10th House Lord in 8th House


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What does 10th House Lord in 8th House mean?

When the planet that governs the 10th house of the natal birth chart is located in the 8th house from the ascendant sign, it means to have this planetary combination.

As a general effect of this combination, the significances of the 8th house, such as longevity, hidden matters, hidden sense, occult knowledge, transformation, unearned wealth, as well as, sorrow, delay, instructions, sudden events causing losses, etc are influenced by the significations of the 10th house such as karma or main duties in life, responsibilities, karma, profession, order & regulations, midheaven & brightest point in life, public life, high achievements, social rank & status, honor, high authority, etc.

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The given combination is rather difficult because the 8th house is one of the malefic houses which is called a Dusthana Bhava for the same reason. This makes it a difficult environment for the 10th house lord to thrive in.

However, if the 10th house ruler is in good dignity in the 8th house, it is capable of extracting auspicious outcomes out of initial difficulties.

Moreover, what gives favorable intonation to this combination is the fact that 10th lord in 8th is in 11th from its own sign. That is because the 11th house signifies auspicious events, celebrations, gains, profits, the fulfillment of desires, etc.

In addition to that, the 10th house belongs to the triangle of wealth or Artha Trikona, the 8th house belongs to the triangle of salvation or Moksha Trikona, while the 11th (disposition) house belongs to the triangle of desires or Kama Trikona.

The connection between these house types indicates that the actions of the native are motivated by the desire to achieve spiritual enlightenment if the 10th lord is in good dignity.

Results of 10th House Lord in 8th House

Heavy Karma

Both the 10th and 8th houses are related to karma and the deeds of a person. To be specific, the 10th house indicates the karma or actions that must be taken to fulfill the karmic duties or reposnibilities of the soul whereas the 8th house is the harbinger of karmic results.

As the 8th house also signifies sudden and unexpected events, it also reflects that the karmic results appear completely unexpectedly, be it fruits of positive or negative karmic records of the native.

What this combination tells us is that the native with this combination is having the burden of heavy karma. That is, such a native must always struggle super hard as there are always unexpected obstacles coming in their way. Their life is full of unexpectedly and surprises, which can be both good or bad.

They are prompted to deal with very intensive situations that either make them stronger or bring them down by exhaustion.

If the 10th house lord is dignified or well placed in the 8th house, it indicates that the native is able to carry the heavy burden of responsibilities.

Not only they are able to carry the burden, but the responsibilities and intensively difficult events also train them to become stronger, smarter, and resistant to heavy pressure.

This also indicates that every action they make plays a major role in determining their karmic results. With a dignified 10th lord of action, it indicates that the motive of the acts of the native is good-natured and ensure good karmic results.

Alternatively, if the 10th house lord is undignified, it indicates that the native performs many immoral acts which they must repay instantly, as the 8th house suggests. It also indicates that such natives use their force and aggression for selfish and immoral desires.

Moreover, as the 8th house is about aggression, hidden or undercover matters, and sins the placement of 10th lord of action indicates that these natives are very dangerous and capable of performing sinful acts suddenly and unexpectedly. Mostly, they keep a low profile and operate secretly in society.

Mysterious Activities & Career

The 10th house also signifies a career or business, because it is one of the main duties for most people. At the same time it belongs to the triangle of wealth which signifies the earnings from their occupation or main activities in life.

As the 8th house signifies everything that is deep, mysterious, underneath the surface, uncertain, etc it indicates that the profession or business is related to such matters.

That is, the main activities, business, or career of the natives with this combination related to occult, forensic science, investigation, archaeology, history, expedition, and even psychology and sexology as these are also related to the themes/energies of the intensive 8th house. As the 10th house of actions suggests, such natives are very active in the topics related to the 8th house which supports them becoming professionals and highly ranked in their activities.

Alternatively, it indicates that the profession of the native involves a lot of sudden, intensive, and uncertain situations where they either deal with obstacles themselves or help to resolve traumas of other people who have gone through sudden disastrous experiences.

Other than that, the 8th house aslo signifies unearned wealth, which indicates that these antives can be into busines which deals with inheritance, insurance, lottery, and taxes.

If the 10th house ruler is in good dignity, it indicates that the native attains good authority in their specialty. As the 8th house suggests, the gain of status is often sudden and unexpected. That also indicates that the 8th house energies make the profession or business of the native very fluctuating and unexpected.

The 10th is also midheaven which is the highest point in the sky during the birth of the native. Hence, as dignified 10th house lord in the 8th house indicates that the native shines brightly with their authority and achievements in their activities that are related to the 8th house.

On the other hand, their profession involves a lot of taboo-breaking activities that can attract criticism, objection, and condemnation from society.

However, as a strong 10th house lord gives the confidence to stay strong and prove that behind the taboo-breaking activities there are good intentions and reasons.

Alternatively, if the 10th house ruler is in bad dignity, it also reflects that the native is involved in immoral underground or hidden activities. As the 8th house of karma suggests, the karmic results strike unexpectedly which causes a sudden loss of reputation, authority, and social status. Such a native receives heavy opposition and blaming from society.

This also indicates a lot of hurdles in professional or entrepreneurial pursuits as such natives receive a lot of blaming from society, business partners or coworkers for their unethical or secretive deeds.

Sudden Abundant Gains

The 10th lord in the 8th house is a prominent combination of sudden abundant gains for various astrological indications.

Firstly, the 10th house belongs to the wealth triangle which gives a clue about the earnings of the native. Secondly, the 8th house signifies unearned wealth and sudden events that trigger sudden windfalls of success.

Thirdly, the given combination forms the 11th disposition which signifies fulfillment of aspirations, gains, and profits.

Accordingly, if the 10th ruler is in good dignity, it indicates that the native performs pious deeds that improve their positive karma which results in sudden gains, profits, and prosperity, especially in career, business, or main activity.

In fact, the 8th house is in 2nd (value, resource, wealth) from the 7th (trading, marketplaces) house. In other words, it means that the 8th house is the value of the 7th house. This indicates that trading is especially fruitful for these natives with dignified 10th lord in 8th house resulting in massive gains in entrepreneurial pursuits.

Additionally, his combination can also provide sudden income from hidden sources such as side income from profession or business.

Alternatively, if the 10th ruler is undignified, it indicates that the native is inclined to perform various unethical, bad, and sinful deeds in an attempt to obtain wealth that does not belong to them.

It also indicates attaining gains from illegal activities but as per the law of karma, such unrighteously obtained resources carry negative energy and either can not be used by the native (confiscated) or result in curses while using the dirty money.

The grip of karma or universal cause of action is so powerful that no one can escape its results. Thus, karma decides the future events and destiny of a person and when they use resources that are obtained unrighteously that carry negative energy, they experience a lot of sudden unexplained disasters.

Additionally, it also indicates heavy losses from entrepreneurial activities because of deceptive business partners.

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