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The Tenth House in sidereal Vedic astrology signifies main activities, profession, prestige, name, fame, karma, ambition, and authority. The Tenth House is called Karma Bhava in Vedic Astrology and belongs to the Triangle of Wealth or Artha Trikona. It is the strongest Quadrant or Kendra house.

Profession and your main activity are governed by the 10th house. It signifies your type of work and even your type of business. It also indicates your status and position in the business or workplace. From this house, we can analyze whether running own business or working under someone else’s establishment is beneficial for the considered person – in the other words the level of natural leadership abilities can be assessed through the 10th house. When the 10th house and its lord is strong and well placed, it will always help in getting a promotion and recognition to the native. Furthermore, such a positive karma house will definitely give authority with great leadership abilities to a person throughout life.

The considered house will also make a person very ambitious that will help to achieve their desired goals and heights. The Tenth House in Astrology is also the highest point in the sky the moment when you were born and perfectly corresponds to your greatest heights and ambitions in your life. Your goals and ideals related to your main activities, business or profession are all hidden in this house of astrology.

Saturn is the natural ruler of the 10th zodiac sign Capricorn, where Mars is exalted and the strongest. Saturn gives the symbol of hard work to this astrological house. Mars is the most active heavy-duty planet in Astrology and gains maximum strength in an astrological house where hard work is most appreciated and beneficial. So in addition to the 10th house, also consider Saturn and Mars in the analysis in order to get the most precise results.

Additional details regarding The Tenth House in Astrology

  • It is one of the Upachaya Houses in Vedic Astrology – Upachay means growth and improvement. Planets, especially the malefic ones behave excellently in this house as they gain positive strength each year.
  • It is the strongest Kendra house and when connected to the strongest Trikona house, it forms the strongest Raj Yoga.
  • Body Parts – Knees and Spine
  • Family Members – Father

Planets related to the 10th house

  • Saturn – natural ruler of the 10th zodiac sign Capricorn. The natural significator of karma and hard work.
  • Sun – signifies name, fame, and authority.
  • Mercury – signifies entrepreneurship, achievements, and rewards

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