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What does 3rd House Lord in 11th House mean?

When the planet that governs the 3rd house is located in the 11th house from the ascendant sign, it means to have this planetary combination of 3rd lord in 11th.

As a general result of this planetary combination, the matters of the 11th house, such as fulfillment of desires, goals, ambitions, community, gains, profits, etc are influenced by the themes of the 3rd house, such as courage, valor, skills, hobbies, will-power, power to take action, communication, siblings, etc.

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There is an astrological permutation that makes this combination naturally fortunate. Namely, the 3rd lord in 11th is in the 9th house from its own sign/house. The 9th house in Vedic astrology is all about luck, fortune, higher wisdom, spirituality, etc.

What makes this combination further special is the fact that both, the 3rd and 11th houses are the houses of constant growth or Upachaya Bhava as named in Vedic astrology. As a result of this combination of two expansive houses, the significances of the 3rd are constantly improving and supporting the 11th house and its lord in a massive way.

Results of 3rd House Lord in 11th House

Gains Through Speculation

Ancient classical source BPHS directly mentions that people with this combination gain a great number of profits through stock-market or related trading. This effect is given by the astrological fact that the 3rd lord in 11th house is directly aspecting the 5th house of speculation and stock markets that also involves the trading of these shares.

As a result of this aspect, such people use their natural talents, skills, and obtained knowledge in order to invest in markets courageously which results in gains, that are constantly growing as these houses are also houses of expansion.

In addition to that, the gains and profits can be related to any speculative activity, not only stock shares. It can be also related to collecting items of high value and reselling them. Or even outsourcing products, educational sources, and skills of others in order to gain massive profits.

For optimal and fully auspicious results, the 3rd lord should be favorably positioned in the 11th house. If it is ill-placed or debilitated/fallen, it can result in a lack of courage, skills, talents, which also translates to a lack of intelligence, gains, and fulfillment in life.

Fortunate & Lucky

In addition to above mentioned, the fact that third lord in eleventh is in 9th house form its own house/sign indicates that these natives are naturally fortunate regarding gains, profits, and fulfillment of desires using their skills, knowledge, communication, etc. They are able to apply this trait to any activity and end up n prosperity.

Righteous & Ethical

The secret behind it is that the 9th disposition of the given lord from its own sign gives higher wisdom to these people while they pursue success. They are very righteous and always follow an ethical path which grants abundant support from God and the Universe.

Such people are also very philosophical and always get motivation from philosophical authorities. The motivational quotes and mindset of philosophers are the fuel to take action for natives with this combination.

Intelligent & Smart

The same classical source also states that natives with this combination are very intelligent, smart, and ingenious, although not necessarily well-educated (formally). The great amount of intelligence is also provided by the aspect upon the 5th house, which signifies intelligence in sidereal Vedic astrology.

Constantly Growing Wisdom

In addition to that, because of the fact that the 3rd lord of power of the mind is located in the house of growth, it increases the intelligence continually. It reflects the inherent desire of the natives to constantly expand knowledge and skills in order to become more intelligent and achieve more prosperity and fulfillment of desires as a result.

Early Bloomers

Coming back to the mention of BPHS about lack of formal education is backed by the fact that such natives are early bloomers with unique ideas and skills and are prone to quit educational path early to skip and start making their own unique progress and generate healthy revenue before even most of their coevals (people of the same generation) obtain a degree and struggle in debts.

While people with this combination lack formal education and degree, they are inherently skilled, smart, and wise who possess various strong skills, especially those related to thinking and communicating.

Courageous & Strong

BPHS of Vedic astrology also mentions that such natives are extremely courageous, adventurous, and good at any service. This effect is provided by a very special connection in Vedic astrology. Namely, the 11th house is the Bhavat Bhavam house of the 6th house of fighting, litigation, and service.

As the 3rd house lord is in the 11th house (11th is connected to 6th house), it means that such natives are inherently good at service of any kind. The 6th house is also a house of wealth or Atha Trikona, which means they are great at generating a high income from service-related work or business.

They are also performing exceptionally well in service that is related to physical force and fighting opponents because of overcoming them efficiently using their inherently strong valor, courage, mental, and physical strength.

With that being said, these natives possess an abundant amount of will-power, courage, and strength that is also constantly growing and expanding over time.

For optimal results, the given lord should be well placed in a given house. The fall or debilitation of the third house lord in the eleventh house causes loss of physical strength and stamina which also hinders the whole process of overcoming enemies, obstacles, and becoming prosperous.

Hard-Working & Durable

The connection of the 11th house with the 6th house through Bhavat Bhavam also indicates that people with 3rd lord in 11th are extremely competent, durable, and hard-working. The auspicious placement of the given combination quals more prosperity but also more struggle and hustle as the 6th house of obstacles, enemies, hard-work is involved.

High Desires

Both, the 3rd and 11th houses belong to the triangle of desire or Kama Trikona in Vedic astrology the combination of which indeed elevates the desireful nature of natives with this combination.

The desire reflects their hunger for unlimited knowledge and will-power to develop personal skills to push through in the world of entrepreneurship. Their motivation for action is fueled by their exceptionally strong desire to fulfill their life goals and ambitions, which is the significance of the 11th house.

Communication Skills

The communication skills, both written and verbal are the key factors that help to achieve prosperity in their lives. Such natives apply these skills in everything they do (work, business, marketing, etc) and this is the catalyst for their personal success.

Radiate Higher Truth

The 3rd house belongs to communication while the ninth (higher wisdom, religion, righteousness) disposition from own sign indicates that such people radiate true loyalty to almighty by speaking the truth and expressing ethical and moral values to the community (11th significance).

They are themselves righteous and moral and encourage others to follow the same path as being righteous and ethical provides a great amount of long-lasting success that actually makes a person happy.

As from the Bhavat Bhavam connection talked before combined with the ninth disposition indicates that such natives are true servants of almighty God, light, and righteousness if well-placed.


With this combination, siblings are intelligent, wise, and ambitious.

The given combination indicates a deep attachment to one’s siblings. It indicates generally great cooperation between the natives and their siblings. They support each other to fulfill life goals. Such a native loves to involve siblings in their ventures.

If the combination is ill-placed, it indicates bad with relations and jealousy from siblings which makes them bring obstacles to the road of the native with this combination.

Lucky Spouse

This planetary permutation of 3rd house lord in 11th house becomes dominant regarding spouse for a special reason. To be specific, from the 3rd house, the fifth house is the 7th house of spouse and marriage, and from the same place more five steps are the 11th house.

As a result, this combination influences and surrounds the spouse of the native with strong 5th house significances. These significances are luck, romance, authority, children, speculation.

Accordingly, if this combination is well placed, the spouse of the native is very wise, intelligent, lucky, romantic, and may be subject to a windfall from speculative activities. The spouse of the native is also very able to produce intelligent and wise children.

After the birth of children, there will be an increase in luck and more fulfillment of desires. In fact, children are one of the deep desires of the native.

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