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Taurus is the fixed Earth sign which makes them patient, stubborn, decisive and possessive. The planetary ruler is Venus, which makes them beauty-oriented, lover of comforts, loyal, sensual and possessive. We can clearly see that in order for Taurus Ascendant natives to feel secured, they first need to establish a strong material foundation in order to proceed peacefully and without much stress. They usually prefer to take slow and calculated steps to reach their top of the mountain – success may be slow but it will be steady and promising.

Even though they are extremely patient, that may result in extreme outbursts when they are disturbed to the limit. They are also known for their extreme loyalty, which on the other hand creates jealousy and obsessiveness. Taureans will bestow all their near and dear ones with comforts, as much as they would spoil themselves with the same. As Taurus is an Earth sign, they can be sometimes in fact, quite emotionally distant.

As Venus represents beauty at its finest, they will emphasize their dressing style a lot, especially females. They have a great taste for art and styling, they are the ones who will be spending a lot of time designing their interior space with the latest tastes and trends. If Venus is unafflicted, they have the most beautiful appearance with a perfect face.

As Taurus is a fixed sign, it has a lot of stubborn nature built in him. That is why it is almost impossible to change the minds of Taurus Ascendant people, as they stick to their goal with fixed loyalty. They also do not like rushing or taking decisions too fast. They are the most reliable partners according to the fixed and stable nature.

The Mentality of Taurus Ascendant

“Slow and steady up we reach the mountains. We do not like any poorly analyzed decisions made in a rush. We are loyal, trustworthy and expect the same in return – we move mountains for loyal people, and drop them on disloyal and false people. Similar to Aries, we like to do it our way.” ~ Taurus


Well developed curves with beautiful face and emphasized dress code – all which is signified by Venus including short to medium height.


As mentioned above, they are very loyal and loving who like to bestow comforts for their loved ones. The best fit partner would possibly be a Scorpio dominant person, who can see deep into the Taurus Ascendant heart and stimulate inner growth besides material.

PLANETS AND LORDSHIPS – general significations


Sun as 4th Kendra lord indicates that the shiniest and secure place for Taureans is their own castle. The well being of their home environment is the root of their happiness. As Sun is a natural fiery malefic planet owning a watery 4th house, it indicates that it is so hard to satisfy Taureans but if Sun is strong and in good shape, they will achieve their comforts regarding home environments and matters related to Sun in general including the desired job position. Strong Sun in own 4th house for Taurus ascendants indicate accumulation a lot of wealth and landed property. In the same position, it makes Taureans really successful and strong leaders in the public sector /Government.

The main period of Sun would be very beneficial regarding the significations of the Sun, which are gain of wealth, fame, name and honor but they may face mental stress and headaches.


Moon as the 3rd lord indicates the courage of the Taureans – they are very brave and self-confident which helps them to climb very high if Moon is well placed. As Moon is a fast-moving and changing the planet, it also indicates that their mental strength can be very high one day, and low on the other day – the same thing with laziness. They can also be very moody with ever-changing emotions even with a strong Moon. Full Bright or Waxing Moon is very beneficial for the stability of their inner strength whereas waning or dark Moon can indicate a lack of courage and risk-taking ability. As 3rd house is signifying communication, the good placement of Moon will bestow them great speaking abilities that can attract masses.


Mars is ruling the houses of 7th and 12th which indicate their huge stamina and libido and desire to make expenses on luxury items in order to impress the significant other. When Mars rules the 7th house, it can also multiple marriages depending on the Mars placement in a chart.
Mars ruling the 12th house can at the same time signify their success abroad. Mars, in fact, is the most important planet for performing Taurean karma – in case of well placed Mars, it will help a lot in succeeding in professional/karmic matters otherwise can cancel the success to some extent depending on the placement of Mars.


Mercury is the 2nd and 5th lord for Taurus. The 2nd house signifies speech and Mercury as well so Mercury is the primary shaping factor of Taurean speech. They are very good at handling arguments and will be great politicians for the same reason. There are also many other areas where a Taurean can apply their Mercury in – for example writing beautiful love poems to their loved ones. Mercury also signifies their face and when well placed, they are very attractive from face. As Mercury is ruling the house of wealth, a well placed Mercury, which is involved in Dhan Yogas, ensures continuous wealth and luck(5th house) for Taureans. Mercury, being a natural benefic and a planet of intelligence, indicates the ability to earn wealth morally and with using their intelligence.

Mercury also rules the house of kids, the 5th house, which when placed well, indicates them having a lot of good children. This is also an important part of their home environment. In addition to that, the 5th house and Mercury both are signifying intelligence so Taureans must have a special tone of intelligence in their mind. This also indicates Taurean’s smart investing skills on the stock market(please note that the Bull is the worldwide significator of wealth and up-trend in stocks).

Now some may think that Taurus being an Earth sign and being all about material wealth – but that is not the case at all! Mercury ruling the 5th Angular house can bestow them the ability to learn astrology as well! Besides this, they have excellent Math skills that help a lot in astrology.


Jupiter rules the 8th and 11th houses of Taurus Ascendant. On the one hand, a well placed Jupiter can bless these natives with all kinds of fulfilments, but with the high price and inner transformations as being also rulership of the 8th house. On the other hand, Jupiter being the most natural benefic planet can give Taureans good longevity and peaceful old age.
Jupiter being the lord of 8th house is another great indication of Taureans having good occult knowledge, including Astrology, depending on the placement of Jupiter. They are really great researchers. If Jupiter is in either house of 8th or 11th, it indicates a lot of good fruits and happiness for Taureans. Jupiter is capable of making Taureans very kind and soft towards people they love and care about. In the case of the affliction of such Jupiter, they may involve in bad deeds that they can keep in secret from others.

Jupiter being the natural significator of wealth and ruling 11th house can also boost their assets and wealth to a great extent. A well placed Jupiter for Taureans can neutralize the hard effects of ill-placed Mars(Mars being lord of Marak 7th and Dushtana 12th houses).


Venus is the lord of the 1st and 6th houses which perfectly reflects their beauty and love for good tastes. It also indicates their strong mentality to battle the obstacles as Venus being lord of 6th as well- bulls body is naturally designed to battle obstacles, similar to Aries.

The lordship of Venus over 1st house gives them a beautiful body and romantic personality which will remain so with the help of their good longevity. In addition to that, Venus being the significator of all the sweet luxury makes them very obsessed with the same topics. If Venus is heavily afflicted, the amount of luxury and peace of mind can be affected.

Venus being strong, well placed and 6th lord at the same time can indicate their great victory over all their enemies. Venus can be capable of eliminating or avoiding enemies. As Venus is a natural benefic, it makes Taureans to solve problems in a delicate manner using their sweet intellect.


Saturn becomes their most auspicious Yogakarak planet as it rules a Kendra and Trikona at the same time, which are the 9th and 10th houses. Saturn having lordship over a Dharmic 9th house can make them very righteous if well placed and this will boost their Karma 10th house to a great extent as well. But Saturn is a slow-moving planet, it may not give sudden overnight success but rather methodical slow-steady and long-lasting success.

The mentioned effects manifest in specific periods and the intensity of them depends on planetary strength level and many other factors.

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Classical Sources Used: BPHS, Saravali, Brihat Jataka, Lal Kitab, Yavan Jataka. References to The Last Word of God are included not to mix Sunnah Kitab with worldly science, but to offer the best cure for worldly issues. Please comment & share the article with your friends using social media buttons below.

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