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There are various approaches to birth chart reading. On this page, there are guidelines on where to start in order not to become overwhelmed by the information presented in the Vedic birth chart.

Before You Start

Acknowledge that we are not zodiac signs or planets. We are part of a huge creation where all matter including stars and energy carried by them give us hints about how it all functions. Almighty God is the sole owner and creator of everything and in full control of it.

We all have inauspicious placements and it reflects the fact that we all make mistakes and thus must not become hypocritical and point out the faults in others, but instead, help to overcome weaknesses.

All people have the capacity to sin but also change direction and become righteous regardless of planetary combinations. That fact is reflected by the cancellation of enmity and debilitation. On the contrary, also the cancellation of dignity and reversal of exaltation. So never be quick and eager to judge unless being perfect.

Many people misuse the ancient Vedic wisdom to find weaknesses and faults in others but that is strictly forbidden as mentioned in BPHS’s “The Creation” part. Probably it is the reason why other religious scriptures limit or prohibit interpreting star signs.

The creation is so massive compared to our brain capacity which means that we can never know everything about the creation. The creator controls when who, and how much is revealed to each of us via Sages from angels. Everything aligns and happens for a reason.

Topics such as wealth, career, and status are what most people are interested in nowadays. Speaking of this from the perspective of Jyotish, wealth can be considered a blessing if the attitude toward materialism is mature and higher values are in balance.

However, wealth should not be considered a measurement of the goodness of one’s soul. In this era, combinations that indicate immaturity can indicate a sudden gain of massive wealth which is either lost suddenly or never brings fulfillment.

Powerful Yogas or combinations that indicate wealth gains along with dignified or exalted planets indicate honestly earned gains with the mature approach which ensures ever-lasting happiness.

1. Birth Data Verification

While entering birth data, please double-check for errors before having your Vedic birth chart calculated as it is very time-sensitive. If you do not know your birth time, just enter your correct birth date.

If you have only a date while the time is unknown, then you can still rely on the “Planets In Signs” & “Planets In Nakshatras” interpretation as this is the only section that is less hour-minute-second sensitive.

When you have the correct birth time, then you can rely on all sections and calculations that unfold after generating the chart.

2. Identify the ongoing planetary period

After having your chart calculated, start by reading interpretations of all planets in signs. Then check at the last section of the calculation your current ruler of Mahadasha or planetary main period.

The effects and traits of that planet are most prominent at the time you generate your chart and you get the most relevant information by concentrating on interpreting your Mahadasha ruler.

No matter how many outstanding combinations you find in your chart, the effects of the Mahadasha ruler predominate, even if it is the only negative combination. Same way, if there are many bad placements but the period of a highly dignified Mahadasha ruler is running, good results and character traits prevail.

Nakshatra Of Mahadasha Planet

The Nakshatra in which the active Mahadasha Planet is placed is also important as it shows the intonation of the native. Say if the active Mahadasha is of Aries Saturn (canceled debilitation) and is in the Nakshatra ruled by Pisces Jupiter, then the native is bitter-sweet throughout the harsh Saturn Mahadasha. The native also receives auspicious results because of the strong dignity of Nakshatra Lord Jupiter in its own sign Pisces.

3. Dispositor of Dasha ruler Analysis

After learning about your main period ruler planet, check for its guide or dispositor planet. The dispositor planet of the main period ruler is the sign lord in which the main period lord is placed. For instance, if Mercury is in Taurus, the dispositor is Venus, which is the ruler of Taurus.


The planetary dignity of the Mahadasha ruler is the first important thing to analyze. If it is in friendly sign, it indicates the formation of average to good outcomes. If it is a sign of a great friend, it provides good results. If it is in its own sign, it provides very good results with extra strength and protection. In exaltation sign, a planet provides outstanding results but carries the dangers of overindulgence.

Remember that dignity is altered individually according to planets in birth charts. That is if the guide or dispositor of the Mahadasha ruler is in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, and 12th place from the Mahadasha ruler, it improves dignity. More specifically, from enemy to neutral, neutral to a friend, friend to great friend.

The guide planet or dispositor carries a major role in determining the direction of the Mahadasha planet.

The Mahadasha planet signifies self in circumstances while the dispositor signifies direction which is mostly influenced by surroundings or other outer influences, such as people, family, coworkers, etc.

Some examples

Scenario 1 – Dignified Mahadasha Ruler & Dispositor

If the Mahadasha ruler is in good dignity while its guide or dispositor is also in good dignity, very good results are expected.

Scenario 2 – Undignified M.Dasha Ruler & dignified dispositor with a bad angle

A Mahadasha ruler in bad dignity which is corrected by a dispositor in good dignity but in an unfriendly place from it (other than 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, and 12th), improvement of effects are indicated along with major struggle and adversity.

Scenario 3 – undignified m.dasha ruler & dignified dispositor with good angle

Mahadasha ruler in bad dignity which is neutralized by a dignified dispositor in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, and 12th from it indicates improvement of effects with less adversity because of the better attitude of the native.

Scenario 4 – Undignified m.Dasha ruler & Dispositor with favorable angle

Mahadasha ruler in bad dignity which is guided by dispositor which is also in bad dignity but in a favorable disposition, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, and 12th, indicates temporary success in immature paths and sudden destruction.

In other words, the angle between two undignified planets favors the manifestation of immature effects resulting in temporary success in unethical undertakings.

If the two undignified planets exchange signs, it means that the initial bad dignity of the two planets reflect support from unethical environments to help the native achieve unethical deed. In this case, the high environmental support is achieved through the deception of the native making masses think that the native is truthful with the best intentions.

Debilitation w/o cancellation

A debilitated Mahadasha ruler can indicate a great advancement in a materialistic perspective but a sudden loss when events pick up. When the cancellation is not present, constant struggles are present without major improvement until the next better period starts.

d1 & d9 Debilitation w/o cancellation

A debilitated Mahadasha ruler without cancellation, which is also debilitated in the secondary (D9) chart, indicates extremely adverse results.

Debilitation w cancellation

A debilitated Mahadasha ruler the debilitation of which is canceled indicates sudden improvement after learning lessons from many mistakes and major adversities.

moolatrikona, own sign, or Exaltation sign

When the Mahadasha ruler is in its own, Moolatrikona, or exaltation sign, outstanding results during the period are indicated.

If that dignified planet is in a difficult 3rd, 6th, 8th, or 12th house, there are chances that the good results come with great pain. But hey, no pain no gain, right? Besides this, strong personalities long for challenges.

Results are also altered if that dignified planet is conjunct with an undignified or fallen planet. In such a case the native can prosper effectively by harnessing or overtaking the tactics of the bad opponent in order to overcome them. Such natives like to show the bad ones what their acts feel like.

An exalted planet conjunct with a debilitated planet indicates the ability to play a very clever game by harnessing the tricky tactics of apparently moving in the wrong direction to eventually transform everything into positivity.

Sometimes it indicates someone who initially set out to bring trouble but ends up bringing benefits to everyone eventually after being transformed in the middle of the journey.


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