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What does Sun in Taurus mean? It means that the kingly, authoritative, radiant, brilliant, self-centered, warmhearted, powerful, dominant, enterprising fire planet Sun is combined with the stable, persistent, down-to-earth, realistic, reliable, generous, loving, fixed earth sign Taurus.

This is generally a difficult position for Sun as sharing an inimical relationship with Venus, ruler of the Taurus zodiac sign.

As a result of this enmity, such natives are also stubborn, inflexible, jealous, resentful, possessive, inflexible, and lazy.

As Venus becomes the guiding planet to Sun in this sign, the dignity and strength of Venus play a major role in determining the deeper outcomes of this combination. If Venus cancels the enmity, it mitigates negative effects and produces more positive results.

With that being said, Venus neutralizes the enmity with Sun, if it (Venus) is placed in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, and 12th sign from the Sun in the natal birth chart.

In addition to that, Sun in Taurus is in 10th from its own sign Leo, which adds auspiciousness to this combination. Herein, the 10th signifies midheaven or the highest achievements, karma or duty, main activities in life, social rank, and status.

By default, there are hardships experienced regarding the 10th disposition significance. If Venus is in good dignity or cancels enmity, this combination extracts great results from the 10th house significances.

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Results of Sun in Taurus

According to Saravali, planets in inimical signs do not lose all of their power and ability to provide auspicious results even if enmity is not diminished. Hence, undignified planets still allow the formation of positive outcomes.

This means that Taurus Sun reflects various positive effects, results, and outcomes regarding its natural significations and the energies of the 10th disposition.

By default, approximately 25% of the total results are positive with undignified planets. When the enmity is neutralized, the positive effects predominate the negative ones.

Furthermore, if also the guide of the Sun, which is Venus, in this case, is in good dignity, mostly positive effects are reflected.


Sun is the ruler of Leo, which is a fixed sign just like Taurus. Accordingly, in terms of sign modality, Sun matches the fixed energies of Taurus well.

With Sun endowing its vital energy and putting a spotlight on fixed modality, natives with this combination become extremely determined and loyal to their decisions.

They are determined on their goal and nothing seems to change their path. The amplified fixed modality of Taurus makes these natives stiff like a cliff.

Because of this stiff and strong power of determination, they are able to fulfill their goals effectively by passing through all obstacles that are presented in their path.

Their determination is not only good for their goals, but also for their souls making them go beyond their abilities and skills. Whenever they feel exhausted, they still keep going and constantly push their vitality from one level to another.

Powerful & Persistent

According to classical source Saravali, Taurus Sun individuals have lots of strength to endure various difficulties. Another source Yavan Jataka states that they are very powerful and have lots of strength.

Their power and strength come mainly from the fixed modality of Taurus where the Sun empowers it with its natural significance such as strength, vitality, and fiery force.

The undignified Sun in this sign, however, causes suffering because of various difficulties and adversities making obtaining their strength and value very hard through lots of trials.

The 10th disposition (signifies action) requires these natives to put in an immense amount of effort to endure the adversities presented in their life paths.

When combining the energies of 10th disposition and fixed modality, these natives become endowed with the necessary strength to overcome the difficulties successfully.

As Taurus represents the earth element, Sun in this sign indicates a very stable, practical, and down-to-earth response to these adversities.

The fact that Taurus is governed by sweet and diplomatic Venus increases the politeness in these natives even during the harshest times.

A fixed disposition also helps them to become extremely patient and persistent after gaining experience from the opposition.

Speaking of which, when Venus is also dignified and cancels the enmity, it makes these natives very diplomatic which helps them to tackle issues more effectively.

High Achievers & Socially Ranked

Speaking of persistence and determination, they are capable of reaching high positions and achieving great achievements in life. That is because of the support from the energies of the 10th disposition formed by the Sun from its own sign.

Herein the 10th is all about achievements, social status, rank, and honor. As a matter of fact, Sun also receives directional strength in the 10th astrological house making its presence of it in the 10th sign from Leo very auspicious.

Sun in Taurus does not increase planetary strength by default but it gives similar energies to the 10th house Sun making these natives very hard working and action-oriented.

However, as Sun is damaged by being in the sign of its enemy, it indicates various struggles in attaining the desired heights and position in life.

The damage to the 10th disposition indicates a lack of social support in form of increased opposition.

More specifically, Taurus Sun individuals are very stubborn and determined to the extent that they often fail to understand the expectation of other people. This often leads to increased difficulties and opposition.

Because of a lack of support from others, they must struggle harder to attain their goals because of being prompted to walk the lonely path toward achievements. The path may be lonely but they are never alone as there are always plenty of like-minded people to reach a helping hand to them.

Speaking of which, the help comes from high authority figures as the 10th disposition and Sun mutually signify.

If Venus is dignified or cancels the enmity with Sun, it indicates quick relief of negative effects making it easier to overcome social disapproval.

Oftentimes, in such cases, they do not have to take action in order to have their situation improved. Their diplomatic, harmonious, and socially acceptable ideologies simply attract support from places they need in the divine right timing.

This set of combinations makes them very pleasant, delightful, radiant, and brilliant which enables them to shine in public and achieve a great reputation.

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Some of The Last Words of God via The Last Prophet [PBUH]

In fact, Taurus Sun with neutralized enmity carries great potential to make these natives high achievers and socially reputed.

That is again because the 10th disposition signifies high achievements, spotlight, and social status while Sun signifies similar matters including fame, honor, dignity, and spotlight.

In addition to that, Venus is indirectly linked to society because of ruling the 7th zodiac sign Libra. Hence, the dignity of Venus is not only important to neutralize enmity with the sun, but also to provide necessary justice-loving traits that are required to become socially reputed.

Hence, if only Venus is dignified and cancels enmity at the same time, it propels the native into a bright future through difficulties.

Venus endows them with pleasant and charming personality traits which makes them attractive to society. It is self-explanatory that it also enhances Sun as it loves being in the spotlight.

Dutiful & Responsible

The 10th disposition of the Taurus Sun from its own sign also signifies karma, duties, and responsibilities.

Sun, at the same time, signifies enthusiasm, spirituality, and the natural urge to fulfill karma or duties. Hence, even though this combination is difficult, it makes these natives naturally dutiful and responsible.

A damaged Sun in the sign of its enemy Venus indicates increased responsibilities which makes it harder for these natives to fulfill their karmic duties. Again, they have the necessary persistence and strength to cope with the increased workload.

The increased workload is said to make them lean from malnutrition combined with increased work as per classical source Saravali. The increased desire and ability to work extra hours, in turn, increase their bodily strength.

With that being said, they are very concerned about their karmic duties and fulfill them with dignity and honor, even if it requires bringing sacrifices.

If Venus is dignified, strong, and cancels the enmity, it indicates that they are able to reach great heights in life with their radiant, sweet, loving, and generous character combined with their hard-working, persistent, stable, and dutiful nature.

On the contrary, if an undignified Venus misguides the afflicted Sun in Taurus, it indicates using immoral, unethical, or socially unacceptable tactics in an attempt to fulfill responsibilities leading to an exponential expansion of the duties. That is because a weak Venus as the planet of social justice makes them apathetic regarding societal rules.

Wealth Accumulations

In Saravali is also mentioned that Taurus Sun individuals are fortunate regarding wealth gains and enjoyment of luxurious life.

Taurus is the 2nd zodiac sign which represents the energies of the 2nd astrological house. The latter signifies wealth and valuables of all kinds.

With Sun shedding its light on the 2nd zodiac sign Taurus, these natives become especially concerned about their financial condition because of their natural desire to lead a comfortable and enjoyable life. Hence, they concentrate their energies on accumulating and maintaining resources.

They are naturally inclined to accumulate various precious assets and valuables to strengthen their financial security.

In addition to that, they are family-oriented. They have a desire to grow and maintain their families, which is also a very important asset in their lives. That is because the 2nd zodiac sign also represents the family.

However, the positioning of the Sun as the sign of its enemy causes various financial struggles. Because of the lack of valuables during significant periods in their life, they become too protective regarding their assets.

In order to avoid another financial crisis, they develop the habit of accumulating more than spending.

However, if Venus is dignified, these natives are saved from great financial losses and struggles. That is because Venus is the planet of luxury and when it is strong, it also supports these natives by blessing them with ample resources for luxuries. As a result, they rarely feel a lack of comfort in life.


Speaking of which, according to Saravali these individuals enjoy the beauty that life has to offer in any form. That is to say, they are fond of beautiful ornaments, clothes, conveyances, and fine dining.

They are also said to value the natural beauty of the opposite gender. The classical source includes that they dislike barren or thin women (or members of the opposite gender).

They are fond of beautiful sounds, notes, and music. This interest is reflected by the significance of Venus, which includes the beauty of melody and sounds. It also makes them interested in singing and handling musical instruments, by trading or playing them.

Besides playing the instruments, these people can be very talented in singing, depending on the overall horoscope. Most of the time, they just stick to enjoying beautiful melodies rather than composing them.

Wise & Charming

The classical source Saravali also states that Taurus Sun individuals are attractive or fortunate regarding looks.

That is the direct effect of the Sun bringing the spotlight on the matters of Venus, such as beauty and attraction.

The 2nd zodiac sign Taurus of Vedic astrology is also associated with the face, hence Sun bestows special facial charm and beauty. Sun makes their faces glow and shine.

Besides this, there is mentioned that these natives are wise and follow etiquette. They act in a very polite and refined manner.

However, as of the enmity of the Sun with Venus, they are very inflexible and shy at the same time. The shyness actually makes them sound sweeter and complements their politeness along with good manners.

Alternatively, if Venus is dignified, it indicates being socially very outgoing and pleasant. As a result, their shyness fades away when they get comfortable with people.

Love Arts & Music

In the classical source, Saravali it is mentioned that Taurus Sun individuals are fond of singing and playing musical instruments which reveals their fondness for musical arts.

There is also mentioned that they are skilled in arts in general which means that it is not necessarily related to music.

Sun provides intelligence as being the natural ruler of the 5th (intelligence) zodiac sign Leo while Venus is related to arts such as acting, singing, and architecture.

When these energies meet, it produces great artistic talent that makes them perform exceptionally well in professions or activities that are related to Venus, such as arts, design, fashion, architecture, dancing, food, singing, music, etc.

If they are not directly active in these industries, they manage to integrate artistic matters or values into their primary work.


As Sun is undignified in the sign of its enemy, certain afflictions are present regarding its significances. Hence, it is important to acknowledge the possible negative outcomes to avoid them.

Concentrate On Self-Realization

Sun is all about self-awareness or ego which might be very sensitive in the sign of Taurus, which is governed by the natural benefic planet Venus.

Because of that, Sun in this sign indicates having a hypersensitive soul which leads to increased expectations.

As a result of that, these individuals can become disappointed easily and their self-awareness can become hurt quickly.

This little thing can lead to major difficulties, such as the inability to notice flaws in oneself. Sometimes they deliberately choose the faulty behavior or attitude because they are too shy/stubborn to turn around or admit something.

As Venus along with the 10th disposition relates to society and public life, damaged Sun indicates becoming alienated from society/friends or having other temporary trouble with society.

This can further lead to major misunderstandings between these natives and their friends. These misunderstandings cause conflicts that further alienate Taurus Sun natives from specific groups.

Being easily hurt, they often choose to refuse social help even when there are tons of people ready to help them. They keep shying away, refusing, and maintaining their know-it-all attitude. These natives must learn to accept help and that people are actually codependent.

It also means that these individuals long for independence because they know that they are easily hurt by the opinions of the people related to Taurus and Venus. That is, they are easily influenced by beauty matters, wealth, life-partner, and family members.

To overcome or avoid the above-mentioned issues from arising, it is important to become self-aware. That is to say, these natives must look inside and seek their values, strengths, and talents. They must also find suitable output where they can harness their natural values and abilities.

Self-realization is the best remedy for a sensitive ego as it makes us feel worthy and useful to society.

Working hard and achieving great social status also increases their self-awareness and strengthens their ego.

That is because through their hard work, dedication, and fulfilled responsibilities they receive honor and recognition which definitely amplifies their confidence a lot.

Overcoming issues caused by sensitive ego is easy with a dignified Venus, ruler of the Sun. To be specific, a strong Venus as the planet of harmony can make these natives extremely peaceful. As a result, the effects of inflexible ego are barely noticed or even not present at all.

When they are peaceful and harmonious from the soul, the last thing what these natives want is to ruin the balance in their society.

Avoid Being Too Stubborn & Offensive

Another disadvantage of Taurus Sun people is the lack of flexibility and being overly stubborn in all spheres of life. Excessive stubbornness also makes them quarrelsome and prone to initiate many litigations. They can be also very stingy and sarcastic with their words which attract resentful people around leading to unnecessary issues.

The inflexibility and stubbornness are provided by the fixed modality and earth element of the Taurus zodiac sign. The fixed modality makes them very persistent and resistant to change the traits of which are further amplified by the earth element, which makes them stable and unshakably loyal to their decisions.

As they are stubborn, they always face obstacles and battle opponents in a fierce way, as Sun is the fiery planet. No one can change their minds when they have decided something.

This trait, on the other hand, can sometimes be a great boon to these natives. To be specific, their stubbornness combined with their determination helps them to achieve their goals slowly but surely.

However, practicing being more flexible is strongly advised for Taurus Sun natives as it attracts social support which is helpful in achieving goals and fulfilling karmic duties.

Alternatively, if Venus (ruler of Libra, the balance) is strong and dignified, it endows these natives with a very balanced mentality. This enables them to become compassionate and consider the needs of others as well.

When they are more compassionate, they allow themselves to be occasionally flexible, when conditions require. As a result, they attract social support for their charming yet extremely determined personality.

In addition to that when Sun is in Taurus while Venus is dignified at the same time, these natives become unshakable loyal to balance, harmony, and justice and are determined to protect the truth and righteousness at any cost.

A dignified Venus gives them good judgmental abilities which means that their determination and stubbornness are always justified. They are also humble enough to explain to the members of society that their persistence is motivated by unshakable respect towards justice.

This sheds a very positive light on their stubbornness. As a result, their inflexibility and stubbornness become proven, romanticized, and approved by others.

Main Significator

Taurus is related to Aryaman, who is inherently intelligent and ensures family lineage. He provides marital bliss and protects family values.

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  • What if venus is sitting with sun in eleventh house in taurus?
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  • What if Venus is in next house to Sun in Taurus ( Sun 26 Taurus ie pada 1 of Mrigashira and Venus is pada 4 Mrigashira in Gemini) but is retrograde. Not sure if combust too. Mercury is placed in same house with Venus but in Punarvasu, Here Venus is seventh house lord in eighth house. Any remedies you can suggest for this placement

    • In this case, the enmity of the Sun becomes nullified and dignity is improved. Overall, Sun becomes neutral and circumstances (in its Mahadasha) lead to the effects mentioned in the Gemini Venus article. You can read the articles and seek possible negative effects to prepare and avoid them from manifesting.

      The only best remedy is to surrender to God which helps to break free from the grip of planets and materialistic desires. You can rest assured that God will take care of everything when you do so.

  • Thanks for the wonderful article.
    I was searching for “Sun in Taurus” and stumbled this blog.
    I have Sun in Taurus (Leo Ascendant) with Venus (1st) and Mercury (3rd) on either
    Surprisingly I am running Mercury Maha dasa with Venus Antardasa.
    Can you please check how will be this sub period be (till 2024) be?
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