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Venus in Vedic Astrology symbolizes luxury, enjoyment of material life, women, love, beauty, harmony, poetry, literature, charm, attraction, affection, lust, vehicles, hedonism, horses, partners, and marriage. Venus is called Shukra in Vedic Astrology and is a second Guru or teacher besides Jupiter.

Teacher of lost souls

The legend has it that Venus once were a teacher of demons or lost souls. The lost souls were extremely spiritual, but due to lack of guidance, they got lost in their path of fulfilling their soul purpose. Venus noticed their struggles and became their guide on Earth and took care of these souls. During the process, Venus obtained the knowledge of immoral matters and with the help of this knowledge, trapped the lost souls who did not want to improve and continue on the good path. Venus became also well aware of the desires of souls who had physical bodies thus provided comforts to the good souls. Venus also provided conveyances such as vehicles which helped to achieve the duties of these souls. Venus also noticed that excessive comforts and luxury made them too stagnant and attached to the earthly luxury which was supposed to be their tools not their things of worship. Venus as a spiritual teacher left the luxury untouched and let them realize that after all the earthly desires, there is still something missing, and that is spiritual fulfillment. Spiritual fulfillment is also represented by the 12th sign Pisces in Astrology where Venus is exalted. So the only way for Venus dominant people to become detached from the material world is to experience all the fulfillment of material desires after which they will only realize that something important is missing – inner peace. They truly wish for spiritual fulfillment which an exalted Venus in the natural 12th house perfectly symbolizes.


Beauty, charm and physical attractiveness is a blessing form a strong and well-placed Venus. People who are naturally attractive have an influence of a strong Venus in their birth charts. Venus also signifies products that are related to beauty, such as cosmetics and fashion clothing, which helps to emphasize the beauty of Venus. People with positive Venus in their chart always like to keep themselves and their possessions clean.

Strong Venus also gives a deep interest in poetry and art. People with strong Venus are very artistic and poetic and love to apply it in the form of their creations.

Wealth and Luxury

A well-placed Venus also blesses us with all kinds of conveyances and luxury. Venus also signifies our dreams related to wealth. When you always possess the best vehicles, then it indicates that you definitely have a strong and well-placed Venus in your chart.

Marriage and Partnership

Venus in a birth chart with the 7th house signifies marriage – it indicates the nature of spouse and marital harmony. If a birth chart possesses a well placed Venus and 7th house lord, then it ensures a happy marriage to the native. Happy marriage also includes feelings of love and passion in a relationship that a good Venus can provide. Venus in 12th house, Jupiter or Ketu indicates a spiritual partner. Additionally, it can indicate that the partner will be a foreigner. When Venus receives aspect from Jupiter in a birth chart, it indicates a devoted life partner.

Additional significations related to Venus in Astrology

Signifies – Sexual pleasures, romance, potency, art, poetry, cinema, dancing, paintings, jewelry, elegance, and devotion.

Body Parts – Face, neck, semen, and outer sexual organs.

Relation – Signifies marriage or life partner.

Profession – Jobs related to beauty and fashion. In addition to that, acting, dancing, painting, and interior designer.

Houses related to Venus

the 4th house – vehicles and conveyances

the 7th house – marital bliss and partnerships

the 12th house – spiritual self-realization and sexual pleasures.

Details of Venus

Vedic nameShukra
Own SignTaurus
Mooltrikona SignLibra
Exalted inPisces
Debilitated inVirgo
Purva Phalguni
Purva Ashadha
Natural Benefic
Friendly PlanetsMercury
Neutral PlanetsMars
Aspects Houses7th
Gains Directional Strength4th house
ColorFull White
Combination of all colors
Duration in a Sign28 days
Duration of Mahadasha20 years
Age of Maturation25th

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Classical Sources Used: BPHS, Saravali, Brihat Jataka, Lal Kitab, Yavan Jataka. Regarding General Observations: Please include what was and wasn't accurate in the comments. Share the article with your friends using social media buttons below.

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  • Loved reading this. I have 12 lord venus in 8 house Capricorn. Everything mentioned above resonates with my life. Thank you for sharing this post.


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