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The Sun in Vedic Astrology represents our soul. It is also important for our solar system and existence in many ways. To begin with, it holds the vital energetic force which is important to hold all the other planets around its orbit. For the very same reason, it is called the King of Planets. In addition to that, its energy is vital for life on Earth – it radiates the warmth that heats up the cells and makes the atoms function.

The Sun and the Creation

Sun is the universal symbol of the God – almighty creator of the universe. Creation is also related to the 5th house and the 5th zodiac sign Leo – creativity is seen from Sun, the 5th house and its lord in a horoscope. Our own creation, unique ideas, and self-created children are also related to Sun.

General Significations


In astrology, the Sun is considered the most important luminary planet. In Vedic Astrology, it is considered a natural significator of the Soul. A strong Sun in a horoscope can bestow a radiant soul full of vigor and courage, which shines from inside to outside. The vitality of the soul also decides your level of self-confidence and courage. 

Ego and Generosity

The ego or realization of own self is an important topic related to the Sun. The Sun indicates the type of ego a person has – it can be both healthy and unhealthy. That is correct, there can be many forms of ego in a person. That is how some people are generous at the same time still having strong self-respect. On the other hand, other people can have a highly selfish personality and it indicates wounds that are deep inside of a person in a soul level – that is why a strong Sun is very important for the healthy development of Ego and generous soul. The opposite sign of Sun ruled Leo is Aquarius, which signifies humbleness – it signifies balance between ego and humbleness, which is the main lesson for souls in life. In conclusion, a strong Sun signifies a kind person with strong vitality, who will succeed in becoming humble in life.

Charisma, Royalty, and Leadership

Sun also symbolizes charisma, personality, and leadership abilities. Natural leadership abilities and a magnetic personality is a blessing of extremely strong Sun in a horoscope.

Additional significations

The Sun in Astrology signifies father, government, authority, rulers, temples, self, soul, and prana.

Professions related to Sun are politics, authority, pharmacology, and leadership.

Sun in Astronomy

  • Sun is located in the Centre of our Solar System
  • Sun revolves around the Milky Way
  • It takes 12 months for Sun to cycle through all of the zodiac signs.
  • A fiery planet hot enough to give energy to all other planets in the Solar system. 
  • It takes approximately 8 minutes for Light to travel from Sun to Earth.

Houses signified by the Sun

Details related to the Sun in Astrology

Vedic nameSurya
Own SignLeo
Mooltrikona SignLeo
Exalted inAries
Debilitated inLibra
Uttara Phalguni
Uttara Ashadha
Natural Malefic
Friendly PlanetsMoon
Neutral PlanetsMercury
Aspects Houses7th
Gains Directional Strength10th house
Duration in a Sign1 month
Duration of Mahadasha6 years
Age of Maturation22nd

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Classical Sources Used: BPHS, Saravali, Brihat Jataka, Lal Kitab, Yavan Jataka. Regarding General Observations: Please include what was and wasn't accurate in the comments. Share the article with your friends using social media buttons below.

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  • Really good summary of the radiant center of our solar system. Consider the different names of the sun from different cultures: Surya, Agni, Sol, Ra, and many more. If you understand and read about these you will get a deeper understanding about this life giver. At the end of the day, all planets must bow to the sun!


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