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What does Sun in Aquarius mean?

It means that the authoritative, kingly, dominant, brilliant, warmhearted, self-centered, charismatic, radiant, enterprising planet Sun combines with intellectual, witty, humanistic, unconventional, inventive, generous, tolerant, sociable fixed air sign Aquarius.

This is a difficult position for Sun as sharing an inimical relationship with Saturn, ruler of Aquarius.

That is, negative characteristics arise from this unique personality and makes a person eccentric, abnormal, distant, detached, contradictory, and rebellious.

This also means that Saturn becomes the guiding planet to the Sun in this sign. If Saturn is well-placed, it can direct the energies efficiently and auspiciously and mitigate the negative outcomes of this combination.

With that being said, Saturn neutralizes the enmity with Sun, if it (Saturn) is placed in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th and 12th sign from Sun in the natal birth chart.

This combination is special and significant because Sun is exactly opposite from its own sign Leo, that is, it is in 7th from its own sign. Sun being exactly opposite, it casts direct aspect upon its own sign which makes it uncomfortable for Sun as being exiled from its own home. On the other hand, this removes the comfort zone completely which enables deep growth of the soul (Sun).

Besides this, the 7th disposition is by itself auspicious because the 7th is a very benefic quadrant house or Kendra Bhava which signifies society, social norms, law, balance, support, harmony, and social security.

The energies of the 7th stabilize everything it touches or involves. It also signifies partnerships, trading, marketplaces, entrepreneurship, joint ventures, etc.

By default, as Sun is undignified in this sign, various hardships are indicated regarding 7th house significances.

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Results of Sun in Aquarius

Eccentric & Detached

People with Sun in Aquarius in their Sidereal Vedic Astrology birth charts are very humanitarian from the soul. This trait is provided by the highly humanistic and social 11th sign Aquarius.

The 11th sign Aquarius is related to community, friends, social circles, and complex networks of people and systems.

The affliction of Sun in this sign is self-explanatory as Sun loves to be above everything and have all the spotlight on it and attention from the masses.

However, in this crowded environment of Aquarius, it becomes united with everyone else and dissipates into the crowd.

As a result, they always feel detached and different from the crowd. They become introverted and drown into the background in the process, which is not typical for Sun.

This also causes them to be eccentric as they are very different from the crowd and now that they can not fit in with their natural traits.

In addition to that, it makes these natives also very confronting or rebellious.

They feel very uncomfortable being normal like everyone else and thus always prone to initiate new movements, even if these movements cause a certain degree of disharmony in society (7th disposition).

Humanitarian & Compassionate Soul

The default above mentioned results can be mitigated if Saturn is in good dignity plus neutralizes the enmity with Sun.

In such a positive situation, the dissipation of self-centeredness is extremely auspicious as it prompts the natives to become very tolerant and humanitarian from the soul.

This makes them understand that everyone in the complex system of life is equally important.

The aspect ray of Sun upon its own sign Leo makes them warmhearted which enables them to easily see the struggles and also worth and talents of others.

Even though they are not in the center of attention, with the support of dignified humanistic Saturn they are able to function perfectly well within the crowd.

With their warmheartedness that is inherited from Leo sign, they are able to unite people effectively to work on the united goals.

That is, they have the capacity to form strong and brilliant communities. As a result, they give away their bright center to the community and let their shine glow inside every member of the community or social circle. This is the way of Sun to shine in the crowded sign of Aquarius.

Considering the fact that Sun forms the 7th disposition of marketplaces and trading and sits in the 11th zodiac sign Aquarius, it makes them very competent in crowded marketplaces as well.

Socially Outgoing

Aquarius is an air sign which makes them also socially very outgoing if Saturn cancels the enmity with Sun.

This mixture of fiery sun and airy Aquarius is actually favorable for activities that involve complex networks and groups of people.

The vital energy and force of Sun in this sign are directed towards establishing strong network systems of people that function effectively for the desired cause.

However, if the enmity between Sun and Saturn is not cancelled or Saturn is undignified, it creates a person who is stingy and hard to communicate with mainly due to overly sensitive ego.

Balanced & Harmonious

The fact that Sun is in 7th from its own sign Leo adds a lot of balance and harmony to this combination.

It is because the 7th is a natural home of Libra which carries the above-mentoned energies. Furthermore, it also symbolizes compromises, law, equity, and compassion.

Hence, this combination makes these natives not only humanistic, but also very compassionate, balanced, peaceful, and justice-loving.

Besides this, the 7th disposition also signifies partnerships, agreements, and joint ventures.

Thus, this makes them even more capable of bonding people together to work on joint projects and ventures.

The fact that Sun aspects its own sign brings a lot of warmheartedness to this combination which indicates that they show a lot of respect and love to every participant in joint venture and community.

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All people are practically beleivers if they believe in one God, The Prophets (some of them: Solomon, Moses, Jesus) and The Seal of Prophets (Muhammad) peace be upon them. That is, do not be quick to judge and leave judgment to God except when there is direct threat to righteous beleivers.
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Some of The Last Words of God via The Last Prophet [PBUH]

On the contrary, if the dispositor Saturn is in bad dignity or ill-placed, it indicates that these natives lack compassion and warmheartedness which results in failure to connect people harmoniously. Instead of bonding people and finding compromises, they cause disharmony and disputes between all the members of the community, system, etc.

The reason for that is the failure to find balance inside the soul and repair the damaged ego caused by this combination. They are forced to remain in the background and unrecognized a result.

Inventive Mentality

They are often misunderstood in society as they have their feelings (Sun) suppressed by the cold Saturn.

They also tend to be contradictive as having an advanced way of thinking when compared to average people.

However, this is only how it looks from outside. If Saturn is strong in the chart, it indicates that deep inside they care a lot about society and they are willing to work for the sake of the betterment of everyone in the system.

A dignified Saturn gives them the ability to invent new unconventional ideas for the improvement of humanity or the community.

These ideas might be unacceptable for the society at first, but when these ideas are applied, the results surprise the whole community.

It is completely understandable as it is in the human to hesitate and dislike structures that put society in certain frames. Believe it or not, these frames are crucial for the world to function because without systems and structures, the world would end up in panic and disasters.

For the same reasons, Sun in Aquarius people can be also disliked by the learned people, as stated in ancient texts. It is because of the resistance of such group of people to changes.

As from the 7th disposition, which signifies marketplaces and law, learned people are refered as businessmen or managers of large corporations in modern days and new inventions can mean damage to the current systems that were established by these learned businessmen.

Alternatively, if Saturn is ill-placed and does not support Sun, it indicates that these natives go against good-natured wise people in society because of low self-esteem and negative ego.

Going against good trends does not grant support from learned people and society which makes them fail in their pursuits. If Saturn is fallen, it may lead these natives to invent bad ideas that cause harm and disharmony to the society, community, and marketplace in general.

Out Of The Box Thinking

Sun in Aquarius is also said to be immoral in ancient texts. It relates to their inventive out of the box approach which is against the traditional norms.

Morality most often in mundane life means to think inside the box but Aquarian people are the exact opposite of it – they are the people who think outside the box.


However, their abnormal way of thinking can lead to various contradictions. They tend to oppose the norms of society which further causes damage to their dignity.

However, there can be many forms of contradictions. It can be determined by the guiding planet of Sun in this sign, which is Saturn.

Accordingly, if Saturn is well-paced, it gives good judgmental abilities to a person which ensures that they invent new ideas according harmoniously without contradicting good movements.

On the contrary, their damaged dignity of the soul combined with bad judgmental abilities by weakly positioned dispositor Saturn motivates them to go against many people in society. They also tend to resist good movements and contradict them with their base acts.

Loss Of Spotlight

Sun rules the sign Leo, which is opposing Aquarius in Astrology. While being exiled from own sign is extremely uncomfortable for Sun, this gives it heightened ability to become humble.

However, the process of becoming humble can be in fact extremely painful for these natives.

It is because it is naturally hard for Leo people to leave the limelight for others to shine.

Take for example Steve Jobs, who resisted working the same way as others with his eccentric ego, and as a result, got fired from his own company.

Their pinnacle of life is to learn how to release the desire to be at the center all the time.

Moreover, the airy qualities of Aquarius sign inflate the energies of Sun combined Aquarius resulting in desire to be even more recognized. 

Aquarius, which signifies distribution, provides a challenging environment for Sun to become humble.

It is similar to when a person is suddenly brought inside the crowd from the limelight or stage where they can not shine so brightly as they would like to.

We can clearly see that Sun loses its natural significations such as self-confidence and will-power unless a strong Saturn supports it.

Effective At Networking

Sun in Aquarius natives performs exceptionally well in professions related to modern-day computerized networks. Aquarius, as the natural ruler of the 11th house, symbolizes a network of people including the digital form of network.

Sun at the other hand signifies the ability to shine and to be recognized. So, as a result, these people can excel in work related to modern networking.

One of the best examples is Steve Jobs, whose inventions fit perfectly in a distributed society.

Yet, being inventive required him to be different and eccentric. It also meant having different lifestyle which was disapproved by his immediate society at work resulting in being fired from own company.

Despite that, he granted a lot of limelight which is the highest desire of Sun. So working on inventions related to technology and networks are best fitted for Sun in Aquarius natives.

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Classical Sources Used: BPHS, Saravali, Brihat Jataka, Lal Kitab, Yavan Jataka. References to The Last Word of God are included not to mix Sunnah Kitab or Quran with worldly science, but to offer the best cure for worldly issues. Always know that this science and the latest religious revelations are separated from each other for more than 5000 years. If you were to evolve from old Vedic science and adopt the latest religious teaching, the leap is worth more than 5000 years of human evolution. I am currently conducting theological updates on all articles, hence some errors may be there. All credit for increased wisdom goes to the best & brightest man who ever walked on Earth who is no other than the Greatest Blessing For Humanity & Seal of Prophets Muhammad ﷺ, and people who kindly taught me the Word of God. All glory to God Almighty.

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