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What does Sun in Taurus mean? It means that the kingly, authoritative, radiant, brilliant, self-centered, warmhearted, powerful, dominant, enterprising fire planet Sun is combined with stable, persistent, down-to-earth, realistic, reliable, generous, loving, fixed earth sign Taurus.

This is generally a difficult and unfavorable position for Sun as sharing inimical relationship with Venus, ruler of Taurus zodiac sign.

As a result of this enmity, such natives are also stubborn, inflexible, jealous, resentful, possessive, inflexible, and lazy.

As Venus becomes the guiding planet to Sun in this sign, the dignity and strength of Venus play a major role in determining the deeper outcomes of this combination. If Venus cancels the enmity, it mitigates negative effects and produces more positive results.

With that being said, Venus neutralizes the enmity with Sun, if it (Venus) is placed in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th and 12th sign from Sun in the natal birth chart.

In addition to that, Sun in Taurus is in 10th from its own sign Leo, which adds auspiciousness to this combination. Herein, the 10th signifies midheaven or the highest achievements, karma or duty, main activities in life, social rank, and status.

By default, there are hardships experienced regarding the 10th disposition significances. If Venus is in good dignity or cancels enmity, this combination extracts great results from the 10th house significances.

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Fond of Melodies

They are fond of beautiful sounds, notes, and music. This interest is reflected by the significances of Venus, which includes the beauty of melody and sounds. It also makes them interested in singing and handling musical instruments, by trading or playing them.

Besides playing the instruments, these people can be very talented in singing, depending on the overall horoscope. Most of the time, they just stick to enjoying beautiful melodies rather than composing them.

Suppressed Voice

Taurus, as the 2nd also denotes speech, which makes their speech rather suppressed due to blocked throat chakra caused by the inimical position of Sun.

However, if Venus, the guiding planet to Sun in this sign is strong, well placed, and cancels enmity, it confers a very powerful and affluent style of speech to the native.

Moreover, the voice becomes very radiant with brilliant intonation which reflects generosity and love, as Venus, the planet of beauty guides.

Wealth Accumulations

The zodiac sign Taurus represents the second zodiac sign which signifies wealth and possessions while Sun is the planet of vital energy.

Hence, Sun in Taurus concentrates its energies on accumulating and maintaining resources.

They are naturally inclined to accumulate various precious assets and valuables.

They are equally oriented to grow and maintain their families, which is another most important asset in their lives. That is because the 2nd zodiac sign also represents the family.

However, the positioning of the Sun in the sign of its enemy causes various financial struggles. Because of the lack of valuables during significant periods in their life, they become too protective regarding their assets.

In order to avoid another financial crisis, they develop the habit of accumulating more than spending. This trait or weakness, in turn, causes various issues in family life as well mainly due to financial matters.

However, if Venus is dignified, the native is saved from great financial losses and struggles. That is because Venus is the planet of luxury and when it is strong, it also supports these natives by blessing them with ample resources for luxuries. As a result, they rarely feel a lack of comforts in life.


As Sun is in inimical sign, it indicates being too attached to wealth which may lead to the hoarding of wealth, which is considered very unhealthy. While it does not cause damage or losses to wealth, it causes the suffering and deficiency of other matters caused by the hoarding of assets.

For instance, they are hesitant regarding expenses and rather refrain from buying necessary items of comforts for themselves. This causes them to feel neglected or miserable as sacrificing comforts for financial stability.

This may also lead to damage to self-confidence and well-being. In extreme cases, it may also decrease health, when Venus is weak, as the native holds back in expenses of nutrition. Nutrition is also the significance of the 2nd house, which is natural house Taurus.

The excessive attachment to wealth can also cause damage to social life as these natives are tightwads which reflect that they are not easily willing to spend on friends.

When Venus is strong and well placed, it balances out the Sun which indicates that they are able to find a good sweet spot between expenditure and saving.

As a result, they manage to save a considerable amount of wealth while allowing themselves beautiful dresses, fine food, pleasant company, and luxurious conveyances.

Most importantly, Venus as the planet of luxury blesses them with sufficient comforts which makes them feel financially secured and gives relief to anxiety that is caused by financial concerns.


Classics also state that Taurus Sun natives disrespect base people who are immoral and behave in an unintelligent way.

This trait is given by Venus, which signifies harmony, balance, diplomatic behavior, and beauty.

In fact, this trait is capable of making these natives a bit snobby, making them prefer only intelligent and glamorous people around.

With that being said, they are usually very intelligent and well behaved until provoked negatively.

Their way of expression can become impure and harsh when they are provoked.

Luxurious & Hedonistic

According to classic scriptures, the positioning of Sun in Taurus indicates admiration of various clothing styles, perfumes, luxurious dishes, and drinks.

In addition to that, these natives are fond of possessing a lot of previously mentioned luxurious articles.

Sun in a sign ruled by Venus makes a person beautiful and bestows them a luxurious lifestyle.

People with Sun in Taurus in their horoscopes are fond of perfume, stylish clothes, and beauty. It also means that they love to take care of their appearance.

Taurus is a sign that loves the luxurious lifestyle and it may cause some financial difficulties at some part of life due to the excessive expenditure of wealth. This is another effect of the Sun being in a sign of its enemy.

However, if Venus is well placed and neutralizes the enmity, it indicates that these natives are blessed to always have the necessary resources for a comfortable and lavish lifestyle.

Such natives are ultimate pleasure-seekers and take the most out of what life has to offer.

Charming & Attractive

People with this combination also have a charming personality and an attractive body.

This effect is provided by the fact that Venus signifies beauty and Sun signifies the general personality and constitution of the body.

The 2nd zodiac sign Taurus of Vedic astrology is also associated with the face, hence Sun bestows special facial charm and beauty. Sun makes their faces glow and shine.

However, as from the enmity of Sun with Venus, they are very inflexible and shy at the same time.

Alternatively, if Venus is dignified, it indicates being socially very outgoing and pleasant. As a result, their shyness fades away when they get comfortable with people.


Sun is the ruler of Leo, which is a fixed sign just like Taurus. When Sun is in Taurus in a birth chart, it makes an extremely fixed person.

They are determined on their goal and nothing seems to change their path. Thanks to this perfect determination, they are able to fulfill their goals effectively.

Native with this combination is very straightforward, determined, and persistent. The fixed nature of Taurus makes a person stick to the action plan until success is achieved.

Taurus is also the generic symbol of wealth, which indicates being fortunate regarding materialistic aspects.


Sun signifies our soul and vitality of it. The positioning of the Sun in the fixed earth sign indicates a very stable, down-to-earth soul according to sidereal Vedic astrology.

A fixed disposition also helps them to become extremely patient and persistent. They have the capacity to become very wealthy and prosperous despite initial financial struggles which make them wiser.

With the combination of the fixed mode and the stable earth sign, they are very persistent and determined. They stick with whatever they start and remain loyal to their decisions.

Also, they can get enraged like the bull when they are irritated but can be easily be comforted by pleasant music and any other comfortable or luxurious activity.

High Achievers & Socially Ranked

Speaking of persistence and determination, they are capable of reaching high positions and achieving great achievements in life. That is because of the fact that Sun forms the 10th disposition from its own sign.

Herein the 10th is all about achievements, social status, rank, and honor. However, as Sun is damaged by being in the sign of its enemy, it indicates various struggles in attaining the desired heights and position in life.

The struggles manifest mainly in the form of disapproval from others because of the overly stubborn and know-it-all attitude of these natives.

Because of a lack of support from others, they must struggle harder to attain their goals because of being prompted to walk the path towards achievements alone.

Alternatively, if Venus is dignified or cancels the enmity with Sun, it indicates relief to negative effects which also smoothens the personality to a great extent.

Namely, when Venus, the guide of Sun, is dignified, it also neutralizes the negative character traits that are initially created due to enmity.

This set of combinations makes them very pleasant, delightful, radiant, and brilliant which enables them to shine in public and achieve a great reputation.

In fact, this combination carries huge potential to make these natives high achievers and socially reputed. That is because the 10th disposition signifies high achievements, spotlight, and social status while Sun signifies similar matters including fame, honor, dignity, and spotlight.

In addition to that, Venus is indirectly linked to society because of ruling the 7th zodiac sign Libra. Hence, the dignity of Venus is not only important to neutralize enmity with the sun, but also to provide necessary justice-loving traits that are required to become socially reputed.

Hence, if only Venus is dignified and cancels enmity at the same time, it propels the native into a bright future. Venus endows them with pleasant and charming personality traits which makes them attractive to society. It is self-explanatory that it also enhances Sun as it loves being in the spotlight.

As Venus suggests, they are capable of shining and achieving great heights in the areas that are connected with beauty, design, justice, wealth, comforts, luxuries, etc.


Not only that they are shiny from the soul and appearance, but also very responsible, reliable, and dutiful as the 10th disposition suggests.

With that being said, they are very concerned about their karmic duties and fulfill them with dignity and honor, even if it doesn’t confer much status and wealth.

However, if Venus is very strong, well placed, and cancels the enmity, it indicates that they are able to reach great heights in life with their radiant, sweet, loving, and generous character combined with their hard-working, persistent, stable, and dutiful nature.

On the contrary, if an undignified Venus misguides afflicted Sun in Taurus, it indicates using immoral, unethical, or socially unacceptable tactics in an attempt to fulfill responsibilities. That is because a weak Venus as the planet of social justice makes them apathetic regarding societal rules.

Artistic Talent

Sun provides intelligence as being the natural ruler of 5th (intelligence) zodiac sign Leo while Venus is related to arts such as acting, singing, and architecture.

When these energies meet, it produces great artistic talent that makes them perform exceptionally well in professions or activities that are related to Venus, such as arts, design, fashion, architecture, dancing, food, singing, music, etc.

Love marriage

Love marriage is most likely promised for Sun in Taurus natives, as Venus is the planet of marriage and Leo (ruled by Sun) is the sign of love and romance.

They are also fond of receiving a lot of gifts from their partner. If Venus is strong, they are fond of giving many beautiful and meaningful gifts to their partners.

However, there are also some negativities regarding this as Sun holds enmity with Venus, the ruler of Taurus. As a result, they can become attached to their partners and easily vulnerable.

This vulnerability, in turn, promotes becoming jealous, mad, and enraged more easily than usual. Regarding gifts, they can become too selfish and prone to give less and receive more.

These negative traits can damage the peace and harmony of marriage to a great extent, if not controlled.

Sun in Taurus can also cause ego struggles between a loving couple in a marriage. As Sun is afflicted, it also creates self-confidence issues in relationships that cause jealousy.

However, a dignified or well-placed Venus is capable of diminishing these negative results. That is because Venus is the planet of justice and when dignified, it also guides Sun out of trouble with the wisdom of fairness.

That is to say, Venus can save Sun from giving an unfair or overly jealous nature. As a result of this, they actually become fond of giving more than receiving.

Moreover, as Taurus is a very loving and hedonistic sign, they are fond of pampering their partners with sweetness, affection, love, and care in abundance.

Despite being excessively possessive, they are extremely loving and caring. There is always a high price for something very sweet. This is the effect of a fiery passionate planet Sun meeting a loving sign Taurus.

They are also fond of beautiful partners. An attractive life partner is also assured to them with this combination if Venus, the guide of Sun, is well placed and strong.

Increased Ego

Additionally, Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus which is considered as the enemy of Sun in Vedic Astrology. As a result, some of the significations of Sun get decreased.

As Sun is the planet for self-awareness or ego, it is damaged by default. As a result, this combination increases the ego of the native by making it vulnerable.

Weak ego, in turn, give issues regarding self-confidence and decrease motivation or will-power.

However, with a dignified Venus, ruler of Sun, these negative effects are relieved. To be specific, a strong Venus as the planet of harmony can make these natives extremely peaceful.

As a result, the effects of inflexible ego are barely noticed or even not present at all.

When they are peaceful and harmonious, the last thing what these natives want is to ruin the balance in their society.


Another disadvantage of Taurus Sun people is the lack of flexibility and being overly stubborn in all spheres of life. Excessive stubbornness also makes them quarrelsome and prone to initiate many litigations.

The inflexibility and stubbornness are provided by the fixed modality and earth element of the Taurus zodiac sign. The fixed modality makes them very persistent and resistant to change the traits of which are further amplified by the earth element, which makes them stable and unshakably loyal to their decisions.

As they are stubborn, they always face obstacles and battle opponents in a fierce way, as Sun is the fiery planet. No one can change their minds when they have decided something.

This trait, on the other hand, can sometimes be a great boon to these natives. To be specific, their stubbornness combined with their determination helps them to achieve their goals slowly but surely.

However, practicing being more flexible is strongly advised for Taurus Sun natives as it attracts social support which is helpful in achieving goals and fulfilling karmic duties.

Alternatively, if Venus (ruler of Libra, the balance) is strong and dignified, it endows these natives with a very balanced mentality. This enables them to become compassionate and consider the needs of others as well.

When they are more compassionate, they allow themselves to be occasionally flexible, when conditions require. As a result, they attract social support for their charming yet extremely determined personality.

In addition to that when Sun is in Taurus while Venus being dignified at the same time, these natives become unshakable loyal to balance, harmony, and justice and are determined to protect the truth and righteousness at any cost.

A dignified Venus gives them good judgmental abilities which means that their determination and stubbornness are always justified. They are also humble enough to explain it to the members of society that their persistence is motivated by unshakable respect towards justice.

This sheds a very positive light on their stubbornness. As a result, their inflexibility and stubbornness become proven, romanticized, and approved by others.


Taurus is related to the deity Aryaman, who is inherently intelligent and ensures family lineage. He provides marital bliss and protects family values.

Dispositor Venus

As Venus is the guiding planet to Sun in this sign, it is capable of directing the energies of Sun effectively and producing more positive results regarding this combination.

If Venus neutralizes the enmity of Sun, that is, it is in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, and 12th from Taurus, it mitigates the negative effects that are mentioned throughout the scripture and promotes positive outcomes.

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What if venus is sitting with sun in eleventh house in taurus?
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