3rd House Lord in 6th House


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What does the 3rd House Lord in 6th House mean?

Technically, when the planet that rules over your natal 3rd house is placed in the 6th house from your ascendant sign, it means to have this astrological combination of 3rd lord in 6th in sidereal Vedic astrology.

With this combination, the topics of the 6th house, such as debts, enemies, obstacles, disputes, service, challenges are influenced by the matters of the 3rd house, such as courage, siblings, skills, hobbies, communication, etc.

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Results of 3rd House Lord in 6th House

Financially Well-Off

According to ancient scripture BPHS, people with this combination are very well-off financially. While this combination does not produce an abundant amount of wealth, there are numerous strong astrological permutations that prove this astrological combination to be beneficial for financial stability.

To begin with, the 3rd house belongs to the Dusthana House group, which is houses of hardships and effort. At the same time, the 6th house also belongs to Dusthana houses. In terms of Vedic astrology, it is auspicious when the lord of one Dusthana is positioned in another house of hardships. It creates the effect of creating obstacles on obstacles, directly speaking. Hence, such natives will far outscore the negative matters of the 6th house, such as enemies, disputes, depts with the characteristics of the 3rd house, such as courage, physical strength, mental strength, etc. This equation indicates that such a native is able to be financially successful, as being able to overcome obstacles in the first place.

Secondly, the 3rd house belongs to the triangle of desires or Kama Trikona while the 6thhouse belongs to the triangle of wealth or Artha Trikona. The connection of which creates motivation, urge, and passion to earn wealth, especially through service or overcoming enemies, as the 6th house significances are concerned.

Thirdly, 3rd house lord in the 6th house is in fourth from its own sign/house (3rd house) which is considered auspicious disposition in Vedic astrology. It is because the 4th house belongs to the quadrant house group or Kendra Bhava which are significant for being major pillars in life. Accordingly, people with this combination have the financial support to overcome adversities of the 6th house and become financially strong.

Additional Rules Apply

  • For favorable results, the 3rd lord should be auspiciously positioned in the 6th house sign-wise.
  • It is suggested that natural malefic planets, such as Sun, Mars, Saturn are more efficient in Upachaya houses, which stands for the house of growth. It is so because natural malefic planets have a strong character and aggression to fight with adversities of the natural houses of difficulties.

Maternal Uncle

The same classical source BPHS also states that people with this communication are in constant clash with a maternal uncle.

It can be astrologically explained as the 6th house signifies maternal uncle because from the fourth house of mother, the third house of siblings is the 6th house. That is, the sibling of the mother is the 6th house.

At the same time, the 6th house signifies disputes while the 3rd house signifies communication. Accordingly, there is constant friction between the natives and their maternal uncle.

Friction With Siblings

The 3rd house belongs to siblings while the 6th house denotes enmity, disputes, and quarrels. Accordingly, the native with this combination is constantly in a cross with their siblings, especially younger ones. There are content argue, battles, and disputes between the native and their siblings.

As the 3rd lord in the 6th house is in 4th house from own sing/house, there might be disputes regarding fourth house significances, such as real-estate, conveyances, mother, etc.

If the 3rd lord is well-placed in the 6th house, the disputes will have a good ending and result. Whereas if the third house lord is ill-placed (fallen/debilitated) in the sixth house, it indicates that siblings will create a lot of obstacles and trouble for the native.

Valorous Fighter

This combination creates a very courageous and valorous person who is able to overcome obstacles, win over any dispute and defeat enemies if the combination is well-placed sign-wise. It is because the 3rd house denotes courage, valor, mental, and physical strength while the 6th house rules over enemies and obstacles.

The well-placed natural malefic planet as the 3rd ruler gives favorable results more effectively as giving a boost to aggression and courage. The natural benefic planet, such as Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter can also give auspicious results but handle adversities in a more softer manner, using the power of the mind, intelligence, peace-making attitude, and higher wisdom respectively (instead of courage, valor, and force).

As both houses, 3rd and 6th, are members of Upachaya Bhava or in other words, are houses of constant growth, it indicates that the intelligence, courage, valor, and will-power is constantly expanding and growing. These ever-growing traits are helpful in outscoring and defeating enemies.

If ill-placed

If the third house lord is inauspiciously positioned in the sixth house sign-wise (fallen/debilitated) it indicates that the native is lacking will-power, valor, and courage to face enemies. Hence, it causes constant fear and loss of courage as a result. In such a case, enemies are the source of obstacles and frequent issues.

Great Stamina

The 3rd house denotes stamina and physical strength and in the 6th house of Upachaya or house of expansion, it indicates strong stamina and physical strength. In fact, these strengths are constantly expanding and improving, if the 3rd lord is auspiciously positioned in the 6th house.

In the situation where the given lord is ill-placed, it indicates a loss of stamina and physical strength as a result. It also causes health ailments as the 6th house signifies the same, and the ill placement roots out negative significances of the sixth house. Health ailments can be related to ears, arms, or lungs as the 3rd house signifies so.

Income Through Service

The 6th house belongs to Artha Trikona or triangle of wealth which reflects the sources of income, especially through service, as signifies by the 6th house. The 3rd lord in the given house brings physical strength, stamina, will-power, and efforts to earn wealth through service. Accordingly, native may be in any service, where such traits are appreciated, such as in law enforcement, firefighter, etc. When natural benefic planets are involved, then it may give competitive abilities in rather softer activities, such as in dancing, acting, or even being a lawyer, where one has to deal with disputes and enemies.


The 3rd house contains all the characteristics required for entrepreneurship. Accordingly, if the 3rd lord is well placed in the 6th house and involved with any other auspicious special planetary combination (yoga), the native may earn a great amount of wealth through a self-sustained business that offers various kind of services.

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  • Hi, I’m a Aries Ascendant and my 3rd lord Mercury is in 6th house exalted with Sun along with Mercury in the 6th house. Could this be of any indication of being naturally good at acting or dancing? Also what could the dasha of Mercury bring with this placement? Quite a interesting placement I’d say. Thanks a lot for this great website btw so awesome!


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