3rd House Lord in 2nd House


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What does the 3rd House Lord in 2nd House mean?

When the planet which rules over the third house of your birth chart is positioned in the second house from your ascendant sign, it means to have 3rd lord in 2nd as per sidereal Vedic astrology.

The general effect from this combination is that the topics of the second house, such as self-worth, family values, assets, wealth accumulations are influenced by the matters of the third house in Vedic astrology such as courage, skills, hobbies, communication, power of action (effort), etc.

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Results of 3rd House Lord in 2nd House

Classical Interpretations

Ancient source BPHS states that when the 3rd house lord is in the 2nd house (Sahaj Bhava Lord in Dhan Bhava) it causes loss of motivation, courage, and will-power.

This means that such natives will be effortless which also causes loss of happiness and wealth.

It also causes jealousy and having an eye on other people’s wealth and family. The same source also mentions such natives are prone to gain weight.

Loss Of Courage

When the 3rd lord is in 2nd house it is twelve houses from its own house/sign. The 12th house in Vedic astrology is a house of losses or dissolution.

As the current situation is concerned, the third lord in second causes the dissolution of 3rd house matters.

Hence, people with this combination have less courage which means they are also less motivated to take action.

Nutritional Values

The positioning of the 3rd lord twelve houses away from own house also causes loss of physical strength and valor.

That is why BPHS stated being subject to gaining weight as this combination of 3rd house lord in 2nd house causes inactivity and thus increases the dangers of gaining weight.

In addition to that, as the 2nd house belongs to eating habits, 3rd lord influences it accordingly. It indicates bad eating habits or the improper intake of nutrition.

This simply causes developing bad nutritional habits which lead to weight gain and other health complications that are directly linked to poor nutritional habits.


The planetary combination in question also causes low self-esteem as the 2nd house denotes self-worth.

Natives with this combination underestimate themselves, their thinking capabilities, and skills in general which causes loss of self-worth.

However, if 3rd house lord is auspiciously positioned in the 2nd house sign and house wise, it lessens the negative results indicating that native is able to regain motivation and take action.

Hardships Regarding Wealth

If the native is prone not to take action, it also means loss of opportunities to increase wealth. Accordingly, this combination also causes stagnation in wealth accumulation (2nd house significance).

In other words, as the 3rd house belongs to the Dusthana Bhava house group which is houses of hardships, it creates hardships regarding wealth accumulation.

Expenses On Development

However, if the 2nd lord itself is a well-placed house and sign-wise, it indicates overcoming hardships, such as suffering the loss of motivation to take action.

In such a case, the native is able to gain a sufficient amount of wealth and assets throughout life.

In such a case it is also suggested that native spends their wealth in order to develop skills, regain motivation, and become a better version of oneself.

It is because 3rd lord in 2nd is in twelfth from its own sign which in Vedic astrology also denotes expenses.

Expenses On Pleasures

As the twelfth house also denotes sensual activities, it is indicated that 3rd lord in 2nd causes natives to spend their wealth on bedroom activities.

If the considered lord is ill-placed it indicates immoral activities regarding sensuality and loss of wealth in the account of that.

It may also cause being in physical relations with spouses of other people. Such natives are fond of sensual pleasures. Their desire for sensuality is increased.

Increased Desires

The 3rd house belongs to the Kama Trikona or the triangle of desire while the 2nd house in Vedic astrology belongs to the Artha Trikona or the triangle of wealth.

Accordingly, if the third house lord comes to the second house, it indicates an increased desire for wealth. At the same time, it is a hard placement as being in twelfth from its own sign.

This set of permutations causes the inability to gain as much wealth as desired which causes jealousy and resentment.

Such natives may develop jealousy for other people who are more successful. That is why BPHS also states envious nature.

Loss Of Hardships

On a positive note, the combination of third house lord in the second house causes also loss of hurdles that are connected to the 3rd house (Dusthana Bhava).

However, for beneficial results, the given lord should be well-placed in the second house sign wise.

In the situation when the given lord is well placed it also causes a good financial situation actually. In such condition, native has lessened greed which attracts healthy and long-lasting wealth.

Moreover, it is more promised as there are fewer hardships as mentioned above (if well placed). In such a positive case, wealth is further spent on auspicious activities that actually help gain self-worth, intelligence, skills, and strength. As a result, native is able to put in more effort to gain wealth.

The 3rd lord of communicative abilities, both writing and speaking, in the 2nd house becomes an important aspect of how the native gains wealth.

Accordingly, with this combination, the native uses the skills of writing, publishing, and communicating within the local networks (3rd) in order to earn wealth (2nd).

Communication and intelligence become your most valuable personal assets, hence, you should always concentrate on developing your intelligence regarding communication with others through the written and verbal form.

Influence Of Siblings

The 3rd house belongs to younger siblings. The considered lord in the 2nd house gives the influence of siblings to the family and wealth of the native.

If the third lord is ill-placed in the second house it indicates that the siblings of the native cause hurdles to family life and wealth. In other words, siblings may cause financial losses and the destruction of family values.

If the third lord is well placed in the second house, it actually indicates siblings are helpful to the native by improving financial condition.

It also indicates that siblings are very helpful to the native regarding the gain of courage, skills, motivation, and wealth. It also indicates that siblings are far from the native (12th house significance).

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