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What does Venus in Aries mean?

It means that elegant, lavish, hedonistic, yet spiritual, attractive, and the justice-loving planet Venus combines with the fiery, adventurous, independent, valorous, enterprising, motivated, dynamic, cardinal fire sign Aries.

As per sign placement, this is considered neutral. It is because Venus is neutral towards Mars, the ruler of the Aries zodiac sign.

Equally, it means that the planet Mars becomes a guide to Venus in this sign. Hence, the deeper outcomes of this combination are highly dependent on the dignity of Mars and how it harnesses the energies of Aries Venus.

Venus in this sign is in 12th and 7th from its own signs Taurus and Libra respectively.

The 7th disposition adds auspicious intonation to this combination because of being a benefic quadrant or Kendra Bhava which signifies harmony, peace, balance, compromises, societal norms, justice, equity, partnerships, etc.

Being in 7th also means being exactly opposite to own sign or exiled. This indicates that Venus is in an environment that is unfamiliar and totally different than Libra. As a result, Venus feels very uncomfortable which is good because the biggest evolution and advancement happens outside of the comfort zone.

Whereas the 12th disposition adds difficult intonation to this combination because of being a malefic house which signifies sacrifices, losses, expenses, isolation. Positively, the given disposition signifies spirituality, enhanced sensuality, imagination powers, creativity, the power to manifest ideas into reality, gains from losses, etc.

With that being said, positive outcomes are extracted from all the above-menioned dispositions and their significances if Mars, the guide of Venus, is dignified.

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Results of Venus in Aries


Aries Venus bestows physical beauty and attractiveness to the native with this combination. Mars also blesses with young looks, hence the placement of Venus in Aries indicates youthful appearance throughout life.

This effect is provided by the fact that Aries is the natural tenant of the 1st house which denotes self, body, and physical appearance. Hence, the placement of a mesmerizingly beautiful Venus in this sign blesses the native with a lasting youthful appearance.

Physical Attraction

Venus is the significator of love being in a fiery sign, which is ruled by a fast-moving planet Mars, signifies falling in love quickly as per Vedic astrology.

However, falling in love too quickly can result in superficial or physical affection rather than love from the heart.

Physical affection, however, can be elusive and does not always indicate the match between two people on the soul level.

As a result, people with this combination may often face struggles in relationships. Thus, it takes many relationships for them to find their perfect match.

The placement of Venus in a sign which is ruled by fiery Mars may also cause a lot of dominance issues in relationships. It will also lead to ego fights and quarrels.

People with Venus in Aries need to find compromises with their partner in order to have a peaceful married life.


Mars-ruled Aries is the adventurous sign that loves to explore and never becomes stagnant. When Venus is in this sign, it also brings love or relationship matters to their adventures.

Moreover, as Venus has wandered all the way to the opposite sign of its own sign Libra, it adds energy to their restless traveling desires.

For the same reason, such natives are restless explorers and thus fond of adventures. What is more, they involve love matters in their adventures as well.

In other words, these natives are fond of exploring different types of partners and rarely settle for the one and only.

With that being said, they settle only when they find a partner who resonates well with natural Aries traits.

That is to say, their heart only accepts people who are willing to constantly explore new things in love life, be adventurous, and keep up the spark anyhow.

For finding that good person, Mars, the guide of Venus in Aries should be strong and dignified.

Otherwise, if Mars is weak, these natives struggle in finding the right match which leads to frequent changing of partners.

Can Venus in Aries be faithful? Yes, these natives can be very faithful and affectionate once they find their perfect match. They just need to have their high expectations met and lots of adventure to keep the relationship fresh and exciting.

High Sensual Desires

The passionate nature of Mars, which rules Aries, increases their level of sensual desires to a great extent. In fact, people with their Mars in Aries are very active in relationships as far as sensual pleasures are concerned.

On the one hand, it strengthens the bond between two people, who are fond of this kind of affection. For this, Mars should be strong and dignified.

These natives are very appealing to the members of the opposite gender with a similar adventurous nature.

Hence, they will mostly attract similar partners to themselves, who are fond of having an active sensual relationship.

Accordingly, the placement of Venus in Aries reflects a very lustful, passionate, and fiery style of love.

However, they are a little bit aggressive regarding sensual pleasures. It means that they love to cosplay with often painful techniques and extreme positions.

On the contrary, if an undignified Mars guides Venus, the increased levels of their intimate needs also result in chasing after multiple partners.

They might even overlook ethics and fond of grabbing married or taken people to make a physical connection with them.

In such a case, the negative side of the 12th disposition is activated and the native becomes generally unethical and faces various obstacles or losses.

They might face disgrace due to the trait of being involved with taken partners. What is more, as the 12th disposition is formed from Taurus, which signifies family, they also bring stigma to their whole family.

Lavish Lifestyle

As Venus is the planet of luxury while Aries is all about exploring, these natives love to explore the lavish side of life. That is, they are fond of acquiring or enjoying various comforts that life has to offer.

As Venus in Aries forms the 12th disposition from the sign of wealth, Taurus, these natives have increased expenses due to their excessively hedonistic nature.

That is because they are likely to spend an excessive portion of their wealth in order to satisfy their needs regarding luxuries and comforts.

However, if Mars is strong and dignified, the expenses should be no cause of worry or obstacles to them.

That is because people with this positively formed combination have often wealth coming to them effortlessly which they will spend to satisfy all their hedonistic desires.

If Mars is well placed, it supports Venus and still helps to save money despite heavy expenditure.

In addition to that, in this situation, they are also able to make wise long term investment decisions. They spend a large portion of wealth which will return great benefits later along with a good return of investment.

Hard Attitude

Because of the fact that Venus is exiled from its own sign Libra, these natives lose their softer side. As a result, they become very rough and stiff in their behavior.

To be specific, Libra is all about peace, unity, harmony, and love while Aries denotes uniqueness, valor, aggression, and initiation power. Hence, these two signs are completely opposite to each other.

As Venus is neutral in Aries, the deeper outcomes of this are highly dependent on the dignity of Mars.

Accordingly, if a strong Mars guides Venus, it indicates that the loss of the softer side of the personality is a great boon, actually.

That is because in such a case, Venus inherits the leadership qualities along with the strict and determined character, which enables them to become proficient chiefs and leaders.

On the contrary, if Mars is undignified, they lose their courage and leadership capabilities along with sweet, soft, and balanced character traits. As a result, they become very harsh, strict, and disharmonious in attitude and behavior.

Venus in Aries Love Style

As Venus is the planet of love, the placement of it in Aries gives a lot of information on how the native behaves in relationships.

Aries Venus people are ruled by fiery planet Mars which describes their way of loving and caring. Accordingly, Aries Venus people are extremely passionate, lustful, and adventurous.

What is the perfect match for Aries Venus people? Having a high desire for adventure, they often tend to have many partners until they settle with the one with whom they are satisfied. They need a lot of spice and entertainment in order to keep them interested in a long-term relationship.

With that being said, Aries Venus people are most attracted to especially strong and courageous partners who have a lot of Mars in them. That is, who are adventurous, straightforward, decisive, and enterprising.

Even though these people are full of motivation and courage to make efficient decisions themselves, Aries Venus reflects their desire to have a life partner with these traits, who can keep their fire burning and senses satisfied.

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