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Sun in the 7th House connects with the energies of Libra and its ruler Venus. Sun is sharing an inimical relationship with Venus which indicates some disharmony regarding this planetary position. Furthermore, as Sun is considered to be debilitated in the 7th zodiac sign Libra, its energies are misaligned with the ones of the 7th house. However, final outcomes are dependent on the dignity of the Sun in this house as well as other indicators and influences in the chart. If Sun is in good dignity, there are great outcomes indicated by this combination.

Seventh House signifies partnerships in general, romantic relationships, marriage, nature of spouse, balance, harmony, trading, negotiation, agreements, business partnerships, legal ties, public image – a reflection of one’s self (ascendant) in the society (7th house, opposite to ascendant), one’s perspective of the world, and long-distance journey (as being the opposite house to the ascendant, which signifies birthplace). Also, conveyances in faraway places or foreign lands,  family relations, life partner, or spouse. In medical astrology, the given house signifies potency, fertility, inner reproductive organs – ovaries, uterus, cervix, testicles, prostate.

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In addition to that, the 7th house also belongs to the Triangle of Desires or Kama Trikona which signifies desires and the ability to fulfill them. When it comes to the 7th house, it reflects the capabilities of establishing harmonious partnerships (both business and romantic) through which the fulfillment of desires is indicated. Well-functioning relationships are crucial for the general well-being of people in form of marital bliss and entrepreneurial success. The 7th house also indicates the desire to love and be loved. Also, desire to share life with a beloved partner. Being a natural home for Libra, which is ruled by Venus, it also signifies love for aesthetics.

In addition to that, in terms of the Bhavat-Bhavam technique, the 7th house from the Seventh House itself is the 1st house or Ascendant, which is the reflection of one’s aspirations. This special connection between these two houses shows that the nature of a relationship is a direct reflection of one’s mentality and general attitude. We attract what we become and vice versa.

Similarly, the success of a partnership venture is highly dependent on the direction, attitude, choices, dignity, and mentality. Also In romantic relationships, the love between two souls creates a special invisible bond that balances both. On a mundane level, the romantic partnership promotes the gain of strength through mutual love and support.

The blend of the significations of Sun and the 7th house promote mixed results as the energies of Sun are in minor disharmony with the ones of Libra which is ruled by the enemy of Sun, Venus. The disharmony reflects in the incompatibility between the self-centeredness of the Sun with the compromising and self-sacrificial Libra. In other words, the self-centered nature of the Sun struggles compromising its ego in order to maintain harmony in relationships and partnerships which indicates becoming either overly dominant (if Sun is strong) or dependent (if Sun is weak) on others.

Furthermore, the 7th house is a House of Decrease or Apachay Bhava, where natural malefic planets feel rather uncomfortable because of losing the strength of willpower to fight against odds there. It reflects the struggle of the fiery, hot-tempered, and aggressive planet Sun to cope and withstand the force from the opposition. It generally reflects being sensitive to the opposition by taking things too personally which causes loss of the power of initiation.

Alternatively, the dignity of the Sun in this house reflects the ability to create and maintain balance, experiencing pinnacles of life, which are major parts of becoming stronger and wiser in life.

Results of Sun in 7th House

7th House Sun in relation to Earth

Having Sun in the 7th house means being born at sunset or the fall of the Sun. The 7th house is opposite to ascendant, which is linked to sunrise.

Accordingly, the positioning of the Sun in the considered house indicates some negative effects regarding the significations of the 7th house which can be transformed into positive outcomes with a dignified Sun.

It is important to note that the positive placement of Venus (significator or marriage, harmony, partnerships, and the 7th house) and the seventh house lord plays a major role in amplifying the favorable results of Sun in the 7th house.

Additionally, the majority of results are also determined by the zodiac sign in which the Sun resides in the 7th house.

Vitality Spent For Desires

The 7th house is one of the Maraka Bhava houses which has the capacity to inflict damage. In addition to that, sunset, the fall of Sun in the 7th house indicates loss of vitality and energy of Sun which indicates being caught up in comfort zones.

Not only that the 7th house is Maraka and falling point for Sun, but also signifies desires because it belongs to the triangle of desires or Kama Trikona.

Sun is a planet of truth, religion, spirituality, and holy spirit which is fundamentally incompatible with the 7th house when it comes to spirituality.

Such individuals have a strong passion for a comfortable and worldly lifestyle which is generally detrimental for the evolution of one’s soul (Sun).

Too much emphasis and vitality exhausted on fulfilling worldly desires can drain vitality which leads to situations where there is not much left for discovering intangible values of life.

If Sun is well-placed in its favorable sign it saves from major issues caused by excessive chasing after worldly desires.

A dignified Sun generally increases the vitality of the soul a lot which means that these natives have still a lot of enthusiasm and passion left after having their worldly desires fulfilled.

Even though they drain their vitality for various comforts, they always have passion left for discovering intangible spiritual values.

Often, a dignified Sun in the 7th house indicates discovering higher wisdom, truth, and religious wisdom via different worldly experiences.

Such natives would seek worldly security first and then when they feel comfortable and settled, they turn introverted and discover their inner world and soul.

Sensitive Persona

By default, Sun being in the 7th house indicates minor loss of willpower and thus increased sensitivity.

As a result of this, these natives are prone to become arrogant which leads to the formation of irrational responses to the members of their immediate society.

Regarding opposition and criticism, they barely withstand it. When they are opposed, they become very stingy and furious.

Criticism stimulates the formation of an emotional protective layer which can make them seem arrogant while they are actually not.

This, in turn, causes becoming drawn into self-centeredness which can lead to temporary defamation and humiliation from society.

Alternatively, when the 7th house lord is well-placed in the birth chart, it indicates being balanced and having the ability to remain calm in situations where being attacked by opponents.

Furthermore, if Sun is well placed in its favorable sign (own sign Leo or sign of its exaltation Aries), it indicates having a great amount of willpower and courage to battle opposition with the help of wisdom, sharp knowledge (Sun), and negotiating skills (Libra).

Increased Sensitivity & Sensuality

Even though the increased sensitivity can be detrimental to social life, it can be surprisingly beneficial for romance.

Namely, Sun in the 7th house increases sensitivity which means that they are more receptive to various stimuli. Having their senses amplified, they become naturally very sensitive which can improve the connection with their partner.

It is important to consider the dignity of Sun in the 7th house to derive additional outcomes of increased sensuality.

A dignified Sun definitely indicates a great connection with a soul mate which makes life partnership a daily bliss.

Otherwise, an undignified Sun can increase sensitivity too much which leads to unfulfilled sensual desires. This is actually linked to ingratitude as the undignified Sun inspires to chase after desires endlessly without any feeling of sufficiency and abundance.

Possible Ego Clash Marriage

The harmonies from the considered combination indicate late marriage because of the struggle of settling down with a specific life partner. This combination also indicates frequent disputes with the members of the opposite gender

In the case of early marriage or before the maturation of Sun at 21 age, there is a high chance of obstructions in marriage.

Religious truth & wisdom to bless your life

Keep repenting and repeating secretly in mind: "God is enough for me and I bear witness that there is no other worthy of worship than the Almighty Creator alone" for the joy and abundance of God to flow in.
(Surat al-Baqarah 2:163)

Whoever makes the Hereafter (aims for piety & righteousness to attain salvation) his/her goal, Allah (english: God) makes his/her heart rich, and organizes his/her affairs, and the world comes to him/her whether it wants to or not.
(Jami` at-Tirmidhi 2465)

And God is the most merciful and loving. The God Almighty said: By My might and majesty, I will continue to forgive them, as long as they seek My forgiveness.
(Musnad Aḥmad 11237)

And God protects the faithul more than a caring Mother protects her child.
(Sahih al-Bukhari 5999)

Do not perform idolatry, impiety, disrespect for parents. Never endanger lives (saving one life is like saving whole humanity). Do not commit theft, adultery, false witness (disregard all cruel conspiracies towards innocent believers), and do not envy.
(Surat al-An’am 6:151-153)

The Messenger of God [PBUH] used to stress charity in his sermons, and prohibit mutilation. But protect truth and believers at all costs.
(Sunan an-Nasa'i 4047)

There must be no racism, sects, tribes, or gangs amongst you, and take special care of women, and increased rewards get those who educate women especially who suffer in calamities.
(The Last Sermon, Riyad as-Salihin 278)

Holy Prophet [PBUH] raised the status of and established legal rights for women which were never present before, and protected them from harassment, and stressed duty and good treatment to mother. Also, completely prohibited injustice towards girl-children (unjust people used to get rid of them for financial reasons).

(Sahih al-Bukhari 3446, Al-Adab Al-Mufrad 5, al-Baqarah 2:228)

All people are practically beleivers if they believe in one God, The Prophets (some of them: Solomon, Moses, Jesus) and The Seal of Prophets (Muhammad) peace be upon them. That is, do not be quick to judge and leave judgment to God except when there is direct threat to righteous beleivers.

All people are practically beleivers if they believe in one God, The Prophets (some of them: Solomon, Moses, Jesus) and The Seal of Prophets (Muhammad) peace be upon them. That is, do not be quick to judge and leave judgment to God except when there is direct threat to righteous beleivers.
I heard Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) as saying while pointing his hands towards the east: The turmoil would appear from this side; verily, the turmoil would appear from this side (he repeated it thrice)(Sahih Muslim 2905e).

Muhammad [PBUH] was most akin to Jesus [PBUH], who is coming back, and the best of people will be under protection of Jesus [PBUH].
(Riyad as-Salihin 1808)

Some of The Last Words of God via The Last Prophet [PBUH]

In the case of the undignified Sun in the 7th house being involved in multiple physical relationships with different people from the opposite gender (other than life partner) is indicated which causes further damage to marital harmony.

The negative effects are amplified if Sun is in its sign of enemy, debilitation, or associated with a debilitated or inimical sign by conjunction or aspect.

As a result of the undignified Sun in the given house, the native has an immature approach to pleasures which results in multiple marriages or broken marriage because of over-indulgence of sexual relations with opposite sex other than the life partner.

In this situation, the age of maturation of the planet should be considered. Sun matures at the 21st year of life, which indicates the improvement of the significations of Sun and the 7th house. By the time Sun matures, native has gained sufficient experiences that improve partnerships.

Accordingly, it is best to marry after the 21st age, as the maturity of Sun ensures more stability in romantic relationships.

Other than that, if the depositor of Sun or the lord of the 7th house is well-placed, it indicates harmony in romantic relationships after some initial struggles.

Alternatively, when Sun is well-placed and strong in its own sign Leo, it indicates (like timepiece) being blessed with (by God) marital bliss and harmony. This effect is amplified when Sun is in the sign of its exaltation, Aries.

The exaltation of Sun in the 7th house indicates a great match with the life partner. Additionally, it indicates that the life partner will be noble, intelligent, and authoritative with good status and position in life.

Appearance & Nature Of Spouse

Sun in the considered house has an influence on the appearance and general mentality of spouse or life partner of a considered individual with the given combination in their natal birth charts.

Sun in the 7th house indicates a life partner who is full of passion, enthusiasm, and eagerness to lead an active life. Their life partner also has leadership qualities which means also being very assertive.

In addition to that, it indicates that the spouse possesses physical attractiveness, charm, and magnetism, especially when Sun is exalted or in a friendly (or neutral) sign.

Sun signifies self-awareness and its placement in the 7th house, where it falls or sets, can bring out difficult characteristics of the spouse.

That is to say, the 7th house Sun indicates the selfish and egoistic personality of the spouse, especially when Sun is ill-placed in the sign of its enemy, bitter enemy, or debilitation.

In addition to that, Sun in the 7th house gives a hot-tempered, impatient, and independent nature to the spouse.

Long Distance Travel

The considered placement indicates being passionate about long-distance traveling for the discovery of beautiful places. That is because Sun is an adventurous planet while the 7th house denotes distant areas from the birthplace.

This is another desire related to the 7th house the fulfillment of which depends on the condition of Sun in the 7th house and the dignity and placement of the 7th house lord.

Hence, when the Sun and its guide is well placed, it indicates many opportunities to travel and enjoy the bliss of discovering beautiful places and landscapes.

A dignified Sun in the 7th house along with a powerful 7th lord also indicates lots of entrepreneurial advantages and profits.

Business & Partnerships

The 7th house is Bhavat-Bhavam to the 10th house which makes partnerships an important supportive factor for increasing social status, rank, and professional success in general.

Hence, it is important to have Sun dignified in the given house which can lead to establishing harmonious relations with business partners which leads to long-lasting cooperation.

The latter is important for overall entrepreneurial or professional success. With dignified Sun in the 7th house, these natives are very passionate and active in professional or entrepreneurial life.

As the 7th house has the capacity to inflict damage and decrease, these natives spend lots of their health, resources, and vitality for the sake of their ventures. They are willing to spend health for increased social recognition and status.

If the Sun is well placed in the 7th house, it indicates great entrepreneurial and trading abilities which promotes becoming successful after launching the enterprise. They regain their lost resources, health, and vitality as soon as they become prosperous.

On the contrary, fallen or undignified Sun in the 7th house indicates obstructions and failures in entrepreneurial pursuits as well as disputes with authoritative figures.

That is because undignified Sun causes an immature approach to common property. That is to say, natives with undignified Sun are prone to become selfish which can cause loss of ability to share fairly. Also, it indicates struggles in finding compromises which leads to broken business relations.

Unethical behavior significantly increases the cost of doing business

Frank Sonnenberg

Classical Interpretation

Bhrigu Sutras

According to Bhrigu Sutram, individuals with this combination have their marriage postponed for a variety of reasons caused by the influence of a natural malefic planet Sun upon the 7th house.

The effect of dynamic, dominant, and powerful Sun in the house of sensual pleasures increases their desire for sensuality and intimacy. Hence, this combination indicates that such natives are inclined towards having physical relations with multiple partners, even if they are in a relationship.

It is also mentioned that their dominant nature causes issues with the opposite gender in relationships. That is, such natives always prioritize themselves over their partners in the first place. As a result, they are unable to make compromises in a partnership which causes some issues.

The negative effects become much worse and lead to disasters when Sun is debilitated in the given house.

However, if Sun is in good dignity, that is, placed in its own, friendly, or exaltation sign, it neutralizes the malefic effects of this given combination.

Despite being dominant, their compassionate and fair character enables them to find compromises. They are also able to satisfy the basic needs of their partner by prioritizing their well-being with a well-placed, strong, charismatic, and radiant Sun.


In this classical scripture, it is stated that these individuals are likely to oppose the interests of society, law, rules, and regulations.

This is the primary outcome of selfish and negative pride Sun in this house causes. Such natives also become uncertain about their motives which makes them wander aimlessly.

It is also mentioned that their character steals the satisfaction in the relationship and causes them to be devoid of happiness from their spouse.

Brihat Jataka

In this classical source, it is mentioned that such natives experience embarrassment from the opposite gender because of an overly proud and selfish nature.

This effect is provided when Sun is in bad dignity in the given house which makes the native unjust, unfair, and overly desirous. This, in turn, leads them to the commitment of immoral and selfish deeds which attracts opposition from society, partners, and the opposite gender.


In this classical source, it is also mentioned that such natives are opposed by society and the opposite gender because of their immoral deeds and greedy nature.

Chamatkara Chintamani

According to this classical source, this combination affects the spouse of the native adversely. Moreover, this position causes unhappiness regarding own body, because of the aspect of the Sun upon the 1st house which signifies self and body.

There is also mentioned that this combination influences entrepreneurship negatively as well. It is because the 7th is about trading, market places, and thus entrepreneurship.

The malefic effect of Sun upon this house causes disharmony with business partners because of lacking fairness and compassion that makes them unable to find mutual compromises. This causes mental stress and anxiety.

It is always important to remember that the malefic effects are reduced if the Sun is in good dignity. It is self-explanatory that a planet in good dignity reflects a dignified personality that saves from bad effects that Sun may cause in this house.

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Classical Sources Used: BPHS, Saravali, Brihat Jataka, Lal Kitab, Yavan Jataka. References to The Last Word of God are included not to mix Sunnah Kitab or Quran with worldly science, but to offer the best cure for worldly issues. Always know that this science and the latest religious revelations are separated from each other for more than 5000 years. If you were to evolve from old Vedic science and adopt the latest religious teaching, the leap is worth more than 5000 years of human evolution. I am currently conducting theological updates on all articles, hence some errors may be there. All credit for increased wisdom goes to the best & brightest man who ever walked on Earth who is no other than the Greatest Blessing For Humanity & Seal of Prophets Muhammad ﷺ, and people who kindly taught me the Word of God. All glory to God Almighty.

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