10th House Lord in 10th House


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What does 10th House Lord in 10th House mean?

When the planet that governs the 10th house of the natal birth chart is located in its own sign, the given planetary combination in question is formed.

As a general effect of this combination, the significations of the 10th house such as karma or main duties in life, responsibilities, karma, profession, order & regulations, midheaven & brightest point in life, public life, high achievements, social rank & status, honor, high authority, etc get highly amplified, strengthened, and supported.

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The given combination is considered very auspicious as when the 10th house lord is in its own sign in the given house, it brings out the best possible effects and outcomes of the significations of the 10th house.

When the planet is in own sign, it creates no disposition. In other words, the 10th lord in the 10th house is in 1st from its own sign. This disposition adds a lot of auspiciousness to this combination because the 1st house is the most important and auspicious house as per sidereal Vedic astrology which signifies the beginning of everything, purity of soul, righteousness, vitality, energy, will power, mentality, overall self, prosperity, dignity, reputation, etc.

Moreover, the 10th house is of constant growth and expansion which is called Upachaya Bhava. Hence, all the best outcomes out of the above-mentioned significations expand and further improve over time.

The 10th house belongs to the triangle of wealth or Artha Trikona while the 1st (disposition) house belongs to the triangle of righteousness or Dharma Trikona.

As the energies of the 10th house are multiplied by this combination and supported by the 1st house energies, it is very favorable regarding financial gains that are obtained righteously with virtuous acts and pious intentions.

Results of 10th House Lord in 10th House

Proficient & Skillful

According to a classical source, Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra individuals with this combination are especially skillful in many activities and works.

The reason for this effect is linked to one of the main significance of the 10th house. To be specific, one of the main significations of the given house are the main activities in life, career, and business.

At the same time, the 10th house ruler brings the best out of these significances and therefore makes a person extremely skilled in various activities, professions, and sciences.

That means that these natives are willing to take on any task regardless of whether they master that topic which is involved in the task. They have the mentality that to take on the venture and learn all the new necessary skills during the process of working on the new project, career, or any task.

Moreover, the 10th lord in the given house casts a direct aspect upon the 4th house of thinking patterns and learning/cognitive capabilities. As the 10th lord is in good dignity it influences the topics of the fourth house positively.

As a result of this positive influence, this combination provides the native al the necessary thinking patterns and cognitive abilities that are required to learn new subjects and apply them effectively in the profession, business, or main activities.

Righteous & Truthful

In addition to that, in BPHS there is also stated that individuals with this combination of 10th house lord in 10th house are very truthful.

This highly dignified character trait is provided because the 1st disposition created by this combination belongs to the righteousness triangle.

At the same time, the 10th lord also signifies karma or actions fo the native through which they fulfill their karmic duties throughout lifepath.

Hence, with a highly dignified 10th lord in its own sign, the native becomes extremely righteous and it is fully reflected by their good intentions, virtuous acts, truthfulness, and honesty.

High Achievers

The 10th house is also known as midheaven or the highest spot in the sky during the birth of the native. The significance of it is that the 10th astrological house contains the highest possible achievements of the native

Accordingly, with this powerful combination, the native definitely achieves great heights in public sphere, career, business, or any other main activity which is directly linked totheir life mission and duties.

Ambitious Mind

The astrological reason for this is the powerful 10th lord in its own sign. However, this combination indicates that the native has an inherent habit of aiming high while having big goals in mind.

Hence, their thinking patterns and mindsets are the main initiators of their success story, as the aspect upon the 4th astrological house suggests.

It is widely known that all the actions start from the mind and these natives are the big thinkers who put their ideas into action to attain their high goal.

While they pursue their goals, they follow a very righteous and virtuous life path. This also becomes another strongest provider of their success and prosperity.

Good Intentions & Dutiful

That is, they act and initiate new projects with good intentions in mind rather than just thinking about monetary benefits. The secret behind this is that their motivation and good intention helps them to endure difficult times and obstacles that may appear along the way without loving motivation even when there is no monetary reward.

The enthusiasm and desire to do something big and for the whole society keeps them going until they succeed and prosper. The rewards, honor, fame, and financial gains are always secondary because their primary goal is to fulfill their righteous duty truthfully.

Speaking of which, these natives with this combination are extremely hard working and dutiful. They are also highly responsible and always consider the impact of their every act. Hence, they make sure that whatever they do, it has a positive effect globally.

As the 10th house is related to public life and society, their aims are related to bringing positive impact and good changes in society worldwide.

Depending on conjunctions and aspects with other planets, their style of operating varies but one thing is for sure that they do everything in accordance with ethics, morals, and righteousness. Their primary motto in doing all things is always righteousness, truthfulness, courage, transparency, and honesty.

For instance, if the 10th lord is either conjunct with or aspected by a well placed natural malefic, they are rather strict, harsh, serious, unforgiving, but righteous. Whereas the same example with a natural benefic planet makes them compassionate, kind, merciful, and patient.

Tolerant & Compassionate

Despite being patriotic, these natives give a lot of value to foreign cultures, ethnicity, and belief systems. While they protect the values of their country they are settled in, they also respect other countries.

That is because the 10th is 2nd from the 9th. This means that the philosophy, higher wisdom, righteousness, religion, spirituality, faith are the value and resources of the 10th house.

In other words, all that the 9th house signifies empowers the 10th house and gives a purpose or higher meaning to the action. In addition to that, the righteousness and faith give them divine courage and knowledge that their pious goals are supported by higher spiritual powers.

This also proves that the actions and ambitions of these natives are empowered by righteousness, higher wisdom, truth, ethics, morals, and higher or spiritual purpose.

With this powerful 10th lord in 10th house, these natives have an expanded worldview which is provided by their respect and interest to various foreign cultures. They are tolerant and give a lot of respect to foreign societies. With that being said, they carry a globalist mindset and intend to connect societies and make them function as efficiently as possible without conflicts.

High Rank & Reputation

The 10th house also signifies high authority, social rank & status, honor, and reputation. With the strong 10th house and lord, these natives are respected and admired by the members of society for their truthfulness, righteousness, and good intentions towards everyone.

Natives with this powerful combination are natural-born managers, leaders, guides, mentors, business magnates, organizers, etc because they are active, responsible, honest, dutiful, well learned, and with a wide perspective on the world in general.

With this combination, the high success and prosperity are assured to them in their main field of activity, career, or entrepreneurial venture. In addition to that, they become awarded, recognized, highly reputed in the society which provides them a strong position and significant social status.

Additionally, these natives also have a lot of self-confidence and pride which means that they are able to stand for their truth and be unshakable while doing that. This greatly supports them in their understandings and leads to successful accomplishments of their goals and tasks.

Respects Elders & Guru

The 4th house, which is aspected by the 10th lord, also signifies mother and parenting. That is, these natives are very protective of their mothers. They are ready to support and assist their mothers anywhere at any time.

As the 10th is in 2nd from 9th, these natives also give a lot of respect and value to their gurus, mentors, and fathers. In BPHS there is also stated that such natives are very devoted to their Guru.

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