Sun in 4th House


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Sun in the 4th House connects with the energies of Cancer and its ruler Moon. Sun is sharing a friendly relationship with Moon which indicates various positive results of this combination.

Fourth House signifies matters related to heart, happiness (incl. domestic happiness), peace of mind, general mindset and prospects, mental health, traditional learning, masses – followers, public image – the reflection of the soul. Additionally, landed property – real-estate, conveyances – vehicles and animals such as horses. When it comes to family relations, the considered house signifies the mother. In terms of anatomy, the 4th house covers the chest, ribs, heart, breasts, and lungs.

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In addition to that, the 4th house also belongs to the Triangle of Salvation or Moksha Trikona which reflects the level of spirituality, seeing the hidden – transcendence, and potential of obtaining salvation. The considered house reflects the first phase of becoming spiritual with the help of a peaceful mindset and the supporting domestic environment.

In terms of Bhavat-Bhavam (from house to house) technique, the 4th house from the Fourth House itself is the 7th house of partnerships and marital harmony. This special connection between these two houses indicates massively increased levels of harmony in all kinds of partnerships (7th) with the help of a peaceful domestic environment and righteous mind (4th). This equally means that conjugal bliss in both marriage and partnership ventures is provided by selfless intentions. It is important to make compromises in order to maintain balance, peace, and harmony. The condition and dignity of Sun in this house gives a clue whether there are compassion and righteousness inside the hearts or not.

The blend of the significations of Sun and the fourth house promote beneficial results as the energies of Sun resonate harmoniously with the ones of the 4th house, which is represented by Cancer and its ruler Moon.

However, 4th house rules over the north direction which is the direction where the Sun loses its momentum or directional strength. Moreover, Sun in the 4th house, in other words, means being born around midnight when Sun completely loses its ability to shine brightly. This mostly indicates a delay in the delivery of results promised by Sun and its rulership in the birth chart. In severe cases, it may damage the significations of the 4th house by taking away the energy and momentum from it.

Accordingly, in order for Sun to give beneficial results in the 4th house, it should be placed in favorable sign and/or saved by a strong and well-placed 4th house lord.

The Results of Sun in 4th House

Confidence Issues

As Sun loses its motivational power and directional strength in the considered house, it indicates lower levels of self-esteem and confidence. It results in a sensitive person who gets offended quickly and takes everything to the bottom of the heart.

However, if the Sun is well placed in this house, it indicates being very kind and compassionate.


The 4th house indicates affection and protection of possessions. Sun without directional strength indicates over-protectiveness regarding the significations of the 4th house. It may result in the hoarding of family assets and properties. In addition to that, due to sensitivity caused by Sun, excessive desires of motherly affection to compromise lower levels of self-esteem and confidence.

If Sun is under severe negative influences, it indicates being bereft from motherly nurture and care (Mother is harsh or away constantly from native) which inflicts damage to the mental health and well-being of the native.


The considered placement of Sun also indicates a lack of happiness and peace in mind because of the mind being overflooded with various worrisome thoughts. It may also cause anxiety and restlessness.

Alternatively, if Sun gets support from its dispositor, the above said results are lessened giving freedom of achieving the satisfaction and peace of mind after initial struggles, that caused the anxiety in the first place.


Weakened Sun in the 4th house indicates some suffering or trouble related to the property. It indicates disputes over parental property. If Sun without directional strength is getting no beneficial influence from the chart, it indicates loss or destruction of parental assets. Otherwise, if Sun gets beneficial support from other planets in the birth chart it does not bereave one from the property but indicates hardship in obtaining personal property.

Alternatively, if Sun is well-placed in the chart, getting beneficial influence and the dispositor of Sun (4th house lord) is well-placed (in its own sign or sign of exaltation, or in Kendra and Trikona houses) it indicates being fortunate regarding real-estate and other landed property (parental, own home) – it promotes the acquisition of many properties but with a delay and initial hardship.


Sun in the fourth house casts a direct aspect on the 10th house of authority which indicates either loss or support from authoritative figures, depending on the level of support.

If Sun without directional strength is getting negative influences from the birth chart, it indicates troubles and obstacles caused by immediate bosses or other authoritative figures.

If the holistic chart allows, it promotes obtaining great status and authoritative position in life, but without the approval of masses or people from the public, they may not achieve the peak of success.

Similarly, if the Moon is very strong in the chart, it blesses with approval and recognition of masses but Sun without directional strength may limit the amount of success from it.

Alternatively, in the situation where Sun gets great support from beneficial influences from other planets and its dispositor in the birth chart, it indicates a good amount of support from authoritative figures. It indicates being liked by the boss, the government or other authoritative figures.

The support from the birth chart promotes getting a job in the government sector or similar, but without fame and recognition because the Sun has no brightness in the 4th house. Moreover, if Moon, the representative of the 4th house is strong and well-placed, it blesses with a great public image and promotes becoming famous and reputed.

Parenting Matters

Sun in the 4th house, which is represented by Moon, which signifies the Mother, indicates that Father may take over the roles of Mother. At the same time, the combination indicates the Mother figure being harsh, straightforward, and authoritative, just like Father figures. It equally indicates one’s Mother having great leadership abilities if the Sun is well placed in the given house.

When it comes to the native, this combination makes their heart very caring and compassionate which indicates that they make great and protective parents to their children.


Sun signifies the 1st house, purity of soul, and potential of becoming spiritual. Its condition in the house of Salvation, 4th house, indicates the attainment of spirituality.

Hence, if the Sun is well-placed and supported by its dispositor, it indicates the spiritual evolvement of the soul. Otherwise, it indicates struggles, mundane life lessons, which may ultimately lead to spirituality, but which may not happen during an ongoing lifetime.

Classical Interpretation

Bhrigu Sutras

In Bhrigu Sutras, it is mentioned that individuals with this combination have an increased sense of pride which will cause opposition with the members of their society.

In addition to that, such natives are emotionally sensitive and tend to respond to opposition emotionally with a hot temper.

After some struggle and delay, natives with this combination achieve luxurious lifestyle, if Sun is well-placed sign-wise.

Furthermore, if the 4th house lord is well placed or exalted, the native will be blessed with great comforts and luxurious conveyances. This effect is stronger if the 4th lord also happens to be in quadrant or trine house while being in a favorable sign.

As the 4th house signifies domestic happiness, land, property, it also indicates having the enjoyment of these matters as well.

Alternatively, the association of 4th lord with the natural malefic planet (Mars, Saturn) while being in a malefic house (3rd, 6th, 8th, 12th) bereave the native from best comforts and properties. There will be also a lack of domestic happiness.

Brihat Jataka

Individuals with this combination are always trobled with stress which takes away the peace of mind. They are troubled with dark thoughts.


With Sun in the 4th house, there will be constant distress and lack of happiness. Furthermore, it causes being bereft of a comfortable life and conveyances which is the main reason for unhappiness and restlessness.

It is also mentioned that such natives will waste their resources. Perhaps, due to being ungrateful for what they have.

As Sun is the planet of kings and authority figures, it is also stated that such natives are involved with and controlled by harsh authorities.


The presence of natural malefic planet Sun in the 4th house affects the significances adversely. As a result, there will be a lack of contentment in life due to a lack of friends and supportive connections.

Chamatkara Chintamani

People with this combination find no peace in their homeland which causes them to wander away from their birthplace.

The presence of sinful enemies cause the loss of mental peace.


In classical scripture Mansagari, there are more postive effects emphasized.

People with this combination are generous and kindhearted who are fond of socializing with friends. Such individuals will be admired by authorities for these traits.

It is also mentioned that people with this well-placed combination will enjoy conveyances, beautiful homes, and comforts in general. They are inclined to gather these articles throughout life.

It is important to note that such positive results are possible when the Sun is in good dignity in the 4th house.

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  • Very accurate description of Surya in bhava 4. The 4th house usually corresponds to the IC, or Imum Coeli. It represents a very deep and vulnerable part of the psyche. So it is well worth checking the 4th Lord, the moon, as well as any aspects to and from the sun.

  • I have this placement, weak sun, afflicted by neptune. Spot on. 1. overprotectiveness, seeking peace of mind (to the extreme); 2. wanting luxurious living but often encountering problems. 3. lack of self-confidence, no fame in public office. I can go on and on.

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