest.

These struggles are tests for the native whether they do their thing selflessly. If they do, they believe in themselves which makes them very motivated to keep going no matter what.

Moreover, the pious goals, higher purpose behind their actions, and righteous way of hustling their way up is largely supported by the almighty God, giving a lot of fortune to the native to endure hard times and prosper.

Courageous Risk Takers

Furthermore, as the 3rd house is about valor and courage, it makes these natives very courageous when it comes to entrepreneurship and taking risks.

They are not afraid of failure which makes the boldly apply their skillsets and risk in business. As the double effect of 9th house is involved in this combination thorough disposition and aspect, it indicates that these natives carry a great amount of faith deep inside that they will succeed.

However, they also acknowledge that most of the efforts doest give huge success, which makes them increase odds by courageously and faithfully trying again and again. To be specific, trying to put in their effort and make the required steps to evolve in their trading, marketplace, or business.

Hard Work & Struggle

With that being said, their success never comes effortlessly. However, they are always in for a massive hard work and willing to put in all the efforts they can.

This also causes them to struggle and disappoint a lot before getting the results they truly desire. However, their mentality keeps them persistently focused on their goal which ensures that they will not give up despite hurdles.

They will keep hustling until they see some results which will boost their courage and motivation to the extremes and keeps them going to achieve the next level.

This makes them definitely prosperous and fortunate people who are able to build a bright and beautiful destiny for themselves and their families, from whom they are always away due to their hustling nature.

As the 9th disposition of this combination suggests, these natives achieve their desires and goals in a righteous manner with honesty and purely self-made efforts without cheating or taking sneaky shortcuts on account of others.

Alternatively, if the 7th lord is in bad dignity in the 3rd house, it indicates that the native is immoral, extremely selfish, and unethical while pursuing their goals. This, also makes them less creative and less competent which makes them taking shortcuts in order to prosper. However, usually, this causes failure.

Peaceful & Philanthropic

Communication is a very important part of the 3rd house, as it is the wealth of speech (2nd from 2nd). In other words, the way they communicate plays a major part in their path to success in partnerships, ventures, and marketplaces.

As the 7th house is the natural home of Libra, which symbolizes balance and thus denotes peace, balance, harmony, rules, law, compromises, and equity.

Hence, the 7th lord in the 3rd house shapes their style of communication accordingly. As a result, their way of communicating with others is very balanced, peaceful, harmonious with a deep philanthropic, spiritual, religious, or faithful intonation in it (9th disposition provides that intonation).

With this trait, they are very fortunate regarding partnerships in business because they are able to win the hearts of society and future business partners easily with their integrity and sense of equity. In other words, the society and marketplace see these natives as a selfless and righteous hustler whom it is safe to make agreements and deals with.

While talking about communication, the 3rd governs all types of communication, that is, both verbal and written, non-digital and digital. With that being said, they can be involved with businesses and ventures where their expertise lies in their skills regarding communication, publishing, journalism, information transfer, etc.

Fortunate Younger Siblings

The 3rd house denotes younger siblings and the positioning of the 7th ruler in 9th from its own sign indicates that the younger siblings of the native are very lucky and fortunate.

They are deeply spiritual, religious, faithful, and/or philanthropic. The younger siblings of the native are involved in marketplaces and supported by society.

Moreover, the native also supports their siblings if they (siblings) choose a similar path and activity to the one that the native with this combination has.

If this combination is negatively formed, it indicates that younger siblings cause a lot of struggle and challenge to the native.

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Classical Sources Used: BPHS, Saravali, Brihat Jataka, Lal Kitab, Yavan Jataka. Regarding General Observations: Please include what was and wasn't accurate in the comments. Share the article with your friends using social media buttons below.

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