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What does the 3rd House Lord in 3rd House mean?

When the planet which governs your 3rd house sits in its own sign in the 3rd house, it means to have the planetary combination of 3rd lord in 3rd as per Vedic astrology.

As a rule in Vedic astrology, a planet in its own sign becomes stronger, protects, and increases its significations and the significations of the house concerned, in the current case, the topics of the third house, such as courage, skills, hobbies, ambition, enthusiasm, communicative abilities, physical strength, etc.

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Results of 3rd House Lord in 3rd House

Classical Interpretations

According to the classical source of Vedic astrology BPHS, people with this combination of third house lord in its own sign in the third house (Sahaj Bhava Lord in Sahaj Bhava) are blessed with plenty of wealth gains, fortunate children.

In terms of astrology, the given result is provided by the fact that the 3rd house is related to wealth gains through the significations of the house (intelligence, communication, entrepreneurship, skills of hands, etc). The planet that rules the house being in its own sign int he same house, increases the strength of all these significations. Hence, people with this combination are blessed with a strong and intelligent mindset, influential communication skills, and extreme courage to pursuit dreams, independence, and even entrepreneurship.

What is more, according to the special Bhavat Bhavam relation, the 3rd house is the second house from the 2nd astrological house of wealth and speech. It means that the 3rd house is the power-house of the 2nd house of wealth. Hence, a strong 3rd lord in its own sign naturally strengthens the financial condition of the native.

According to the above mentioned astrological permutations, the native is blessed to have a solid financial foundation in life as stated by BPHS.

Cordial Relationships With Siblings

In addition to that, such natives will have excellent relationships and cooperation with siblings as per BPHS. All of these positive results will provide all-round happiness and contentment in life.

The astrological explanation for that is that the 3rd house carries the significance of siblings. With auspicious positioning of the third house lord in its own sign in the third house, it naturally indicates positive results regarding co-borns. Accordingly, people with this combination are very cooperative with their siblings and together able to achieve great things in life. It may also indicate a united venture with siblings.

In addition to that, the considered planetary combination indicates that siblings are very fortunate, intelligent, and possess great strength, courage, and communicative abilities.

Fortunate Children

According to Bhavat Bhavam in Vedic astrology, the 3rd house is related to the 5th house of progeny. It is related to the third house from the 3rd house is the 5th house, which makes it a powerhouse of the third house.

Accordingly, a strong 3rd lord and house is considered auspicious regarding progeny and ensures intelligent and fortunate children to the native as also stated by BPHS. As the third house signifies and denotes, children of the native will be generally intelligent, wise, courageous, and skilled with natural talents, especially related to the hands or communicative abilities.

Hardworking Motivator

The 3rd astrological house belongs to efforts with own skills, wisdom, and talents. Hence, people with this combination are extremely hard working and willing to put in a lot of effort to succeed which makes them very competent entrepreneurs and leaders.

Such a native is extremely self.motivated with a high level of self-worth and confidence. As a result, these natives are also able to motivate, guide, and lead others towards the path of righteousness and success.

Cooperative Local Network

The 3rd house also rules over local network and people around, Hence, these people become key persons in the life of native with whom information sharing and cooperation becomes vital towards the path of success.

Curious & Enthusiastic

The 3rd house belongs to its own strength and efforts from it. The strong third house in Vedic astrology also bestows a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm for the native in order to motivate them to become skillful and apply them in pursuits of success.

Proud & Selfish

As the 3rd house belongs to the Kama Trikona or triangle of desires, it is indicated that such natives are proud and motivated with self-interests first. and then the needs of others pop in their minds.

It is a thumb rule in astrology that any planet in own house increases the self-worth, but also the pride and self-awareness of the native, as the effects are similar to 1st lord of self in the 1st house. Accordingly, the combination also bestows a beautiful and strong body to the native with good health.

Strong & Valorous

The 3rd house is called Upachaya Bhava or the house of the constant increase in Vedic astrology, where natural malefic, such as Sun, Mars, Saturn tend to perform more efficiently in the house in question as having the aggression to push through obstacles with valor and courage.

While it indicates that natural benefic planets such as Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter are slightly less effective in giving results, but they are ensured to produce auspicious results as being favorably positioned in their own sign (as the 3rd house lord is in the 3rd house).

As a result of this given planetary permutation, the native is blessed with extreme mental and physical strength as well as valor. It is especially beneficial if natural malefic is in this house as giving more aggression and courage to become prosperous.

Intelligent & Wise

Natural benefic planets give results in a more smooth way in this house. Instead of an aggressive attitude, natural benefic planets show a more steady and soft approach in developing skills and earning wealth. Instead of physical strength, they use the power of the mind, who have a third house ruler a natural benefic planet.

In both cases (natural benefic and malefic), intelligence and physical endurance is ensured, but the dominance of the traits vary.

Accordingly, a natural malefic gives more physical strength in this house as 3rd lord, and a natural benefic planet bestows more intelligence.

Fortunate & Wealthy

The third house lord in the third house gives direct aspect upon the 9th house of luck, fortune, wealth, and higher wisdom. As it is an auspicious placement in own sign, it inherits the good benefits from the 9th house as well. Accordingly, the native is blessed to be naturally lucky and fortunate, especially through having higher wisdom which ensures healthy and pious ambitions (3rd) which are backed by the universe and supported with abundant wealth gains.

Moral & Ethical

The aspected 9th house also signifies righteousness, ethics, and morals. Accordingly, people with this combination of third lord in third are very concerned about ethics and morals and follow a righteous life path.

The ambitions of such people are always having higher meaning and motives backed by ethics, morals, and higher wisdom. This ensures prosperity and success to the native by God.

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Classical Sources Used: BPHS, Saravali, Brihat Jataka, Lal Kitab, Yavan Jataka. Regarding General Observations: Please include what was and wasn't accurate in the comments. Share the article with your friends using social media buttons below.

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