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The Third house in Vedic astrology is related to courage and belongs to Kama Trikona, which is the Triangle of Desire. Fulfilling our desires require courage and motivation for efficient acts and a good 3rd house and its lord can help us achieve our desires.

It is also a house of communication. Communications can be in the form of writing, speech or any other modern way of transferring your ideas. As we can see, messaging is the key signification of the Third House in Astrology – the reason behind that is that the natural 3rd house or the zodiac sign Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is a universal symbol of courageous messengers in any story from ancient to modern times under different cultures. This is a very important house for writers and publishers as a well placed 3rd house lord can bestow a lot of necessary skills for them.

Another important aspect of this house is our siblings, especially younger ones with whom our most important communication is developed. The condition of the 3rd house will give a clue about our communication and behavior with siblings.

As this house is related to Mercury, it also signifies our intelligence – from here we can see where and how our intelligence is directed. The intelligence can be again directed using different communication platforms, be it verbal or written.

Mars is another significator of this house as it also gives a clue about how much courage we have. According to that, the definition of courage is connected to the 3rd house and Mars in Astrology.

Additional details regarding the Third House in Astrology

  • The 3rd house is also a Malefic or Dushtana house
  • It is also an Upachay house – it is a self-improving house where natural Malefic Planets behave well. Upachay is also translated as a house of growth.
  • A Connection of the 3rd house with another Upachay house will give increased intelligence and great entrepreneurial skills. It also increases our motivation to a great extent.
  • It governs the following body parts – The Arms, shoulders, and ears. It also signifies hearing in general.
  • It governs all types of communication channels – both printed and digital. It also signifies the local network.
  • It also rules over short journeys in the horoscope
  • The Neighbours are also seen from this house
  • The Arts are governed by this house as well.

Relatives from the 3rd House in Astrology

  • Your younger siblings and father-in-law

Planets related to the house

Mercury – Natural ruler of the 3rd zodiac sign Gemini. Signifies communication.

Mars – Younger siblings, courage.

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Did you know that these mentioned effects manifest in specific periods?

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