6th House Lord in 2nd House


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What does 6th House Lord in 2nd House mean?

When the planet that governs the 6th house of the natal birth chart is located in the 2nd house from the ascendant, it means to have this combination.

What are the effects of this combination?

As a general effect of this combination, the matters of the 2nd house, such as family traditions, family values, assets, wealth accumulations, speech, etc are influenced by the significations of the 6th house, such as service, discipline, obstructions, obstacles, challenges, enemies, loans, employees, teammates, etc.

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The combination in question is considered to produce mixed results for various reasons as per sidereal Vedic astrology.

To begin with, the 6th house is a malefic house called Dushtana Bhava and its lord creates obstacles and challenges in the house it is sitting in. In the current situation, it causes negativity towards 2nd house topics.

On the other hand, the 6th house lord in the 2nd house is in 9th from its own sign/house, which gives a fortunate intonation to this combination. It is because the 9th signifies luck, fortune, righteousness, wealth, and destiny.

Additionally, more outcomes from this combination are reliant on the placement (by zodiac sign) and condition of the planet that governs the 6th house.

Results of 6th House Lord in 2nd House

Talented Speaker

One of the things that ancient scripture BPHS states is that people with this combination are talented in speaking.

The reason for this effect is the natural signification of the 2nd astrological domain, which is speech, as 2nd house governs face.

As the 6th ruler is well disposed in 9th from its own sign in the considered house of speech, it influences the speech accordingly and increases the capabilities to speak out.

As from the 9th disposition, the speech of people with this combination radiates truth, morals, ethics, and righteousness. This trait makes their speech especially charming and affluent.

Righteous Intonation

However, as the 6th house signification denotes quarrels, disputes, and criticism, it indicates that these natives express themselves in a very aggressive, argumentative, and critical way, but with a righteous intonation.

Their great skills and talents regarding speaking also reflect their ability to win over any competition regarding debates and arguments.

In other words, if the 6th ruler is well placed in the 2nd house, it indicates that these natives always radiate truth and higher wisdom which makes them undefeatable.

It also means that they are able to win their enemies easily with the divine support of fortune.

Alternatively, if the 6th house ruler is ill-placed in the 2nd house, it indicates inability to speak up when necessary. It also indicates losing in arguments because of being immoral and lacking higher wisdom.

As a result, opponents may cause significant losses and damages to the native with an ill-placed combination.

Additionally, an ill-positioned 6th ruler in the considered astrological domain also indicate being immoral regarding speech. In other words, it indicates generating hatred and lies through overly aggressive speech.

Hypnotic & Deep Intonation

As the 6th house ruler in the 2nd house of speech casts direct aspect upon the 8th house of deepness, hypnotism, and mysticism, it indicates that the speech of such natives can have very hypnotic, deep and mysterious intonation.

If the combination is ill-formed it indicates that such native is manipulating others through speech and false stories and conspiracies.

Nutritional Values

As the 2nd house rules over the face, it also denotes nutritional values and food intake.

As the malefic lord is in this house, it may affect the food intake adversely, especially if the given lord is ill-placed in the 2nd house.

Accordingly, it may cause health issues (6th house significance) regarding bad nutritional values.

However, if this combination is positively created, it indicates being very disciplined regarding nutrition, which ensures great physical health, durability, and immunity.


Another thing that BPHS states is that people with this combination have the capacity to become famous for their traits of righteousness and higher wisdom.

The secret for this effect is hidden in the 9th disposition of the 6th house lord in the 2nd house.

Namely, the 9th denotes fortune, luck, and prosperity besides higher wisdom, ethics, and morals.

As the 6th lord brings a lot of discipline and service to this combination, it makes these natives well known for their kindness, humbleness, and charitable disposition regarding offering service.

Family Service

Additionally, as the 6th lord is connected with the 2nd house of family, it means that these natives are inclined towards the service of own family members.

If this combination is well-formed, it indicates being fortunate regarding family matters. It indicates that the native works hard in order to serve everything for their family members and future generations, which ensures stable and strong family life.

Accordingly, the main challenge with this combination regarding family is to satisfy every family member, as the native with this combination is often having the highest responsibility within the family.

As a result, the native with this combination has to constantly motivate and discipline oneself to meet the goals of offering humble and kind service to all family members.

Alternatively, if the 6th ruler is ill-placed in the considered house, it indicates trouble within family. To be specific, there might be a lot of disputes and arguments between family members that cause troublesome family life.

In addition to that, there might be legal disputes within the family, if this combination is ill-formed.

Fortunate Regarding Earnings

Interestingly, this combination in question is especially fortunate regarding monetary gains, even though it is formed by a lord of a malefic house.

The astrological secret for this is the fact that the 2nd and 6th houses both belongs to the triangle of wealth or Artha Trikona as per sidereal Vedic astrology.

Accordingly, the connection between these houses put a lot of emphasis on the accumulation of wealth through service, challenges, and discipline.

Moreover, as the considered combination creates the 9th disposition, it indicates being very fortunate regarding wealth gains.

For optimal results, however, the 6th house lord should be auspiciously positioned in the 2nd house. If this is the case, then people with this combination have the capacity to grind hard in order to meet the goals.

This combination also indicates the ability of then native to motivate and discipline oneself.

Additionally, as from the aspect upon the 8th house of sudden events, such natives can be fortunate regarding sudden wealth gains.

Source Of Earnings

The considered combination indicates earning wealth through the significations of the 6th house, which involves a hard environment and challenges to the native.

The activities that involve such an environment are for example military service, emergency service, firefighting, police service, etc.

Additionally, it may indicate earnings through legal services, such as advocates, lawyers, traffic wardens, etc.

Alternatively, if the considered combination is ill-positioned, it indicates having no discipline and strength to work hard and therefore taking on too many loans. This causes heavy debts.

Additionally, it may indicate wealth accumulation through illegal activities and robberies.

Moreover, as the 6th ruler casts a direct aspect upon the 8th house of sudden gains, the information of this combination causes sudden events and losses of wealth through crooks and accidents.


BPHS also states that people with this combination are adventurous and fond of traveling and living abroad.

The reason for this is hidden behind multiple astrological facts.

Firstly, the 9th disposition carries the energies of adventurous 9th zodiac sign Sagittarius, which therefore signifies travel for spiritual and higher study purposes.

Secondly, the 6th lord in the 2nd casts a direct aspect upon the 8th house, which denotes overseas or over the ocean places.

Accordingly, this combination makes these natives travel a lot overseas for earning purposes.

The mentioned effects manifest in specific periods and the intensity of them depends on planetary strength level and many other factors.

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Classical Sources Used: BPHS, Saravali, Brihat Jataka, Lal Kitab, Yavan Jataka. Regarding General Observations: Please include what was and wasn't accurate in the comments. Share the article with your friends using social media buttons below.

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