12th House Lord in 6th House


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What does 12th House Lord in 6th House mean?

When the planet that governs the 12th house of the natal birth chart is located in the 6th house from the ascendant sign, it means to have this combination.

As a general effect of this combination, the significances of the 6th house, such as challenges, discipline, endurance, coworkers, teammates, employees, as well as difficulties, enemies, opposition, competition, disputes, quarrels, fights, wars, litigation, debts, etc. are influenced by the significances of the 12th house, such as long term investments, expenses on self, charities, creativity, dreams, bedroom comforts, visions, the power to manifest visions into reality, foreign land, as well as deception, hidden enemies, losses, isolation, obstacles, limits, etc.

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Usually, the positioning of a malefic 12th lord in houses causes struggles, but in this case, it is auspicious. That is because this combination forms a difficult yet powerful planetary combination Vimala Viparita Raja Yoga.

Both of the houses involved in this combination are malefic. Therefore, the main function of this combination is to cause obstacles with the energies of the 12th house to the significances of the 6th house.

While both houses are malefic, the difficulties are definitely increased. However, with this combination, the difficulties and struggles serve as great catalysts for positive outcomes and strengthening the native in general.

Moreover, when the 12th house lord is in the 6th house, it is in 7th from its own sign which adds auspicious intonation and balancing effect to this combination. That is because the 7th house is a benefic quadrant house or Kendra Bhava which signifies balance, peace, harmony, stability, society, societal norms, compassion, compromises, partnerships, agreements, bonds, etc.

It is important to note that the 12th house lord should be dignified in the 6th house in order to produce auspicious results.

The 12th house belongs to the triangle of salvation or Moksha Trikona, the 6th house belong to the triangle of wealth or Artha Trikona while the 7th (disposition) house belongs to the triangle of desires or Kama Trikona.

The connection between these house types indicates a desire to earn a livelihood through generous and kind service towards society if the 12th lord is dignified. Otherwise, in most cases, it indicates being selfish and greedy which is the main cause of losses, miseries, and enmity with society.

Results of 12th House Lord in 6th House

Enmity Amidst Society

According to the classical source Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, this combination causes enmity with own people.

The reason for this is hidden behind various astrological indications. To begin with, the 6th house signifies opposition, enmity, disputes, and disharmony.

At the same time, this combination forms the 7th disposition which reflects society and societal norms.

Therefore, one of the generic results of this connection between these houses is the loss of harmony in society due to the behavior of the native.

This, in turn, attracts opposition and enmity with members of their own society. With the combination where two malefic houses are involved, this is a normal result.

The general reason for the enmity is the opposition of worldviews between the natives and their society.

That is to say, the native often has unique, bizarre, or abnormal viewpoints which cause massive confusion within people of their surroundings.

There can be multiple outcomes of this enmity depending on the dignity of the 12th house lord in the 6th house.

Accordingly, if the 12th lord is strong and dignified in the given house, it indicates that the native is able to gain from their original viewpoints, despite much struggle and opposition.

On the contrary, if the 12th lord is undignified in the given house, it indicates enmity and disharmony amidst society because of the selfish behavior and aggression. This kind of negative behavior also causes great damage to their social image and reputation.

Spiritually Influential

As the 12th house is a spiritual house, the placement of its lord in the 6th house makes the native disciplined regarding spirituality, enlightenment, and higher purposes of the soul.

The energies of the 12th house, which is the natural domain of gentle and generous 12th Jupiter-ruled zodiac sign Pisces, makes the native highly compassionate, especially towards the underprivileged, as the 6th house suggests.

As a result of their spiritual or pure viewpoints and respect towards the ones who have gone through difficult events, they eventually become very influential in their society.

Using their influence over masses of people they are capable of guiding masses towards enlightenment or certain path to betterment. These paths can involve raising responsibility towards animals, underprivileged, nature, and other similar actions.

This effect is possible with either Venus or Mars being the 12th lord in their neutral signs while their depositors (guide planets) are strong and dignified. This effect is especially strong with Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga Mercury.

Aggressive & Miserable

In BPHS there is also mentioned that individuals with this combination are angry, aggressive, cruel, and miserable.

These characteristics are provided by the 6th house the environments of which simply prompt the natives to become aggressive to a certain degree to overcome their specific obstacles.

Besides being aggressive, they are also very competitive and quarrelsome which enables them to overcome difficult situations in life caused by the opposition.

Destruction Of Enemies

If the 12th lord is dignified (neutral) and strong, it enables them to cause losses to their enemies and dissolve them in the process. That is to say, they have unique ways to deal with their enemies and solve disputes with ease.

Despite having lots of enemies and obstacles, thee natives are capable of defeating them all, if the 12th lord is strong and neutrally placed. That is because the 12th house signifies loss and 6th house enemies. Hence, this combination positively causes the loss or destruction of enemies.

On the contrary, in most cases, the 12th lord in the 6th house is undignified. This causes the natives to become very sinful, deceptive, fraudulent, cruel, and greedy.

They become negatively cunning and take advantage of members of society by using them as stepping stones for their selfish pursuits.

Dirty Desires

The same classical source also states that these natives have sinful inclinations to chase after partners who are taken.

The reason for this is hidden in the 7th disposition, which belongs to the triangle of desires.

At the same time, the 12th house is linked to sensuality and bedroom related pleasures. Hence, this combination causes the natives to chase after sensual desires.

If the 12th lord is undignified in the 6th house, it makes them take sinful or socially unacceptable actions to satisfy their desires. One of which is immorally chasing partners for physical pleasures even when they are taken.

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A dignified or neutrally placed 12th lord can relieve these results a little. However, as only Venus and Mars can be neutrally placed, it still makes them very sensuous and addicted to pleasures. Nevertheless, in the situation of neutrally positioned 12th lord, they consider rather moral ways of satisfying their desires.

Quarrelsome & Critical

This combination also makes these natives extremely quarrelsome and critical. They are the utmost fond of initiating troubles and disputes. Their actions cause disharmony in their surroundings.

With that being said, they often start quarrels to benefit themselves, especially if the 12th lord is fallen. Their own sinful actions cause them a lot of trouble and losses. The losses are both mental and physical which are caused by sinful enemies.

If this combination is well-formed, it signifies that gaining out of disputes, quarrels, fights, and litigations are their special expertise. The native is forced to overcome a great number of obstacles caused by their surroundings.

It also indicates that they are skilled in debating and causing losses to their enemies through their arguments and wisdom of societal norms.

Losses & Secret Enemies

Many of their obstacles and troubles are caused by their secret enemies, which is the significance of the 12th house. These enemies become great sources of grief and misery in life.

As the 12th lord is in the 6th house, the hidden enemies manifest in the form of employees, coworkers, or teammates who are capable of deceiving the native any time causing great damage or even losses.

Hence, this combination is especially difficult for the natives because their day to day tasks involve deceptive people around them, who appear to be their loyal servants or teammates.

This actually leads these natives into the desire to work or serve daily tasks alone in an isolated form in order to reduce worries about deceptive people with hidden motives. In fact, when isolated, these natives function best as they are able to focus and be more productive.

Speaking of daily service, these natives have a rather detached (read unemotional) attitude towards their work. They appear insensitive or stressed in their service. On the other hand, it makes them more serious about their duties.

Their insensitive attitude towards their service enables them to undertake mentally tough projects or tasks, that would normally cause mental breakdown to an average person.

Vimala Yoga Effect

Despite various struggles and negative results caused by this combination, which is completely normal, there are also specific benefits arising from the special planetary combination Vimala Yoga.

The generic benefit from this yoga is good resistance to stress, illnesses, viruses, and enemies. That is because the 12th lord causes destruction to the 6th house significances.

As the effects from any Viparita Raja Yoga come through initial struggles, it means that the native may undergo some trouble related to health but which strengthens it in the end.

Same way, the presence of enemies and opponents serve the beneficial purpose for the native as through them they evolve, grow, and gain.

The 6th house is about service and wealth. This indicates that these natives gain decently out of service where they deal with difficulties, disputes, quarrels, and litigation.

The strength, discipline, and endurance shape their public image and fame positively. Despite this, their fame also has a negative tone to it because of their inherent aggression, conflicting ideas, and disharmonious nature.

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