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The Twelfth House in Vedic astrology relates to salvation, settlement in foreign lands, enlightenment, losses, expenditure, charity, and donations. The Twelfth House is called Vyaya Bhava in Vedic Astrology and belongs to the triangle of salvation or Moksha Trikona.


Enlightenment is one of the main significations of this astrological house. It helps spiritual people to become fully enlightened, which ultimately can give them the final salvation and save from the cycle of rebirth. In spirituality, the ultimate goal is to become fully enlightened and unite with the Creator of the Universe. It also means to become free of all worries that are connected with the physical presence. If you have a prominent 12th house in your birth chart, chances are that you are blessed with enlightenment and may achieve the ultimate goal of souls – the salvation. If the twelfth house lord is well placed and aspected, then it is much easier to become spiritually evolved.

Aspirations & Manifestations

The 12th house also signifies dreams, aspirations, and manifestation of the same. There are various explanations why these significations are assigned to the 12th house, which is apparently a difficult house at first glance.

Firstly, the 12th house is the second house from the 11th house. Whereas the 11th house signifies goals, aspirations, and wishes while the 12th house signifies dreams and visions. The 2nd positioning of the 12th house from the 11th house, in other words, means that the 12th house is the wealth of the 11th house.

Accordingly, the 12th house signifies the manifestation or fructification of the wishes and aspirations of the 11th house. It is also very logical, as before we make a wish, we visualize and dream about it. After doing that, we make a wish and start making necessary steps in order to manifest the dreams and visions.


Charitable organizations and activities are also governed by this astrological house. In a positive note, this house represents releasing possessions in a positive cause by donation or charity – this can further help to become closer to God, by performing selfless kind acts for the whole society.

Foreign Lands

The Twelfth House in Vedic astrology also relates to everything connected with foreign lands such as foreign settlement, import-export businesses, and large organizations. For example, it determines whether you will have a life partner in a foreign land and if you will settle there or not. It will also give a clue whether you will be involved in large and global organizations. A person who has a connection of 12th house with the 11th house can be mostly involved in foreign cultures and communities. They also earn gains from foreign sources.


The 12th house is strongly connected to your expenses. It can also bestow you a highly luxurious life. Most of the people enjoy making expenses for their own comfort. These expenses can be also related to frequent traveling in foreign countries and charitable acts. When the 12th house is negative,  these expenses can also be related to a hospitalization caused by some health issues. Additionally, this house rules over isolation in jails, where people can think about the mistakes they have made. Ultimately, the 12th house leads us closer to becoming enlightened by shaping our souls in good or bad ways.


The 12th house also relates to the comforts related to the bedroom such as sound sleep and sexual satisfaction. If the house has any affliction, it can lead to problems in attaining sexual harmony and sound sleep. It can cause insomnia. At the same time, a strong 12th house can save from these kinds of diseases and bless with abundant sensual pleasures and peacefully sound sleep.

Venus will give great fruits in this house as the 12th house is the natural house of Pisces, where Venus becomes exalted. These great fruits include various comforts with a highly luxurious lifestyle. Additionally, great sensual pleasures and spiritual evolvement are also blessings of Venus in the 12th house.

Negative significances of the 12th house

The 12th house is one of the malefic or Dushtana houses in Vedic Astrology. Your secret enemies are hidden in this house. International spies are also ruled by this house. This house also governs isolation in hospitals and prisons. If the 12th house is extremely negative, then it can cause diseases, especially related to feet.

Additional details related to the Twelfth House in Astrology

  • It belongs to the Dushtana Bhava houses – signifies losses, mental tension, hospitality, and imprisonment.
  • Body Parts – Left eye, feet
  • Family members – Brother of your father

Planets related to the house

  • Jupiter – The natural ruler of the 12th zodiac sign Pisces. It signifies spirituality and enlightenment.
  • Saturn – Signifies losses, diseases, and salvation.
  • Venus – Signifies all kind of bedroom pleasures
  • Ketu – Signifies salvation or Moksha.

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  • Wow! I am reading that the 12th house is associated with the left eye body part, and that Saturn, a planet related to this house, is associated with losses, disease, and salvation. I had a brain tumor behind my left eye and it obstructed my nerve and caused blindness! My 12th house is Capricorn, I have Saturn in the 12th, and I have Jupiter, Venus, and Chiron in the 6th house (Cancer).


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