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What does Taurus Sun in combination with Aries Moon mean?

It means that Sun is in Taurus while Moon is in Aries zodiac sign in the natal birth chart. Individuals inherit the traits arising from these mentioned combinations.

Taurus Sun & Aries Moon Introduction


Sun is a fiery planet that signifies soul, vitality, energy, leadership abilities, courage, honor, name, fame, mentality, intelligence, etc.

Taurus is the 2nd zodiac sign which represents family matters, mental resources, natural talents, and self-worth.

To begin with, individuals with Taurus Sun are very knowledgeable and resourceful. They possess knowledge of various subjects.

Their natural talents are indicated by the type of knowledge they are fond of obtaining and sharing with others.

The 2nd zodiac sign Taurus is governed by Venus which means that it also denotes luxury, hedonism, and wealth accumulations.

Hence, the vital energy of the Sun in Taurus is generally directed towards establishing a sound financial foundation to feel comforted and secure in life.

Venus is inimical to Sun which means that these individuals are famous for being highly inflexible and stubborn. Herein the fixed modality of Taurus gives this effect.

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Moon is the planet that governs the mind and signifies thinking patterns, cognitive abilities, memory, etc.

Aries is the 1st zodiac sign which signifies righteousness, passion, courage, independence, will-power, drive, motivation, etc.

Therefore, individuals with Aries Moon are very courageous from thinking patterns which also helps guide their actions.

With having high respect towards righteousness, their actions are motivated by truth.

Aries represents the fire element which denotes straightforward attitude and aggression.

This shows that they are also very confrontational, hot-tempered, and straightforward from the mind.

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Taurus Sun & Aries Moon Disposition

Planetary Relationship

When Sun is in Taurus while Moon is in Aries, the 12th and 2nd dispositions are created between these planets.

More specifically, Aries Moon is in the 12th sign from Taurus Sun. When taking Moon as the reference point, then Taurus Sun is in the 2nd sign from it.

According to the temporary relationship rule of astrology, planets occupying the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, and 12th place from each other are temporary friends.

When it comes to this combination, Sun and Moon become temporary friends which is unquestionably a positive indicator.

As a general effect of this beneficial planetary relationship, the intuition and thinking patterns of these natives are working in great harmony with one another.

What they believe in matches their conscious thoughts which will boost their confidence and ability to remain loyal to their own decisions.

Taurus Sun makes them very persistent, determined, and headstrong from the soul which is greatly magnified by their passionate mind provided by Aries Moon.

Their fiery mind enables them to resist change and chase their goals courageously despite the fact they receive a tremendous amount of animosity and opposition from others.

Usually, Taurus Sun makes a person rather hesitant and stagnant. However, Aries Moon endows these souls with enough passion for action which helps them to propel forward through all obstacles.

That is because of the cardinal modality of Aries which inspires them to initiate, take action, and begin new movements while the fixed modality of Taurus gives them the inclination to remain loyal and determined to their goals.

In addition to that, Aries Moon is influenced by the fire element which increases their stubbornness with aggression.

These individuals are very reserved and usually never allow others to alter their mentality and course of action.

When someone attempts that, these natives are likely to respond in a fiery and straightforward manner which leaves deep wounds in their opponents for a long period of time.

What is special about this st of combinations is that Aries Moon decreases the hesitant and shy nature caused by Taurus Sun.

They might seem a bit serious and hesitant in front of strangers but they are still willing to start discussions passionately once they find mutual interests with them.

12th & 2nd Dispositions Analysis

When looked at the 12th and 2nd dispositions from a deeper perspective, a lot of valuable information can be derived.

The 12th disposition represents the malefic 12th house which denotes detachment, expenses, losses, isolation, hidden enemies, etc.

On a positive light, it signifies spiritual evolution, the subconscious mind, the ability to manifest ideas into reality, gains from investments, etc.

As the 12th disposition is coming from Taurus Sun, it shows that their mind becomes more inclined towards spirituality than materialistic matters.

Despite the fact that Taurus Sun natives are fond of living a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle, they are still able to concentrate on the higher truths and deeper meanings of life.

With the 12th disposition, they are also very successful in worldly matters as well.

That is because the 12th house energies endow them with imagination and creativity which helps them to initiate projects and movements in an unconventional manner which will bless them with tremendous prosperity in their main field of activity.

Taurus Sun also endows them with skills and knowledge of wealth matters while Aries Moon gives them the ability to make wise investments to strengthen their financial foundation and increase assets.

Coming back to the spiritual side of the 12th disposition, it helps them to be emotionally detached from wealth which ironically boosts their materialistic success.

That is because we attract what we detach ourselves from. Besides this, their emotional stability regarding wealth matters boosts their ability to make wise financial decisions in life.

The 2nd disposition represents the 2nd astrological house which belongs to the triangle of wealth and signifies resources, assets, financial foundation, family matters, self-worth, speech, etc.

This disposition is formed by Taurus Sun from Aries Moon which means that their mindset helps them to earn plenty amount of gains in life.

Besides this, the intelligence of the Sun becomes amplified by the 2nd disposition which makes them also very resourceful and mentally talented.

That is to say, they have the ability to find quick, efficient, and clever ways to overcome challenges and solve issues in all spheres of life.

Sun is the valorous planet of leadership which in the 2nd zodiac sign Taurus, which is all about family matters, shows that these individuals are fond of guiding their family members and protecting family traditions.

The 2nd disposition from Aries Moon amplifies the same effect by endowing with the passion to protect and care about their close ones.

Phases of Moon

When Sun is in Taurus while Moon is in Aries, it means that Moon is in a waning state which is considered to confer some malefic effects as per Vedic sidereal astrology.

However, these effects are barely felt if the combination is otherwise auspiciously formed.

Taurus Sun combined with Aries Moon gives the possibility of formation of the Waning Crescent lunar phase.

Waning Crescent

In this phase, Moon has given up most of its glow which denotes rest and recuperation.

Individuals with this set of combinations born on this lunar phase often feel empty inside which prompts them to turn introverted.

While they feel emotional emptiness, they become naturally inclined to question the deeper meaning of life and seek answers for them.

With that being said, for them, the spiritual part of life is a great source of energy that heals them from inside to outside.

This effect is greatly amplified by Aries Moon, which gives them the passion to explore the hidden energies of life and seek guidance from them.

The 12th disposition from Taurus Sun gives them the ability to surrender to almighty and release expectations which helps them to become free of worries and stress.

More specifically, they are detached from the desire to control everything in their life which is provided by a deep belief that everything in life happens for a reason.

Taurus Sun & Aries Moon Panchang – Astrological Diary

Tithi – Vedic Lunar Phase

In Vedic sidereal astrology, there is a very precise lunar phase system used in which the whole cycle of the Moon is divided into 30 tiny sectors. Each of these sectors represents a specific lunar day.

Each day, in turn, is represented by a specific deity and planet which reveals important significances and deep effects.

Each year Sun and Moon are in different degrees in Taurus and Aries respectively which creates the possibility of the formation of various different Vedic lunar phases.

In this article, we shall learn about 3 possible Vedic lunar phases formed by Taurus Sun and Aries Moon.

Krishna Ekadashi

Krishna Ekadashi is the 26th lunar day and also the 11th part of the waning Moon.

This lunar day is characterized by Anand Prada which is the harbinger of joy, satisfaction, and happiness.

When combining the general effect of this lunar day with other indicators, it shows that these individuals have the ability to find happiness in the smallest details in life.

Because of the 12th disposition and increased imagination, these individuals are especially talented in all kinds of creative activities, such as painting, decorating, designing, etc.

The 12th disposition along with the righteously aligned mindset by Aries Moon makes them also successful in topics that involve higher wisdom, philosophy, and religion.

Krishna Dwadashi

Krishna Dwadashi is the 27th lunar day and also the 12th part of the waning phase of the Moon.

This lunar day is characterized by Yasha Prada the effect of which is to increase fame, name, and authority.

Individuals born on this lunar day shine brightly with the traits given by Taurus Sun and Aries Moon.

That is, they are well known for their unshakable determination, perseverance, and passion for taking action.

What is special about this lunar day is that it favors all kind of fixed activities which matches the modality of Taurus Sun.

Accordingly, these individuals are good at preserving or taking care of various things in order to avoid them from decaying or destructing. This trait can give success in various activities and spheres in daily life.

Krishna Trayodashi

Krishna Trayodashi is the 28th lunar day and the 13th part of the waning Moon. This given lunar day is of Jaya Prada and is therefore auspicious for winning over the enemy.

Individuals born on this lunar day are blessed with extra durability and strength in order to overcome obstacles in life which can be in form of enemies or challenges.

The mindset of Aries Moon supports the effect of this lunar day because it makes them very confrontational and competitive. They never back down in front of their enemies.

Taurus Sun & Aries Moon Yoga

Another important astrological combination formed by Sun and Moon with respect to each other is Nitya Yoga.

Sun and Moon are luminaries and thus the primary indicators of the personality of a person.

The distance or exact degrees between these luminaries create a specific Yoga which gives deeper insight into the soul and mind of a person.

This is why Taurus Sun in combination with the Aries Moon people are not all the same and still have differences in their mentalities and general behaviors.

There is a total of 27 Nitya Yoga combinations and when Taurus Sun combines with Aries Moon, there is a possibility of the formation of many different variations.

In this article, we shall learn about 3 possible Nitya Yoga combinations which can be formed by the placements of Sun and Moon in the mentioned zodiac signs.


Shobhana is the 5th Nitya Yoga combination which is governed by the natural malefic planet Sun. This Sun-Moon combination is considered to be beneficial.

The name Shobhan denotes being beautiful, splendid, magnificent, and brilliant.

When considering that Taurus is the 2nd zodiac sign which denotes facial attributes, Sun already brings brightness to them.

As Taurus Sun is involved in forming Shobhana Yoga, these individuals have very beautiful, brilliant, and bright facial features. This makes them stand out from the crowd clearly.


Atiganda is the 6th Nitya Yoga combination which is governed by the natural benefic planet Moon. Despite this, the given Yoga is still considered malefic.

The general effect of Atiganda Yoga is to create obstacles, obstructions, and animosity.

Individuals born on this lunar day are naturally inclined to blame others even when they are guilty in the formation of various issues.

This effect is tremendously amplified by Taurus Sun which makes them way too stubborn to accept their own mistakes many times.

In addition to that, this Sun-Moon Yoga casts a darker shadow upon Aries Moon by making them unnecessarily and excessively disputations from the mind.


Sukarma is the 7th Nitya Yoga combination which is governed by the natural malefic planet Mars. This Sun-Moon Yoga is considered beneficial in general.

Sukarma is represented by the deity named Indra which is the ruler of war, weather, and heaven.

This Yoga casts a very positive effect upon this combination of Sun and Moon in their respective signs.

First of all, Sukarma Yoga directs the stubborn nature of Taurus Sun natives towards pious purposes.

As a result, these individuals are capable of withstanding an immense amount of pressure and influence their surroundings with their stable attitude.

The intention to influence their surroundings is to bring positive changes either by wisdom or bullish tactics.

The mentioned effects manifest in specific periods and the intensity of them depends on planetary strength level and many other factors.

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