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What does Taurus Sun in combination with Taurus Moon mean?

It means that individuals with this set of combinations inherit the traits given by Sun and Moon in the Taurus zodiac sign.

Introduction to Taurus Sun & Taurus Moon


To begin with, Sun is the significator planet of soul, energy, vitality, physical strength, name, honor, fame, leadership abilities, authority, general intellect, etc.

Taurus is the 2nd zodiac sign which signifies self-worth, mental resources, and finances.

Accordingly, Taurus Sun individuals are very intelligent and carry the wisdom of both good and bad things.

They are mentally very resourceful which enables them to harness their intelligence as effectively as possible in daily life.

Taurus is of fixed modality which denotes resistance to change and great will power.

Hence, with Sun endowing Taurus with its vital energy, these individuals become extremely motivated to achieve their goals.

On the other hand, they become way too inflexible and unable to tolerate dominance from others.

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To start with, Taurus is the exaltation sign of the Moon which makes it an outstanding combination to have in the natal birth chart.

As a result of this, the natural significances of both the Taurus sign and planet Moon are amplified to a great extent.

Moon is the planet of emotional nurture, affection, and compassion. Hence, individuals with exalted Moon are very compassionate and unconditionally loving.

They are ready to perform all kinds of selfless acts towards their society without secret selfish interests.

Moon is also the planet of mind which governs cognitive abilities, thinking patterns, and memory.

An exalted Moon in Taurus endows individuals with exceptional memory and cognitive abilities which supports them in their undertakings and social life.

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Taurus Sun & Taurus Moon Disposition

Planetary Relationship

When both Sun and Moon are in the same sign Taurus, it means that they are conjunct. In astrological terms, it means that they share the 1st disposition with respect to each other.

According to the temporary relationship rule of astrology, planets occupying the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, and 12th place from each other are temporary friends.

Accordingly, planets occupying 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th from the considered planet create temporary enmity between them.

Hence, Taurus Sun forming the 1st disposition with Taurus Moon makes them temporary enemies in the natal birth chart.

In simplest words, this temporary enmity reflects an occasional conflict between feelings and thoughts. That is because Sun represents gut feelings and intuition while Moon governs the mind.

Their mind provided by exalted Moon gives them the inclination to consider the needs of every single person while their soul inspired by Taurus Sun makes them very stubborn and resistant to opinions of masses.

As a result of this, a tremendous amount of internal struggle is created which leaves them dormant every now and then for a while until they rebuild momentum in life.

What makes it especially easy for them to recuperate from this internal stress is the fact that they are very stable from both mind and soul.

The stability is provided by the earth element of Taurus which denotes rock-solid determination.

When it comes to their thinking patterns, they are able to persist on the path they have chosen despite their internal struggles.

With earth element ruling their hearts and minds, they have the special ability to control their emotions.

They rarely express when they are stressed as they find quick and effective ways to calm and stabilize their mind.

1st Disposition Analysis

When looked at from a deeper perspective, the 1st disposition represents the 1st astrological house, which signifies initiation power, righteousness, prosperity, and valor.

Therefore, the energies of the 1st disposition have the capacity to strengthen both minds and souls.

As a result, individuals with this set of combinations almost always remain confident in every situation, be it related to work or home.

Despite their occasionally occurring internal battles, they are great at showing their power of initiation which helps them to get things moving.

At the same time, the earth element endows them with the necessary persistence and determination to finish what they have started.

The exceptionally strong emotional intelligence provided by exalted Taurus Moon amplifies the 1st disposition energies by making them emotionally resistant.

That is to say, there are barely any people who can influence them emotionally. In the end, these individuals always dominate with the help of their emotional strength and stability.

Phases Of Moon

When Sun and Moon conjoin in the Taurus zodiac sign, there is a possibility of the formation of various phases of the Moon.

Waning Crescent

Waning Crescent is the last phase of the Moon before becoming entirely darkened. The Waning Crescent phase is also known as Dark Moon.

This waning phase can form if Sun is ahead of Moon in the considered zodiac sign of Taurus degree-wise.

According to Vedic sidereal astrology, the waning Moon is considered malefic.

For the same reason, this phase is the most difficult variation formed by this set of combinations of Sun and Moon in Taurus.

As a result of this lunar phase, the mind becomes negatively affected. Namely, they often feel empty and unmotivated which also increases the intensity of their internal battles.

Souls and minds ruled by hedonistic Taurus, these individuals are able to unwind the mental stress by undertaking various luxurious activities.

When combining their emotional strength with the effect of the waning Moon, these individuals become especially talented in various mind games.

Their expression becomes secretive and sarcastic which leaves their opponents very confused.

New Moon

When Sun is tightly conjunct with Moon in Taurus, astronomically it creates a new moon phase, which lasts approximately 24 hours.

While this phase of the Moon (governer of mind) influences all the watery bodies, including the water in different plants and bodies, it also influences the general thinking patterns of individuals who have this combination in their natal birth charts.

When looked at the new Moon from an astrological perspective, it shows that intuition guides these natives more than their thoughts.

That is because it is completely dark which denotes having very rich imagination which further enhances their strong intuition.

Dark Moon can be compared to a clean slate where there is plenty of room for abundant thoughts. This gives these natives the ability to shape their own reality using their vivid imagination.

While it sounds impossible it is actually very simple because the conscious thoughts guide us towards making specific decisions subconsciously which helps us to attain what we initially imagined.

A very powerful mind provided by Taurus Moon helps these natives to make the most of this lunar phase by giving them enough cognitive strength and flexibility to harness their mind in a way that accommodates all of their vivid thoughts.

As Moon is dignified, it ensures that they harness their creativity in a way that benefits everyone around them and not only themselves.

By doing this, they attract support in abundance from their contacts and social circles.

The New Moon phase also signifies initiation, freshness, and new beginnings because it forms the 1st disposition with Sun very precisely.

Herein the 1st disposition proves that New Moon signifies the same matters as the 1st house.

This shows that these individuals have very good planning abilities and can foresee the effects of each of their actions.

This helps them to avoid many mistakes and be as effective as possible in their daily life, especially in their careers.

Waxing Crescent

The New Moon phase lasts for approximately 24 hours while Moon transits Taurus approximately 2.5 days. It means that Taurus Sun and Taurus Moon can also develop the Waxing Crescent phase.

As this phase is formed by growing or waxing Moon, it is considered auspicious as per Vedic sidereal astrology.

This phase is symbolized the first steps and decisions towards achieving the goals that were set in the last phase.

Because of that, this lunar phase can be compared to the energies of the 2nd astrological house which signifies mental resources, finances, family values, nutritional values, accumulations, etc.

Accordingly, individuals born on the waxing crescent lunar phase have very good planning skills.

They are also very clever when it comes to financial management which helps them to filter out unnecessary expenses to accumulate resources and invest them wisely.

As Taurus Moon is very strong, these effects are amplified to a great extent which enables these natives to amass an enormous amount of resources throughout life, especially during the significant astrological periods of Moon.

Taurus Sun & Taurus Moon Panchang – Astrological Diary

Tithi – Vedic Lunar Phase

In ancient Vedic astrology which uses a sidereal timing system, there are very precise lunar phases contemplated. More specifically, the whole cycle of the Moon is divided into 30 tiny sectors each of which carries important significator and meaning.

Because each year Sun conjoins Moon in Taurus in different degrees of the given zodiac sign, there is a possibility of formation of various Vedic lunar phases. In this article, we shall learn about 3 of them which are closest to the exact conjunction of Sun and Moon in Taurus.

Krishna Chaturdashi

Krishna Chaturdashi is the 29th lunar day and also the 14th part of the waning Moon or Krishna Paksha.

This lunar day is characterized by Ugra Prada which signifies increased aggression and disputes.

Individuals born on this lunar day are naturally very disputatious in nature. As Taurus Moon makes them very caring and conditional, they are not very aggressive but rather persistent and stubborn.

More specifically, instead of using aggressive tactics, they use emotional tactics to cause disputes where the order needs to be restored.

Because of the fact that this is the last part of the waning Moon, they are successful in using secret manipulative tactics to attain their goals and win over their opponents.

Krishna Amavasya

Krishna Amavasya is the 30th lunar day and 15th part of the waning Moon or Krishna Paksha. The 30th lunar day is also known as the new Moon day.

This lunar day is symbolized by Pitri Prada which denotes everything related to ancestry and ancestors.

Individuals born on the 30th lunar day respect their family lineage a lot and put in a lot of effort to maintain its traditions and heritage.

This effect is tremendously amplified by the fact that Taurus also signifies famil matters and ancestry. This set of combinations makes these natives inclined to take care of their families.

New Moon also gives them strong imagination which can be helpful to receive guidance through various spiritual signs from ancestors who have walked on earth earlier.

Shukla Pratipad

Shukla Pratipad is the 1st lunar day and also the 1st part of the waxing Moon phase.

The 1st lunar day is symbolized by Vriddhi Prada which denotes giving rise to something.

As Moon is exalted in Taurus, it supports extracting the best possible results from this lunar day.

As a result, individuals born on this lunar day are more likely to become honored, famous, and rise high in life with the natural traits provided by Taurus Moon.

For instance, they are extremely prosperous in all kinds of social activities where they interact with many people to fulfill their tasks and duties.

Taurus Sun & Taurus Moon Yoga

Another important astrological combination formed by Sun and Moon with respect to each other is Nitya Yoga.

Sun and Moon are luminaries and thus the primary indicators of the personality of a person and the distance or exact degrees between these luminaries create a specific Yoga which gives additional information about the person.

This is why people with Sun and Moon in Taurus still have differences in their mentalities and general behaviors.

There is a total of 27 Nitya Yoga combinations and when Sun and Moon meet in Taurus, there is a possibility of the formation of different variations. In this article, we shall learn about 3 Nithya Yoga combinations which are formed when Sun and Moon in Taurus are in close conjunction.


Sukarma is the 7th Nitya Yoga combination which is governed by the natural malefic planet Mars. This Sun-Moon Yoga is beneficial in nature.

The name of this Yoga contains the word karma which denotes work, action, and pious deeds. In fact, the planet Mars also signifies action and deeds just like Sukarma Yoga.

Accordingly, individuals born with Sukarma Yoga are especially action-oriented and willing to work hard not only for themselves but also to help their society.

This effect is highly supported by Taurus Moon which makes them very compassionate, selfless, and protective towards everyone.

Sukarma Yoga is represented by the deity Indra which is the ruler of weather, war, and heaven.

This shows that individuals born with this Nitya Yoga have a special ability to influence people and situations around them for the highest good. This is their karma or responsibility to do so.


Dhriti is the 8th Nitya Yoga combination which is governed by the North Node of the Moon, which is Rahu. Dhriti is beneficial in nature.

Dhriti means to be determined, firm, and steadfast. The general effect of this Sun-Moon Yoga combination resonates naturally well with the significances of the Taurus zodiac sign.

Individuals born with Taurus Sun in combination with Taurus Moon and Dhriti Yoga are extremely determined and goal-oriented.

They are very successful when they set goals as they persevere until succeeding.

What makes them especially successful is the fact that they are also patient which helps them to endure difficult periods and occasional losses.

Such individuals are blessed to enjoy the fruits of their hard work as their determination proves the worthiness of fulfillment of all kinds.


Shoola is the 9th Nitya Yoga combination which is governed by the natural benefic planet Jupiter. This Sun-Moon combination is malefic in nature.

Shoola means spear with a sharp tip and is represented by Nagas or serpents.

Individuals born with Shoola Yoga are very manipulative and use very sharp and painful words often.

As Moon is exalted in Taurus, they often use painful words towards sinners or those who wronged righteous principles.

Despite the fact that they are very caring and compassionate, they are confrontational and disputatious.

Taurus Sun gives more aggression to this effect as it makes them respond to the opposition in a bitter manner.

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