3rd House Lord in 7th House


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What does 3rd House Lord in 7th House mean?

When the planet that rules over your 3rd house is located in the 7th house from your ascendant sign, it means to have 3rd lord in 7th.

As a general result of this astrological combination, the themes of the 7th house, such as partnership, trading, business, life partner, marriage, public image are influenced by the significances of the third house, such as courage, siblings, communication, power of the mind, physical strength, stamina, etc.

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Results of 3rd House Lord in 7th House

Respects Authorities

According to ancient Vedic astrology classical text BPHS, people with this combination respect kings (modern-day authorities) very much. The native will have a beneficial partnership with authoritative figures.

Help From Authorities

The provided effect can be explained through various permutations as per Vedic astrology. Firstly, when the 3rd house lord is in the 7th house. it is in fifth from its own sign/house. The 5th house denotes authorities and politics. It is also an auspicious disposition as the 5th house belongs to beneficial trine houses or Trikona Bhava. This general disposition makes this planetary combination very good in general.

Accordingly, the native will have beneficial partnerships (7th signification) with authority figures who are a great source of support to the native, especially in materializing the entrepreneurial goals of the native. This is a potent combination from the help of wealthy investors to put the idea (3rd significance) of the native into action.

Secondly, the 7th house, where the 3rd lord is, is the powerhouse of the 10th house in terms of Bhavat Bhavam connection. Namely, the 7th house in the tenth sign/house from the 10th house of high rank, authority, and high achievements. As a result, authorities play a major role in the life of people with such a combination. They are idols for the native. In the earlier part of their lives, they follow, serve, and work for authorities.

It equally indicates that the hard work native is willing to put in in order to become famous, prosperous, recognized, greatly enhances the chances to achieve high authority eventually. They can achieve a lot with their skills, communication, and entrepreneurial ambitions.

Travels For Business

The 3rd house belongs tho short distance travel while the 7th house belongs to foreign travels. When these two houses get combined, it indicates that the native with this combination is involved in frequent foreign traveling as the trading, job and/or business activity requires so.

Additional Rules

Additional rules apply according to the auspiciousness and dignity of the 3rd lord in the 7th house. If the third house lord is well-placed in the seventh house, it indicates success and fruitful results in foreign lands.

Whereas the ill-placement (fall/debilitation) of the same combination indicates troubles and failures while doing business and/or work in foreign lands.

Heavy Effort

The 3rd house signifies courage, effort, stamina, mental and physical strength. The considered ruler in the 7th house of trading and business indicates that natives with this combination must put in hard work and heavy effort in order to succeed in ventures.

This equally means that the beginning of life is full of struggles and pain that will eventually pay off in a massively great way, which is also stated in the classical text of Vedic astrology, BPHS.

Astrologically, it can be explained as the 7th house is the powerhouse of the 4th house of peace of mind and happiness. That is, the fourth sign/house from the 4th house is the 7th house. When viewed from the fourth house, the 3rd house is twelfth indicating mental restlessness, which results in loss of peace during early life(4th house is early life).

Additional rules apply

For optimal results, the 3rd lord in the 7th house should not be fallen/debilitated. That is, if it is well placed, it ensures great rewards in life after putting in hard work and spending years to develop the necessary skills to become successful and famous.

Whereas the ill-placement indicates that native is not motivated and courage enough to take action and put in hard work to develop the required skills to become prosperous. As a result of a weak third lord in seventh, the native is not able to live up to maximum potential regarding ventures.

Lucky & Fortunate

Eventually, there will be a great fortune, as the 3rd lord in 7th house is creating the 5th and 9th axis, which denote luck and fortune respectively. In other words, people with this combination are lucky and fortunate regarding ventures using own effort, skills, the courage to take action, and communication.

The luck is also greatly provided by the deeds from the past. Hence, if also the 5th lord is auspiciously placed sign, nakshatra, and house wise, it indicates great fruits from good deeds done in the past. Furthermore, if also 9th lord is auspiciously positioned, it gives great, bright, and beautiful destiny because of being righteous, moral, and doing good deeds.

Influential Figure

The public image (7th significance) is shaped through your hard work, effort, communicational skills, persistence, and endurance. The way you speak and act upon your dreams inspire others around you in a great way. It is a very good combination to become an influential spokesperson and coach about business ventures.


Both, the 3rd and 7th houses in Vedic astrology belong to the triangle of desires or Kama Trikona. Accordingly, natives with this combination are extremely desireful. As the 7th house belongs to marriage, and life partnership, as naturally represented by Venus (the ruler of 7th sign Libra), such natives are also very lustful regarding physical relation. There must always be a bright spark of physical closeness for these natives to feel happy in married life.

Desire Of Independence

Same way, such natives desire to be famous and recognized by the public. They want to be free and independent entrepreneurs. It is because 3rd lord in the 7th house of public fame and business is aspecting the ascendant or first house of self, freedom, and independence in general. Such people are great influencers of freedom. At the same time, they respect authority figures a lot and never degrade them, as they are idols for these natives. These people want to become the same authority as who they respect from their childhood.


The 3rd house belongs to siblings. The lord of the house in the 7th house indicates that siblings are helpful in ventures and traveling. However, there might have been a lot of troubles between the natives and siblings in early life. Later, they manage to team up and work together efficiently.

However, if the 3rd lord is inauspiciously positioned in the 7th house, it indicates lifelong troubles with siblings.

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