Venus in 2nd house unites with the energies of its zodiac sign Taurus. As the 2nd zodiac sign, Taurus naturally represents the 2nd astrological house and therefore shares common energies with it.

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It is important to note that the positive placement of Jupiter, Mercury, and the 2nd house ruler carry an important role in amplifying the favorable or saving from negative results of Venus in 2nd house.

The above-mentioned planets are linked to the 2nd house because of the following significations. Jupiter mutually signifies wealth and family with the 2nd house. Mercury is linked to this house because of signifying speech, just like the 2nd house.

Hence, it is important to analyze these planets in addition to Venus in the 2nd house for final outcomes of the significations correlated to specific planets.

The 2nd house ruler becomes a guide to Venus in this house. Therefore the condition of the 2nd house ruler determines deeper outcomes of this combination.

Additionally, the majority of results are also determined by the zodiac sign in which the Venus resides in the 2nd house.

Results of Venus in 2nd House

According to classical scriptures, Venus in the 2nd house produces a helpful and humble person who is blessed to have plenty of wealth, a beautiful life partner, a good family, and who will enjoy various delicious recipes. He is also blessed with a gorgeous facial appearance.

The second house in astrology is connected to the second zodiac sign Taurus, which is ruled by Venus. Hence, it proves the general auspiciousness of Venus in a house of its own energies. The energies and frequencies are well harmonized between them.

The aspect of Venus

Venus aspects the 8th house from its position in the 2nd, which indicates hidden family treasury (2) and inheritance (8). People with this combination are fortunate regarding unexpected wealth gains (8) and blessed to have good relations with in-laws (8).

Their speech (2) has mysterious, hypnotizing, and deep intonation (8). If Venus is well-placed in the 2nd house (in friendly or exalted sign) it relieves the 8th house from giving dreaded negative results, such as accidents, chronic diseases, various unexpected losses, etc.

Sweet Spoken

One of the primary significances of the 2nd astrological house is voice and speech. Venus, as the sweet planet of beauty influences accordingly. Hence, people with this combination are soft-spoken with a beautiful and attractive voice which appeals to the surroundings easily.

As Venus casts a direct aspect upon the 8th house of deepness and mysticism, it indicates that the speech has deeply soothing intonation. Using their deeply attractive speech, they are capable of healing others.

Depending on the overall horoscope, the voice can bring success in activities where a beautiful voice is required. These activities can be everything from signing, acting to being a tv or radio host. If the 2nd house lord is well-placed, it indicates that the speech will be used productively and piously while damaged 2nd house lord indicates the opposite.

Facial Charm

As facial appearance comes under the governance of the 2nd astrological house, Venus here influences these significations positively. To be specific, the combination blesses with gorgeous eyes and beautiful facial charm.

These natives put a lot of effort to take care of their face and overall beauty.

An undignified or fallen Venus creates a person with a lack of interest, enthusiasm, and a fake smile.

Wealth & Treasury

Classics mentioned that Venus in the considered house is auspicious regarding wealth which can be again explained by the significances of the 2nd astrological domain.

The considered house governs all worldly treasures and stored/accumulated wealth. Hence, Venus, when free from malefic influences and placed well (sign-wise), blesses with large storages of wealth and treasures from multiple sources. Additionally, as Venus generally rules females, the income can be influenced by women.

The 8th house, which is aspected by Venus in the 2nd house, signifies unearned wealth or finances of others. Hence, with this combination, these natives are blessed to enjoy financial benefits and favors from others, especially from in-laws and spouses. These natives with dignified Venus are well taken care of by others, especially their spouses.

Any affliction can decrease the amount of wealth depending on how much and which negative influences are impacting Venus in the considered house.

That is to say, an undignified or fallen Venus in this house indicates unattainable riches and luxuries. Alternatively, if other factors in the chart for riches are strong, then it indicates the attainment of wealth through artificial or fake deeds.

It also indicates a person who is inclined towards spending the wealth of others for selfish purposes and often on unnecessary luxurious items.

Family Matters

As the 2nd astrological house governs family matters, Venus here indicates a great family with good progeny and a beautiful life partner.

With the asspect upon the 8th house, these natives are very deeply attached to their family members and are willing to protect them in any situation.

The growth and continuation of the family lineage depend on the placement of the 2nd house lord.

For instance, if the 2nd lord is positioned in the 11th house (house of growth – Upachaya Bhava), it ensures the growth of the family lineage.

Luxuries & Sweet Dishes

Venus represents luxuries and conveyances, and in the considered house it supports a luxurious lifestyle with various luxurious articles and company of good people.

To be specific, Venus is the planet of comforts and luxuries while the 2nd house denotes accumulated wealth and assets. Hence, with the given planet in this house, it indicates that the majority of assets are of significations of Venus, such as luxurious jewels, conveyances, and vehicles.

As the 2nd astrological house is related to nutritional values and food intake, it indicates the enjoyment of quality dishes.

Classical Analysis

Bhrigu Sutras

According to this classical source, Venus influences the 2nd house matters positively. Namely, this combination bestows good wealth and assets to the native, as the 2nd house suggests.

The 2nd house is also all about family matters, family values, and lineage. With Venus in the house that it naturally represents, it definitely indicates that the native will have their own family and continuation lineage in the form of offspring.

Such natives are resourceful and at the same time kind and generous. They are willing to help and assist others, especially those who have suffered sudden traumatic events, as the aspect upon the 8th house suggests.

The native possesses very attractive and deeply beautiful eyes. Not only that they are handsome, but also their life partner spouse. That is because of the aspect upon the 8th house, which denotes the facial attributes of a spouse. To be specific the 8th is 2nd (face) form 7th (spouse) house.

In this classical source is mentioned that they get a handsome spouse at the age of 32.

If the 2nd house ruler is located in one of the malefic, 6th, 8th, or 12th houses it causes issues regarding face or eyes. Furthermore, if Venus is associated with its enemy Moon while the 2nd ruler is also in the malefic house, the native has impaired vision in the dark.

This also causes unnecessary waste of finances which causes great damage to financial conditions and wealth accumulations.

Brihat Jataka

According to this classical source, individuals with this combination speak in a fluent or persuasive manner and are sweet-tongued.


In this classical source, there is mentioned that this combination makes the speech of the native very poetically persuasive.

This combination is also said to provide riches and luxuries from multiple sources.


This combination blesses with a good financial foundation for the native and makes them wealthy. Their speech radiates kindness and generosity.

As the 2nd house governs mouth, it also indicates nutritional values. With a sweet planet Venus in this house, these natives are fond of fine dining and good drinks.

They will be glorious and enjoy the company of beautiful people of high standards. They are also fond of a luxurious lifestyle and are blessed to have plenty of luxurious articles in their life.

Chamatkara Chintamani

Not only that these natives are sweet spoken, but also mentally resourceful. That is because the 2nd house is the value of the 1st house of mentality. In other words, they possess great mental capabilities and are generally intelligent.

Their appearance is brilliant on account of the beautiful dressing style. They are interested in partners who have a handsome appearance.

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